Season 15: Episode 36 - Episode 36
Posted on Sep 19, 2013 04:00pm

Andy notes the first part of the final three-part Head of Household competition is “really simple,” because whichever HouseGuest holds onto their bar and stays skating through the BIG BROTHER roller rink will move on to the third part of the HoH competition. Spencer wants to kill this part of the competition, since a win here and on part three means he can rest easy until finale night. But the best part of winning this HoH means he would pick who sits next to him in the final two.

GinaMarie is ecstatic the final three HouseGuests are all members of her Exterminators alliance, but at this point they are all on their own. GinaMarie deftly cruises around the early 1980’s-inspired roller rink, unlike Spencer, who gets completely turned around and flummoxed by the cones that partially block the rink. “Next thing I know, I’m on my ass,” Spencer says after falling to the floor. “All I can do is see who I can fight for my life against in part two.” Andy is nervous, because he knows GinaMarie has been “an endurance competition beast” this season. When the roller rink DJ announces he is going to “cool things down,” he’s not joking—first Andy and GinaMarie get sprayed with water, and then hit with foam! GinaMarie begins to struggle, but the foam proves too much for Andy, who lets go of his bar and takes a slam. GinaMarie wins part one of the HoH competition and automatically advances to part three! GinaMarie is super excited, with the only drawback being her swallowing some glitter from the post-competition glitter bomb. Andy is well aware that roller slip “could have been a $500,000 slip,” but he knows he has to come back strong in part two of the final HoH competition. Still, Andy is not taking any chances, and is all in on the second part of the HoH competition. Andy comes outside to find the backyard transformed into an “under the sea” wonderscape, complete with schools of fish, an octopus and a treasure chest. “It kinda feels like I’m the Little Mermaid,” Andy suggests. To win the second part of the HoH, Andy and Spencer must jump from the “ship” at the top of the back yard wall to the bottom of the sea and collect crabs with the faces of evicted HouseGuests. They must then climb back up the wall and put the crabs in the correct order of their evictions. The player who competes the task and shuts the treasure chest in the shorter amount of time wins part two of the HoH competition. Andy is up first, and is quickly annoyed when he finds crabs for Baby Zingbot and Super Ian. Andy gets frustrated, but whenever he thinks about the $500,000 prize, he gets motivated.

After struggling to find Candice’s crab, Andy thinks he’s finished the competition, but realizes he has put Helen and Aaryn in the wrong positions. He quickly fixes his mistake, but wonders if that error will cost him the win. Spencer comes out and struggles with all the climbing, but like Andy, whenever he gets frustrated he thinks of his family and friends at home who are rooting for him. After tweaking his climbing technique, Spencer starts rolling, and finishes strong. GinaMarie comes out and announces their times. Andy clocks in at almost 22 minutes, but Spencer comes in at just over 36 minutes, which means Andy has won part two of the HoH competition. “This is horrible,” Spencer says. “The only thing I can do is hope they realize they have a much harder time beating each other in finals, and if they want to win it, they gotta take me.” In the kitchen after part two Andy talks to GinaMarie about a final two deal. He argues neither of them can beat Spencer, especially after Spencer’s record breaking eight times on the chopping block. Andy sells his serial backstabbing as a plus for GinaMarie, because Andy must be so hated by the jury GinaMarie is sure to win over him. In an emotional Diary Room session, GinaMarie cries over her dilemma. She thinks Andy deserves to be in the final three more than Spencer does, but she doesn't want to make a mistake and take the wrong person with her. “I just don't know what to do,” she cries.

