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Season 10: Episode 20 - Ollie Thinks He’s Playing Dan, but Instead Dan Plays the Entire House
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

"I couldn't be in a better position now," Ollie says after Head of Household Dan announces his nominations for eviction. "I get to call the shots," he explains, noting that as part of his deal with Dan, he decides who goes up on the block if someone uses the Power of Veto. Best of all, Ollie thinks there is no blood on his hands.

Nominee Memphis feels Dan put him in a bad position this week. He knows Dan has a scheme in place, but for now, Memphis says, "Dan's plan is crap." Fellow nominee Jerry is not happy either. "I'm in a little trouble this week to tell you the truth," Jerry admits, but he notes he is a fighter.

Memphis comes up to the HoH Suite, and Dan immediately asks him if he is acting or if Memphis is really pissed. "I'm a little pissed," Memphis tells him, reminding Dan he is taking a huge risk by putting up his closest ally in the house. Dan tells Memphis to keep playing up the fact that he is angry before letting him in on the last piece of information about his deal with Ollie. Dan reveals to Memphis that Ollie thinks he will get to name the replacement nominee if the Veto is used. "What the hell are you smoking?" a shocked Memphis tells Dan.

Dan notes that Ollie shouldn't believe deals that are too good to be true, and reaffirms there is no way he is sending home people in his own alliance. Memphis hears that Dan is telling him he is safe, but Memphis has news for Dan: "Guess what, you don't have a vote."

Dan then goes downstairs to see Keesha and asks her if he made a mistake. Keesha reminds him that things never go the way you want them to in the BIG BROTHER house. Renny comes in and notes she was happy to see Memphis go up. Dan then hints that Ollie asked him to keep Michelle safe. Keesha says this proves Ollie and Michelle are working together as an alliance, but she wants to know what happens if Memphis wins the Veto and takes himself off the block? Dan tells them they are both safe and he's doing what's best for all of them. "Quit saying that," Renny tells him. "Actions speak louder than words."

Dan isn't the only one talking about the rest of the deal. Ollie tells Michelle and Jerry that per his deal with Dan, Ollie himself will decide the replacement nominee. Jerry thinks this may just be a terrible deal, since Dan can't be trusted. "Dan has screwed people before," Jerry warns.

"We got the game now," Ollie tells them. "If he screws me I promise you hell will be unleashed on him." We'll see, Ollie!
 Too Bad the House Doesn't have Caller ID Dan gathers everyone in living room and tells them he is not sure what BIG BROTHER has in store for them. The video monitor then plays the America's Vote announcement from the previous episode, where viewers were asked to vote for one HouseGuest to receive a call from home. "If I could say something to my mom and dad, I would say it's been really hard to be in here and not get to talk to them," a tearful Keesha says.

"I'm going to go cry now," Michelle says, before running off to the Pink Bedroom for a good sob. Both Renny and Jerry comfort her. Jerry is also emotional since he would love to hear how his wife is doing, since she suffers from Parkinson's disease. "Fifty-four years, I've never been away from her this long," Jerry says.

The next day Michelle suddenly hears a ring. Michelle runs out to the living room and finds a telephone! "Are we supposed to answer?" she asks. As everyone runs in, Michelle picks up the receiver. It's for Jerry!

Jerry comes to the phone to find his grandson on the line. After some quick hellos, Jerry's wife, Joanne, comes on the line. Everyone gets teary-eyed as Joanne tells Jerry she keeps thinking he is in their own house together, but notes she watches him three times a week on TV. "Do you think we all behave real good in here?" Jerry asks Joanne. "Well…" Joanne says. The call is an emotional success. Jerry tells everyone after the call that Joanne is a strong person and, in the end, that's all you have is your spouse. "Thank you, America," Jerry says. You're welcome, Jerry!
 Back to the Game! Memphis joins Dan, Keesha and Renny up in the HoH Suite, where the topic of discussion has turned to Michelle. Everyone decides she is a huge threat since she is a good competitor and she is likely to put the four of them up over anyone else in the house. Now that the numbers are dwindling, the best-case scenario for the week is to have Michelle go home. Suddenly the Power of Veto competition has gotten very important.

