Season 15: Episode 33 - Episode 33
Posted on Sep 12, 2013 10:30am

Head of Household Spencer feels great after making his nominations, especially considering he was a nominee himself seven times. While he’s not on the block, Spencer wants to “strike while the iron is hot” and get out McCrae with the help of his pawn GinaMarie. McCrae knows he’s the underdog now that his showmance Amanda is gone, but with only four other people standing between him and $500,000, he vows to “kick it up a notch” and fight his way to the end.

GinaMarie knows she’s nominee window dressing, but doesn't want McCrae to get wise that he is the target this week. Immediately after the nomination ceremony GinaMarie lays on the angst in the hopes of making McCrae more confident he is staying, but Spencer worries that GinaMarie’s acting job is so much of an oversell McCrae will figure out what is going on.

Up in the HoH room Andy and Spencer tell Spencer he did a good job with his nomination speech. While they all worry about McCrae getting the Veto, Judd gets a worry of his own when Spencer drops a huge grenade—if McCrae gets himself off the block, Judd is the replacement nominee! Spencer assures Judd GinaMarie is the one going home, but Judd worries he is the lowest man in the Exterminator alliance’s totem pole, which mean he could be heading back to jury for a second time this season.

Judd doesn’t get to worry too long, because he is constantly getting commands from the house drill instructor to do a series of calisthenics as part of the “gifts” Spencer gave them from the last HoH competition. McCrae and GinaMarie laugh at Judd sweating through his exercises, but they have to do it together because they are still attached by the “gift of friendship,” A.K.A. a three-foot long friendship bracelet. “I don't know how I will live without her,” McCrae jokes after the two of them have to maneuver through showers, toilet breaks and other intimate moments. However, McCrae, GinaMarie and Judd are all very relieved when their “gifts” finally come to an end.

Once he is free, McCrae comes up to the HoH room and gets with Andy and Spencer, who immediately try to put the nominee at ease. Andy assures McCrae he will vote for him and Spencer would act as a tiebreaker if need be. Andy also assures McCrae he doesn’t care if GinaMarie or Judd goes home, so that should make him feel better as well. Spencer admits in Diary Room he and his Exterminators alliance partner Andy are lying through their teeth, but if for some reason McCrae saves himself this week, they want to hedge their bets. “It’s a delicate dance we are doing,” Spencer reveals. Despite Spencer and Andy’s assurances, McCrae doesn't trust anyone in the house, and knows his only way to survive the week is to save the Veto.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…

McCrae and the rest of the HouseGuests come outside for the Veto competition to find the backyard transformed into a huge cityscape. Dressed as superheroes, the HouseGuests are excited to see this week’s host for the competition, last year’s winner Ian! Also dressed as a superhero, Ian explains they must solve a SUPERVETO puzzle, which has been broken into pieces. But to keep the puzzle pieces from falling off their individual magnetized boards, the players must soar over buildings and hit a buzzer that gives them another 20 seconds to put the puzzle together. If their boards get demagnetized, they then have ten seconds to soar across and hit their buzzer, or their game is automatically over. Ian gets the game started and McCrae thinks he is rolling along until he doesn't make it to his buzzer in less than 20 seconds, and his almost completed puzzle falls off his board. Judd gets frustrated and quickly drops out of the game, which infuriates Spencer. Andy and McCrae are fighting neck and neck for a win, but with a quick change of two misplaces puzzle pieces, McCrae snatches the Veto! Post competition, GinaMarie tells Spencer she is worried. Spencer notes the fact that Judd just stood on the platform and watched McCrae win the Veto should make Judd the target this week. GinaMarie gets emotional when Spencer tells her he has her back, and she’s not going anywhere.

A little later Judd goes for a one-on-one with the HoH, and asks Spencer to confirm he is going home. “I want you to stay no doubt,” Spencer says not all that convincingly. When Judd asks if there is any way Spencer would put up Andy, Spencer tells him no, and encourages him to start campaigning. Judd storms out of the HoH room, and starts throwing power bars off the counter and flipping off the cameras!

Well, That’s a Different Strategy…

At the Veto ceremony McCrae uses the Veto on himself, with Judd going up as the replacement nominee. As McCrae tries to adjourn the meeting, Judd interrupts and makes a statement praising GinaMarie and Andy, while calling out McCrae as a target. “I’m still after you,” Judd says to an incredulous McCrae. In the Diary Room GinaMarie laughs at Judd’s tactic, and guesses Judd just lost McCrae’s vote. Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room and gets the final pleas started. GinaMarie explains she is “not perfect” but always tries her best. Judd notes he is after McCrae but would still appreciate his vote! By 2-0 Judd is evicted once again from the house. Outside with Julie, Judd says he thinks they all have underestimated GinaMarie’s gameplay, and hopes the lone female left in the game wins. He also admits it was good they sent him out first, because he’s probably not as trustworthy as GinaMarie.

The remaining HouseGuests head outside for the classic HoH competition, BEFORE OR AFTER. Everyone competes so hard there is a three-way tiebreaker, where Andy emerges the victor! So whom will Andy nominate for eviction? And who will be the next evicted HouseGuest? Find out live Thursday, September 12 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!