Bitter, Party of Seven (And Then Eight)

The seven jury members assemble for the roundtable, and are waiting patiently for the eighth member to arrive when Dr. Will from seasons two and seven appears as their moderator! As a former winner and jury member, Dr. Will asks them who they think will be the eighth to join them. Amanda thinks if they were smart they would evict Andy, but Elissa thinks McCrae is the next one out because his “drive and ambition” in the game “flew out the door.” Elissa is proved correct when McCrae enters, which excites and saddens Amanda at the same time. McCrae explains Andy won both HoH and the Veto before apologizing to Elissa for voting her out. Judd welcomes McCrae to the jury, noting the almost all female jury has been a “battle zone.” Amanda assures Dr. Will she is not mad at Andy for getting her out or at Elissa for being passive aggressive, while Elissa admits being in the house with so many “in your face” people may have made her say passive aggressive things. Amanda tells Candice she wanted Howard out purely for game, so she shouldn't take it personally. Candice notes she doesn't take it personally, she just doesn't like Amanda, period. “Everything is happy in Candyland,” Candice says. Candice notes she and Aaryn have been getting along very well in the jury house, a comment Aaryn strongly agrees with. Dr. Will asks Candice if Aaryn has helped her make her bed, but Candice and Aaryn just respond with nervous laughter. Helen tells Dr. Will she thinks GinaMarie made the biggest move of the summer when she evicted Amanda, while Elissa adds GinaMarie made the move flawlessly. “The girl has guts.”

When Will asks what Andy’s biggest move was, Judd says it was working with The Exterminators. “His biggest move is deciding not to be a floater?” Dr. Will asks. Elissa notes his big move was framing her to get her out of the game. Candice jokes Andy was so cute when he was backstabbing someone. McCrae thinks Andy was more “tactful” then GinaMarie, while Aaryn notes Spencer played a good game and is walking away with “no blood on his hands.” McCrae thinks this is amazing, but Judd wants to know what else Spencer has done besides sit on the chopping block a record number of times. Helen suggests he survived the failure of the Moving Company and the loss of his closest ally Howard. Dr. Will then encourages them not to be influenced by anyone else, and think up good questions to ask the final two before deciding what their final vote should be.

And the Final HoH is…

Host Julie Chen announces it is time for the third and final part of the ultimate HoH competition. In the back yard Spencer sits on the sidelines as GinaMarie and Andy rest on a huge set of scales. Julie explains Andy and GinaMarie must correctly guess the answers to eight statements from the jurors. The player who finishes the third part with the scales tipping towards their side wins the final HoH of the season. By one vote Andy wins the HoH! After the HouseGuests return to the living room, Julie explains to Andy he is now guaranteed at least second place and $50,000, but must decide who will leave the house and who will sit next to him for the final two. Andy stands and says, “Spencer, my word to you has been good the entire game, but I gave GinaMarie my word on night one.” After nine times as a nominee, Spencer is finally evicted from the house!

Outside with Julie, Spencer explains he is not really shocked by Andy’s choice, and reveals he saw it coming. Julie tells Spencer he should be proud for surviving eight cycles on the block, and notes that he has destroyed the conventional wisdom that the pawn goes home! Julie then introduces the jury, and asks who they think will be joining them. Helen thinks Andy would be the smartest choice, because otherwise he would have the most votes at the end. Spencer walks out, and Julie explains Andy won the HoH and chose to bring GinaMarie. After a series of questions posed to the final two by the jury, GinaMarie and Andy give their final pleas, with GinaMarie saying “ I’m only me, that's how I played,” and Andy saying “I played the game with my heart,” but also “played the game with my mind.” Julie then introduces the first five HouseGuests, but also asks Amanda who she thinks the MVP was this season. Amanda feels it was America, and Julie finally reveals for the first three weeks the MVP was Elissa, and for the second three weeks it was America. After watching the show from home for so many weeks, Howard says he hopes the numerous HouseGuests who made inappropriate remarks “grow from this.”

After the nine jurors vote, Juile reveals the winner of this season. By a vote of 7- 2, Andy is named the winner of the season! As everyone hugs and congratulates the final two (and GinaMarie embraces Nick) Julie reveals this year’s fan favorite—Elissa! Thank you for watching this summer, and make sure to tune in next year for the sweet 16 th season of BIG BROTHER on CBS!