Season 15: Episode 35 - Episode 35
Posted on Sep 16, 2013 03:05pm

Andy explains he is “really excited” the final three are all members of the Exterminators alliance, but he is worried he’s double crossed so many people he may be in trouble “come finale night” if he makes the final two. Spencer is amazed he has been on the block eight times, yet is still in the house. He notes he is the “grim reaper.” After McCrae’s exit, GinaMarie relishes their three-way hug. “Exterminators, check it,” she yells. “I’m glad he’s gone,” Andy explains, adding that he thinks it was a good thing they told McCrae what was really going on. In a flashback to five hours before the Thursday live show, Andy comes clean about the formation of the Exterminators to McCrae, and explains Aaryn, Amanda and Elisa were all targets. Andy also explains that the only reason McCrae didn't go last week was because he won the Veto. Andy also cops to the fact he voted Amanda out and framed Elissa for it. “I knew it,” McCrae yells. “Dammit!” In Diary Room a dejected McCrae realizes he got played “so hard,” but had a feeling something was up for a long time.

Andy says in Diary Room they felt they wanted to say something because they all respect McCrae’s game and didn't want him to feel blindsided. “Amanda is going to be so pissed,” McCrae says to laughs. But in Diary Room McCrae reveals he knew he shouldn't trust Andy, and he may have someone with bitter feelings towards him heading to jury. The morning after McCrae’s eviction the final three come downstairs and find a fancy brunch with champagne waiting for them. After a toast, Andy notes that the Exterminators were not the only alliance Spencer was in, and asks how the Moving Company formed. A flashback shows how Nick and Jeremy recruited everyone. Spencer notes it was clear to him the Moving Company wasn't going to work because of Jeremy’s terrible attitude. Andy notes Jeremy’s worst moment was probably the now infamous “missing wine fight,” which took place the first week and included a screaming and taunting match from Jeremy and resulted in Helen and Amanda both in tears.

Always a Bridesmaid…

Andy thinks Elissa really stuck out among the personalities in the house, which prompts a flashback to everyone figuring out that Elissa was former BIG BROTHER winner Rachel Riley’s sister. Big personalities also led to some big hookups, including Jeremy and Kaitlin, David and Aaryn, Candice and Howard, and most significantly, McCranda! They all agree McCrae getting Head of Household the first week may have been the catalyst for the budding relationship. This leads to a clip of McCranda’s never-before-seen BIG BROTHER “wedding,” complete with a bed sheet wedding dress for Amanda and McCrae in a time transporter jump suit! But the final three agree the biggest player in the house may have been Judd! It turns out that Jessie and Judd shared in some flirty kiss time out in the back yard, but Judd also made some moves on Aaryn the week before she was evicted! Besides a kiss, Judd scored some major Aaryn cuddle time! A not-soconcerned Judd notes in Diary room “I might be scratched to pieces” for making moves on two different HouseGuests. GinaMarie notes one of her most memorable moments in the house was her grade-A flip out in the aftermath of Nick’s eviction. “I have to admit I was really heartbroken,” G.M. says. Andy pats himself on the back for staying out of the drama in the house, but Spencer notes he “got taken to Candyland” when Candice called him out for being a liar the week of her eviction. One of the biggest moments for GinaMarie was Amanda’s torturing of Elissa. Andy notes Amanda was trying to protect him that week, but GinaMarie feels Amanda’s yelling, tooting of the party favor and pounding on the HoH room door was “terrifying” and “disgusting.”

Big With the Cry-Cry

Andy suggests all the fighting made it hard not to get emotional. Spencer boasts he never cried in the Diary Room, while Andy hopes he wasn’t the only male HouseGuest to break down in tears in there. A montage shows Andy needn’t be worried, because Judd and McCrae shed a few in Diary Room, along with their female counterparts Elissa, Jessie, Helen and many others. Spencer feels the best fight was GinaMarie and Amanda getting into it the night before Amanda’s eviction. In a never-before-seen exchange, Amanda and GinaMarie start off bickering with one another in the kitchen before getting into each other’s faces with some serious taunts. Amanda leaves for the Have Not room in tears, and chastises McCrae for not defending her. As Amanda complains to McCrae, GinaMarie listens at the Have Not room door and smiles! Despite being an exterminator, Andy has trouble with moths. It turns out one afternoon when he tries to catch a moth to be a house pet, he accidentally falls into the pool! Spencer notes for a floater in the game, Andy sank pretty fast.

The trip down memory lane ends as the final three head outside for the first part of the three-part HoH competition. The back yard is decked out like a 1980’s roller rink, and GinaMarie explains they must maneuver around the rink on skates while holding a grip above their heads. The last one standing (rolling) automatically advances to part three of the HoH competition. Andy notes it is now “every man for himself,” while GinaMarie says she wants to win, because she wants to be the one who single-handedly decides who will be sitting next to her in the final two on finale night. So who will win the final HoH competition of the season? Which HouseGuests will make the final two? Who will America pick as fan favorite? And the biggest question of all—who will win the $500,000 prize? Find out live on the special 90-minute BIG BROTHER finale at 9:30pm ET/PT on CBS!