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Season 15: Episode 30 - Episode 30
Posted on Sep 5, 2013 12:00am

“Duh,” Head of Household GinaMarie says in Diary Room of her decision to make McCrae and Amanda her nominations. “They are a huge power duo.” Amanda admits she was “completely blindsided,” and was hoping to be the first showmance to make it all the way to the final two. A depressed McCrae notes Amanda is very important to his game, but admits the two of them were too big a target not to be nominated. Elissa couldn't be happier with GinaMarie, because Amanda’s dominance is finally coming to an end.

In the front bedroom Amanda’s sadness turns into anger and frustration when she suggests Spencer and Judd may be behind their nominations along with GinaMarie. After McCrae tells Amanda this is “probably” the case, she heads into the Parlour Room and asks Spencer point blank if he is working with GinaMarie. Spencer denies this as he and Andy tell her they are as surprised as she is. Andy walks a fine line between keeping his alliance with the Exterminators strong while maintaining a good relationship with McCranda, and so far he is making it work. Amanda storms upstairs to the HoH room where she angrily confronts GinaMarie on her nominations. Judd and Andy make their way up to offer silent moral support to GinaMarie, who holds her own with Amanda by taking full responsibility for putting up McCrae and Amanda. When Amanda blames Elissa for the nominations GinaMarie makes it clear she was going for a power move that was all her own. “It was a good game move,” GinaMarie says. “It was a stupid game move,” Amanda yells back.

Amanda or Demanda?

When Amanda intimates that Andy and Spencer will just change GinaMarie’s nominations by saving one of them with the Veto, Judd gets into with Amanda, forcefully pointing out he’s obviously the one going home then. As Amanda storms out, Judd follows her, with GinaMarie right behind him. When GinaMarie tries to tell Amanda to “play with your heart and play hard,” Amanda yells angrily before crying that she doesn't want to stay in the house anymore. As she heads to the Have Not bedroom in tears, Judd taunts Amanda with a “we love you too.” GinaMarie looks down at Elissa and notes if Amanda can’t stand the heat, she should stay out of the kitchen.

This leads to a tearful one-on-one between Amanda and McCrae. “How could she not put up Elissa,” Amanda tearfully asks. “Is that not insane?” Amanda warns McCrae that Spencer is lying, along with Judd. McCrae comforts Amanda, as they trade ‘I love you’s’. In Diary Room Amanda assures she is in love with her pizza delivery boy, while McCrae notes he didn’t think it would be this tough dealing with Amanda’s impending eviction.

In the storage room Amanda whispers to Andy, while Elissa eavesdrops from outside. Elissa is now suspicious of Andy, who she feels is aligned with McCranda. When Spencer goes into the storage room, he spills the beans that Elissa was listening outside. Amanda slams open the door and calls out Elissa for her sneakiness, but Elissa just smiles and continues her jog. After picking players for the Veto competition, Amanda tells Andy she didn’t want to choose him because she wouldn’t want him to have to choose between her and McCrae, so she went with Spencer. Andy is relieved, but Spencer notes he has no intention of changing the nominations if he wins the Veto. Meanwhile in the bathroom, Elissa tells Judd she worries that Andy is working with Amanda. Judd acts dumb, giving no sense of his secret Exterminators alliance with Andy, GinaMarie and Spencer. Judd immediately tells Andy that Elissa is wary of him, which concerns Andy, but GinaMarie tells all the Exterminators they have the house locked down, which leads to a celebratory Exterminators dance, where they “spray” the house for snakes and rats.

Pirouette to the Death

The self-congratulations do not last long, because the HouseGuests, clad in tutus, head outside for this week’s Veto competition, BOWLERINA. Host Judd explains the players must compete head-to-head to knock down four bowling pins, but must first hold a handle and spin 15 times to lower a gate blocking the pins. By random draw Amanda is chosen to play first, and chooses Elissa as her competitor. After an intense round, Amanda dispenses of Elissa, but Andy and GinaMarie quickly ask the dizzy and exhausted Amanda to go head-tohead with them. Amanda dominates the competition so much that the final battle comes down to her and McCrae. With a split second final throw to hit the last pin, McCrae wins the hard-fought Veto! After staggering into the house, Amanda sobs to McCrae about how shocked she was that everyone chose to compete against her. McCrae comforts her, but Amanda says her game is over. Meanwhile in the HoH room, GinaMarie tells the Exterminators she has no intention of putting up Elissa as her replacement nominee, because Elissa kept her off the block when she was HoH.

So which of the Exterminators will go up on the block? At the Veto ceremony, a very emotional Amanda tells McCrae if she were to lose “to one person by one pin by one second, I’m glad the person is you” before telling him she would never ask, expect, or want him to use the Veto on her. McCrae takes himself off the block, which prompts GinaMarie to put Spencer up as her replacement nominee. A sad McCrae notes he has “lots of regrets” in his game, while Amanda suggests that GinaMarie’s moves this week have been personal. Spencer is excited to break a record with seven visits to the chopping block, and hopes he makes it seven for seven when it comes to staying in the game. So who will be evicted this week? And how will the HouseGuests react to the second double eviction of the season? Find out Thursday, September 5 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!