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Season 15: Episode 29 - Episode 29
Posted on Sep 3, 2013 10:20am

Spencer explains the first player to get a dozen eggs through the chicken wire maze is the next Head of Household. If he can’t win the competition, he wants one of the members of his secret Exterminators alliance to get it. Outgoing HoH Elissa feels like a “sitting duck,” especially if Amanda or McCrae wins. Amanda hopes the winner is someone in her 3AM alliance, but unbeknownst to her, Andy is not only defecting from 3AM for the Exterminators, but at this point the whole house is pretty much working against her and McCrae. GinaMarie is happy she is with the Exterminators, but feels with Aaryn gone she is on her own.

Amanda is comfortable with her decision to send Aaryn home, because she’s been working with Andy and she and McCrae trust him more. GinaMarie notes that watching her “bunny” Aaryn leave this week was “the worst experience, obviously besides Nick leaving,” but she felt she had no choice but to vote with her alliance.

Spencer is working hard to win the HoH comp, but he also wants to do well because he doesn't want to come in last and get saddled with wearing the chicken suit for 48 hours. Amanda notes the competition is “surprisingly hard,” what with the raw eggs they have to handle. Andy can’t believe he says it but at one point he is not the frontrunner, but the “front hopper.” Elissa is scared when she sees Andy in the lead, because she’s concerned he’s still aligned with McCranda. But Elissa’s mood turns when GinaMarie hops her way to the win! “Aaryn, Nick, this is for you,” she yells. Spencer and Judd face the fact of their impending poultry indignity when they realize they have tied for last place. But Judd admits he can’t complain, especially with an Exterminators member winning HoH for the week. Amanda is furious when Elissa and GinaMarie celebrate the victory. “Wipe that smile off your face,” Amanda says to Elissa, as she points out Elissa helped send GinaMarie’s friend Aaryn home. Elissa is over Amanda’s taunts, but Amanda is set on getting GinaMarie to pick the correct target for the week—Elissa. In the bathroom Amanda tells GinaMarie when Aaryn realizes that GM is sending Elissa out of the game this week, Aaryn will “go bananas.” The new HoH listens to Amanda’s pitch, but in Diary Room GinaMarie says she has no time for Amanda’s puppeteering. “My name isn’t Aaryn, it’s GinaMarie.”

Getting the Snakes and the Rats

In the storage room Spencer, Judd and Andy do a secret happy dance over GinaMarie’s win, and discuss how this week they can finally break up the last remaining showmance. A little later in the front bedroom Amanda tells Spencer she thinks GinaMarie will put up Elissa and Judd. Spencer just nods, but notes in Diary Room he knows exactly who the nominations are, and all that’s left is deciding who goes home this week. Meanwhile in the kitchen GinaMarie tells Elissa she is for sure putting McCranda up, which Elissa points out is “Better than Christmas.”

After Spencer and Judd pop out of the Diary Room to show off their new chicken suits, Amanda lobbies GinaMarie in the side bedroom, where Amanda points out that Elissa and Judd going up means there is no one in the house mad at her. Amanda then points out if she or McCrae goes up, she is likely to have the remaining half of McCranda as an enemy. But in Diary Room, GinaMarie points out while there are two people who won’t anger the house if they go up on the block, it’s not Judd and Elissa—it’s McCranda!

After an HoH room reveal that leaves Amanda irritated by Elissa’s ass kissing, Amanda goes on another attack of Elissa. As Andy and Spencer watch uncomfortably, Amanda calls out Elissa for thinking she’s better than the rest of them. Elissa just laughs, and continues her conversation with the guys. Elissa then notes that Jessie was “gorgeous” and the only “ten” in the house, which infuriates Amanda. She tells Elissa she has a “perma-smile” and a “Joker face,” and tells her she is always laughing alone. Andy and Spencer try to stop the escalation, but ultimately decide to leave. McCrae tells Amanda she is letting Elissa get in her head, and suggests taking a less aggressive approach so people will see her as the victim of Elissa’s taunts. Outside by the pool Elissa complains about Amanda’s attacks, but Andy tells her she needs to be the bigger person. Meanwhile inside Amanda cries and calls Elissa “mean and evil.”

Who’s Bullying Who?

Later Amanda goes into the side bedroom and tells Elissa she doesn't want to fight and accuses Elissa of antagonizing her. Elissa says nothing and leaves the room, which once again infuriates Amanda, because she feels Elissa can’t ever admit she is wrong. Amanda then goes outside and tells the rest of the house Elissa was antagonizing her by walking away. Andy asks her if she’s okay, and Amanda cries and complains it’s like they are back in high school. Judd isn’t buying the tears for one second, and notes Amanda should expect Elissa to be mean after all of Amanda’s behavior. GinaMarie comes outside and asks what’s the matter, and Amanda tells her Elissa is being mean, while Amanda is “not like that.” GinaMarie sees right through Amanda, and jokes in Diary Room that “big bullies don’t cry.”

The HouseGuests are surprised by an unexpected luxury competition with a $10,000 prize, but are even more surprised when they discover the first floor of the house has been filled with balloons. The first player to find three chips inside the balloons wins the ten grand. The chicken suit must be good luck (cluck?) for Spencer, because almost immediately he palms the three chips and grabs the $10,000! Although the nominees are all set, GinaMarie goes through the motions of talking to everyone to keep Amanda and McCrae unaware of the oncoming blindside. Amanda keeps up her lobbying, which Andy finds amusing, but Andy notes if GinaMarie changes up her nominations the one blindsided would be him! At the nomination ceremony, Amanda is shocked and teary when Elissa and then Judd get their keys pulled. GinaMarie can’t say the word “dynamic” properly in her speech, but she notes McCranda are a power couple that need to fight hard for the Veto. Amanda and McCrae are both left crying as they realize they have been left completely in the dark about the nominations.

So who will win the Veto? And will they use it to save Amanda or McCrae? Find out Wednesday, September 4 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!