A little while later, Dan calls everyone into the living room to pick Veto Competition players. Dan is hoping he never hears Michelle's name called to play, since that would ensure she has no chance to win the Veto. Dan pulls Renny's name out of the bag, while nominee Memphis picks Keesha. Jerry reveals he pulled HouseGuest's choice and goes with-Michelle!
 Houston, We Have a Problem… Ollie comes out from the Diary room wearing an orange NASA-inspired jump suit and announces it is time for the Veto Competition. Soon everyone else is bedecked in silver spacesuits complete with helmets! Dan is excited since he's always wanted to be an astronaut, and is even more excited to find the backyard has been transformed into a Martian landscape. Ollie explains they are about to visit Planet Veto, where, in groups of three, they will soar over the landscape to move puzzle pieces to a magnetic board. The first HouseGuest to finish the puzzle wins the chance to play in the final. But with more pieces than needed, the HouseGuests will have to be careful which pieces they use.

By random draw, Michelle, Dan and Keesha are chosen for the first heat. Dan does not want to win, but he also wants Michelle not to win either, so he is secretly rooting for Keesha. Michelle is motivated to win since she wants to ensure her safety. The three of them soon begin soaring over the landscape in an attempt to collect their pieces. Dan is confident that Michelle will have trouble putting the puzzle together since Michelle "has strength, but not brain power." Keesha says she didn't pay much attention to Dan or Michelle during the competition, which seems to have paid off. Before anyone realizes it, Keesha is done with the puzzle, eliminating Michelle and Dan!

Memphis, Jerry and Renny are up next. Memphis feels he has to win because if Jerry beats him he might as well pack his bags now. Jerry also feels the win is important for him, since he expects to go home without it. Renny is having a great time, since the spacesuit reminds her of Mardi Gras. Jerry likes doing puzzles, but a determined Memphis finishes first, securing a spot in the finals with Keesha.

Keesha and Memphis then compete head-to-head on a new puzzle. Ollie admits he is a "little giddy," since he thinks he will have a say in what will go down. For Dan, seeing Memphis and Keesha in the final heat is terrific. "I couldn't orchestrate this any better," Dan says. After lots of soaring and puzzle solving, Memphis is victorious!
 An Overconfident Ollie Ollie notes he is on pins and needles about the Veto and has to be careful how he approaches Dan. Ollie pulls Dan aside and informs him that his choice for the replacement nominee is Keesha. Dan tells Ollie he will honor his wishes since his hands are tied. "I'm worried you'll reverse it," Ollie tells Dan, who keeps on reassuring him his wishes will be honored. "He's kidding himself if he thinks I'm following through on that," Dan reveals later.
 Playing Games with Dan So how can Dan protect himself from the wrath of Ollie? He thinks he may have an idea that at the very least will be fun to pull off. He decides he is going to ask everyone at the meeting who they think he should nominate for eviction. Dan wants to have everyone's name mentioned so it takes the attention off of him. Dan speaks to Michelle first, who says she wants Keesha. After some mental mind games, Dan gets Ollie to agree to say Renny. Dan tells his plan to Keesha, who quickly agrees to say Michelle. Renny resists, wondering if Dan is doing this to set them up and protect himself. But when Dan notes Ollie will say her name, Renny says she will respond by saying Ollie's name.

Time for the Veto Ceremony! Memphis surprises no one when he uses the Veto on himself. Dan notes he likes to have fun and play games, so he tells everyone they are about to play "Replacement Nominee Roulette", where they will have to state whom they think who should be nominated. Dan then warns that if someone chooses not to play, they will be automatically nominated. As Dan expects, Michelle names Keesha, Ollie names Renny, Keesha names Michelle and Renny names Ollie. "Any time you gamble, you take a risk," Dan says. "Ollie, you lost the bet. Michelle, go on the block."

Michelle is furious she's been backdoored. "Wow, I surprised myself on this one," Dan says, noting he lit a fuse to dynamite and walked away. "He wants a circus, he got a circus," Ollie says, vowing to get Dan before he leaves the house.

Who will be evicted, Michelle or Jerry? And who will be the second HouseGuest evicted during the special live double eviction? Tune in Thursday at 8pm et/pt on BIG BRIOTHER 10!