Season 15: Episode 32 - Episode 32
Posted on Sep 9, 2013 10:10am

“As soon as I hear it is a tie,” McCrae explains, he knows that either Elissa or Andy lied to him about voting to keep Amanda. McCrae knows with Amanda’s eviction he has to put on a brave face and “kick everyone’s butt.” Outgoing Head of Household GinaMarie thinks this is the “best day ever,” while Spencer notes he is one step closer to making the final four along with his three other secret alliance members, the Exterminators.

In the aftermath of Amanda’s exit, Elissa corners McCrae and asks if he voted her out. McCrae gives her an emphatic no, while the real culprit, Andy, goes to Elissa and blurts out, “what the hell?” Andy knows he has a big hurdle to get over in the next few minutes, because he has to convince McCrae it was Elissa who betrayed Amanda. After winning the double eviction HoH, McCrae has to make a big decision. “Please don't vote me off,” Elissa begs in the parlour room. Andy forces his way into a conversation with McCrae, and yells, “Stop lying Elissa!” McCrae realizes Andy is the one who flipped his vote, but decides to nominate Elissa because he wants to be safe going into next week. “Everyone wants her out,” McCrae figures. Andy is relieved when McCrae nominates GinaMarie and Elissa, noting this nomination “could have gone wrong in so many ways,” but instead it’s playing out just as Andy planned it!

After Judd’s Veto competition win, Elissa begs for her life, but Judd is unmoved. “I do really feel bad for her but at the same time I have to look out for me and the Exterminators,” he explains in Diary Room. Elissa’s unanimous eviction is fine by McCrae, who feels Elissa was bad for his game. “Good riddance to bad rubbish,” McCrae states. Andy couldn't be happier, while Judd notes the last double eviction was the lowest point in his life, while this double eviction he got rid of “two big ol’ snakes!”

The end of a Showmance

After the two evictions, McCrae is finally alone, and cries in the parlour room over his McCranda loss. He knows it is going to be tough but refuses to roll over. “It’s my game to win or lose,” he says. Meanwhile the fully intact Exterminators do a celebratory group hug. GinaMarie breaks into a happy breakdance when she realizes McCrae can’t compete in the upcoming HoH competition. Later in the side bedroom Andy and Spencer check in on McCrae. The Exterminator pair plays him with various emotions before forming a fake final three deal. Fake alliance building has to take a back seat to the next HoH competition, PIXEL THIS. Outgoing HoH McCrae explains the players will be shown a pixelated image from a previous competition. When they figure out what competition it is from, they must use 16 blocks to build the face of that competition’s winner. In each round the slowest player gets eliminated. The winner of the final round not only gets HoH, but also gets to bestow “ special gifts” to the losing players. After three quick rounds, Spencer emerges the winner, which makes him the HoH for the first time in the game! McCrae knows immediately he is at risk, but both GinaMarie and Judd are worried they will be the second nominee.

The worry continues as Spencer reveals his first gift, the “gift of friendship,” which he bequeaths to McCrae and GinaMarie. For the next 24 hours, the pair will be tied together with a “friendship bracelet!” Judd gets the “gift of health,” which means he must do exercises whenever he hears a drill sergeant call out commands! Pre-bracelet Spencer pulls aside GinaMarie and tells her he chose to tie her up with McCrae because he was afraid McCrae and Judd would make a deal with each other if they were tied together. “Judd is kind of shady,” Spencer warns. GinaMarie and McCrae are good spirited about their friendship bracelet, but Judd struggles with his exercises, which come at the oddest times, including Spencer’s HoH room reveal, Diary Room, the shower and a dead sleep!

McCrae Makes an Educated Guess

In the side bedroom McCrae decides to make the best of the friendship bracelet and asks GinaMarie if she knows what Spencer is going to do, but GinaMarie lies when she says they are all playing for themselves. McCrae tries to make a final two with GinaMarie before he notes GinaMarie might be in a final four with the rest of the house. GinaMarie denies this, but notes in Diary Room this pizza boy may be smarter than she thought, which is all the more reason he needs to be exterminated.

Andy is nervous about experiencing “the gift of wealth,” but realizes it may not be so bad because all he has to do to win $5,000 is to choose and break open the three right piggy banks. But Andy’s hopes of a big payout are smashed when he chooses the wrong piggy banks and collects a measly $94.83. In an awkward one-on-one with McCrae on the other side of the HoH room door, GinaMarie and Spencer whisper about this week’s plan. Spencer is obviously going to put up McCrae, but tells GinaMarie the pawn is a harder choice. In a one-on-one with McCrae, Spencer tells McCrae he’s going up but GinaMarie is the target with Judd in second position. Spencer notes in Diary Room he wants to keep McCrae calm, but also right up on the block! Spencer puts up McCrae and GinaMarie, telling GM she is a “fierce competitor.”

In a tandem Diary Room session, McCrae and GinaMarie both pledge to fight hard. However, Spencer is hoping McCrae’s exit will cap off a “perfect four for four” series of evictions for the Exterminators. So who wins the Power of Veto? And will they use it to save one of the nominees? And how will the HouseGuests react to a surprise visit from last year’s winner Ian? Find out in a special eviction episode Wednesday, September 11 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!