Season 15: Episode 34 - Episode 34
Posted on Sep 16, 2013 03:00pm

GinaMarie “feels horrible” that the Exterminators alliance is down one man after Judd leaves the game. McCrae explains he voted Judd out because he “didn't want to rock the boat any more than I have to,” but he is well aware the rest of the remaining HouseGuests could very well be coming after him. Spencer is pumped he’s in the final three, but is very upset Judd went home over the real target for the week, McCrae. Andy thinks this elimination was “excruciating,” but feels he can trust GinaMarie more going forward in the game. But at the end of the day, Andy notes he’s one step closer to the money. New Head of Household Andy admits he was not a competition master this season, “but when it counts, I win.” Spencer and GinaMarie both really wanted to prevail, but think it is awesome an Exterminator is the new HoH. McCrae notes with this HoH and only four people in the house, the real power rests with the Veto, and at this point he is “hoping for a miracle.” While McCrae is in the Diary Room, the Exterminators vow to power through the Veto competition, with Spencer noting they have a 75 percent chance of beating McCrae. Soon after it’s time for Andy’s nominations.

With the pull of a single key--GinaMarie’s—McCrae and Spencer are the nominees. Andy tells them this week is “all about the veto” and encourages all of them to “play your asses off.” Spencer understands he had to go up, but he also wonders if there is something between Andy and GinaMarie that doesn't include him. While the HouseGuests have been keeping their eye on the final prize, the jury house has continued to fill up. Two weeks ago Aaryn walked through the jury house door, where she was greeted by Helen, Jessie and Candice. “Aaryn being in Jury is a dream come true,” Candice notes. Aaryn sits down and apologizes to Helen and Candice for saying “very insensitive and ignorant things,” and explains her comments during the game were “inexcusable” and “not who I am at all.”

Jurors Get Real!

One week ago as the jurors made lunch, Amanda came into the jury house. Jessie is ecstatic McCranda has finally been split up, but everyone is shocked when Amanda explains she was blindsided by the Exterminators. Helen thinks GinaMarie made a big move in getting Amanda out, while Aaryn feels vindicated because she warned Amanda not to trust Andy over her. A little while later Elissa walks in, which disappoints Candice, who hoped Elissa would go far in the game. Amanda is irritated at McCrae for trusting Andy over Elissa, and happily gives back Elissa’s wedding band now that she knows Elissa told the truth about staying loyal to her. “Little Andy, not so little any more,” Helen notes. The jury house gets one more resident when Judd shows up and confirms the Exterminator alliance is out to get McCrae. After watching the DVD of Judd’s eviction, Elissa states all the jury has GinaMarie’s support. Candice takes issue with this, but so does Amanda who goes on a defense of McCrae that irritates Aaryn. “I really thought Amanda would be different out of the game, but she’s actually worse,” Aaryn explains. Things get tenser when Candice suggests McCrae hid behind Amanda instead of playing hard! Amanda aggressively refutes the allegation, but Candice holds her ground and informs Amanda that McCrae floated through the whole game. It’s time for the Veto competition, which has the final four working on a spider web puzzle with 14 clues on it. The goal is to match all the ex-HouseGuests with their corresponding clues. While some clues have multiple correct answers there is only one way to correctly solve the whole puzzle. McCrae thinks he’s going in the right direction for the win, but after stumbling on incorrect clues, Andy buzzes in and nabs the Veto. After the competition, Spencer and Andy talk about the final vote. They both worry that GinaMarie has played a great social game and has solid support in jury. They also worry that the jury will think she has played a strong strategic game after her Amanda eviction. In a final pitch prompted by Spencer, McCrae encourages Andy to use the Veto for the save, because getting rid of him isn’t great for Andy’s final game.

And Then There Were Three

Before she chimes into the living room, host Julie Chen informs the audience that right before the live show began, the Exterminators came clean to McCrae that he is the target and will be going home. After Andy opts not to use the Veto, GinaMarie stands and casts her sole vote to evict McCrae. Outside Julie shows McCrae footage of the Exterminators reveal. McCrae admits he “should have been smarter” and made a big mistake when he opted to stick with Andy rather than Elissa. McCrae kept Andy because he thought Andy wanted to work with him after Amanda left. “I’m a wuss,” McCrae admits before Julie asks him about his showmance. McCrae points out he and Amanda are “polar opposites,” but “opposites attract.” After McCrae exits, Julie chimes back into the living room and asks Andy why they chose to expose the alliance. He explains they had nothing to lose by telling McCrae, and that he deserved to know what was going to happen to him. So how will Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie play the game now that they have to go after each other? And who will win the first part of the final HoH competition? Find out Sunday, September 15 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!