Season 15: Episode 31 - Episode 31
Posted on Sep 6, 2013 12:15pm

Head of Household GinaMarie explains her plan for the week is in full effect. Step one is naming Spencer the replacement nominee, and step two is “send Amanda packing.” Spencer explains he volunteered to go up on the block, but he has faith in his Exterminators alliance to keep him safe for the week. Amanda feels GinaMarie’s move has to be completely personal. In a tense post-ceremony exchange, Amanda belittles GinaMarie’s decision and accuses her of being jealous of the McCranda relationship. GinaMarie assures Amanda she is not jealous, and thinks she’s done well in the game without Nick. Amanda dismisses GinaMarie, saying talking to her is like “talking to a four-year-old.” A little bit later Amanda can’t believe what she is about to do—lobby Elissa for her vote! Amanda lays down a solid pitch, pointing out that Elissa is surely the next target in the house, and Amanda’s continued presence in the game can only keep Elissa safe for another week. “Think about your game,” Amanda argues, while noting in Diary Room she did torture Elissa a lot.

Elissa is surprised as anyone, but reveals in Diary Room she is seriously considering taking Amanda’s offer, because if that’s what will get her to the half million dollar prize, she will align with McCranda. In the parlour room Elissa tells an incredulous Amanda she will work with her. To cement their partnership, the two women agree to trade their jewelry as collateral. Andy walks into the room, and Elissa tells him they are all working together, and with him, McCranda and Elissa, they are the new final four. In Diary Room Andy freaks out. “This is going to out me, “ he worries, noting with his vote it will reveal he is disloyal to McCranda and Elissa.

Hopeful Amanda, Skeptical McCrae

On the patio Amanda tells McCrae about Elissa’s deal, but McCrae warns Amanda not to get her hopes up. “I don't want you to be let down,” McCrae explains. Later Andy gets some alone time with Spencer and Judd, and tips them off that Elissa wants to upend the nominations and send Spencer home. Spencer now worries that volunteering for the block was a huge mistake that could end his game. Andy then assures them both he is with the Exterminators, but is planning to use the vote to frame Elissa and build mistrust between her and McCrae. Meanwhile In the side bedroom Amanda enjoys thinking about their new final four, but McCrae is still wary, wondering if Andy and Elissa are really trustworthy. Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room and tells the HouseGuests they are part of a big milestone, the 500 the celebration, Julie informs them tonight is the second double eviction of the summer. After final pleas, the HouseGuests vote 2-2 for the first tie of the season. GinaMarie puts on Nick’s hat and tells Amanda it’s “nothing personal,” but “get stepping.” After hugs and “I love you’s” to McCrae, Amanda turns around and lashes out Andy before leaving.

Outside with Julie, Amanda says she is dumbfounded. She is holding Elissa’s wedding ring as collateral, but wonders if Elissa betrayed her. Amanda also explained she yelled at Andy as a parting shot because she doesn’t want Spencer to go after him. Amanda assures Julie she is not a bully, but was just being honest with people who didn't want to hear the truth. Amanda does admit she “could have been nicer, especially to Elissa, but notes she is all in with McCrae, who she hopes will move to Florida so Amanda can be his “sugar momma.” In the goodbye videos Elissa assures Amanda she voted to keep her, while Andy comes clean about his vote and explains that Amanda has been a victim of the Exterminators!

Heel! Good Boy!

Julie then chimes into the back yard, where the remaining HouseGuests have gathered to play the HoH competition GO FETCH. They each must climb through their dog house and dig up two bones in their pound, with the first HouseGuest to deposit his or her bones in a doggie bowl and retrieve their key becoming the HoH. Despite some competition from Elissa, McCrae wins the HoH! Everyone quickly gathers in the living room where McCrae nominates GinaMarie and Elissa for eviction. Just as quickly the HouseGuests race to the back yard for the Power of Veto competition, BB 500, where they each must maneuver a car through a maze and light up their checkered flag. The first player to get his or her car through the maze wins the Power of Veto. Judd powers through the maze and grabs the PoV!

At the Veto ceremony, Elissa promises Judd she didn't know he was about to be back doored and warns everyone GinaMarie will be harder to beat in the final two than she will. GinaMarie tells Judd she will respect his decision, but warns him that using the Veto on Elissa is not a good idea. Judd announces he is not going to “use this bad boy tonight” and leaves McCrae’s nominations the same.

At lightning speed, Elissa is evicted from the house and is sitting next to Julie. Elissa wonders if McCrae stabbed Amanda in the back, “because Andy seemed so shocked” by Amanda’s eviction. Elissa says being evicted “stinks” and her big mistake was not winning the HoH. Elissa also reveals Rachel gave her some good advice—play with your heart, stay emotionless, and make two-week deals, not entire game deals.

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