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Season 10: Episode 22 - The Tables Turn when Jerry Wins HoH and the Renegades Make a Big Move
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

The aftermath of the special double eviction has the five remaining HouseGuests dealing with a very different game. Keesha and Renny both feel bad about sending Michelle home but they know it was good for their alliance with Memphis and Dan. However, Memphis is delighted she's gone since he thought Michelle was a complainer and a pain in the ass. "See ya," Memphis says sarcastically. "Have a nice life."

Keesha was so excited she won the Fast Forward Head of Household she thought she was going to cry. Dan says it was pretty obvious Keesha was going to nominate Jerry and Ollie, so it really all came down to the Fast Forward Veto. Jerry reveals he never feels safe on the block but will play hard, keep his composure and try not to offend anybody.

After winning the Veto, Dan says his strategy of coming off as a weak player is done after taking another competition. "I have to change gears and figure out which gear," he says. For Memphis this is his best-case scenario. After Dan, Memphis, Keesha and Renny quickly confer, they decide Ollie is the one to go. "We don't get the week to campaign, do we?" Ollie says to Jerry as they sit and wait for the vote. "Life is short," Jerry tells him.

With Ollie's eviction, Jerry realizes he's very alone, and pleads with the other HouseGuests to include him in things. "All I ask is a little talk," Jerry says. "Just talk to me." Everyone says they will, but this is a hard promise for Renny to keep, since Jerry is not her kind of person.

Memphis tells his allies he was glad to see Ollie go, but he thought by now they could have taken down a 75-year-old. 'He may win the game," Renny says. Keesha agrees. "You never know, don't jinx it," she warns them.
 Big Brother Time! Despite all the intense game play this week, Dan and Memphis still have some good-natured fun with Renny over time zones. Renny and Dan get into a debate over whether New Orleans is two hours behind or ahead of Los Angeles (it's ahead). Renny is sure The Big Easy is behind, going so far as to tell Dan that he is making an ass of himself on national television by saying otherwise. Once Renny realizes her mistake, all three of them share a good laugh.
 Somewhere Close a Dog is Covering his Ears Keesha's laugh is distinctive. The eardrum-splitting cackle begins with a "long screeching noise," Dan explains, while Memphis diplomatically calls her laugh "definitely one of a kind." Renny thinks dogs can hear it. Keesha tells them her boyfriend never says anything about her laugh. "He's just being nice," Memphis informs her.
 Another HOH Because of the Double Eviction episode, the HouseGuests have some unfinished business—crowning the new Head of Household. Everyone comes outside to find the backyard transformed into a giant carnival, complete with jumbo-sized skee ball boards for the four eligible players. Jerry knows he is playing for himself, since Renny, Memphis and Dan are all gunning to get him out of the house. A win for him is imperative. Dan notes it is definitely three versus one, and if Jerry scores a win, one of their alliance "deserves to go home."

Host Keesha explains the HouseGuests are playing Days Roll By, a game where they will be asked what day they think a big event in the house occurred. Once the HouseGuests have decided what day they think the event is, they will then play skee ball and attempt to land their ball on the number that corresponds with the day. Every day off from the actual day brings with it a penalty point. The player with the least amount of points at the end of the game is the new Head of Household.

Keesha asks the first question: what day did Jerry call Dan a Judas? Jerry and Memphis know the week, but not the exact day. Renny aims for the thirties, but the ball skews all the way to the right. Dan sees the "Judas" comment as one of his "everlasting moments" in the house, so knows where to throw his ball. Keesha announces the correct day was 35. Dan is closest, while Renny is the farthest with a throw of 50. Unfortunately for Renny, her performance does not improve, and she is soon out of contention for HoH.

Dan gets his rolling technique down, and racks up a large lead with the first few questions. "At least Dan is winning, because I suck,"
Memphis admits. Things begin to change when Jerry scores a perfect 22 for the day the BIG BROTHER house was struck by a 5.4 earthquake. "It went in just perfect," Jerry beams. Things go from bad to worse for Dan when he is asked on what day Jessie was evicted. Dan knows the answer is around 30, but he is horrified when the ball rolls to day 20. Jerry takes over the lead! Dan does better on the next round, but it is not enough to catch up—Jerry is the new Head of Household!

"Never underestimate an old man," Jerry says, noting he survived two evictions in one day. Dan says his heart sank to his stomach when he realized Jerry was the new HoH. "I have a pretty good feeling I am going on the block."
 Sometimes a Snake is Just a Snake Jerry is excited about his HoH Room reveal, and all the other HouseGuests seem excited along with him. But Memphis notes now that Jerry is top dog in the house, they have to "pucker up" and kiss some ass in order to stay on his good side. Keesha sees shots of Jerry's grandkids and notices a wooden box Jerry himself crafted, but the one item in Jerry's gift basket that attracts the most attention is a toy snake. Jerry explains this is Hissy, the toy snake he received from his doctor after open-heart surgery. Jerry starts in on a long, complicated and generally incomprehensible story that has Dan fighting to keep his eyelids open since falling asleep could be the difference between 500 grand and going home. "I think my eyelids were winning," Dan says.

Memphis is in good shape in his alliance with Dan, but he also wants to cover his bases with Keesha. After commiserating in the Hippie Bedroom over Jerry's HoH win and the certainty that one of their four is going home, Memphis decides to broach the subject of working with Keesha towards the end of the game, but does not go so far as to come out and make a deal. Memphis, who is a master at a stealth strategy conversation, lets Keesha know he is committed to her. Cover those bases, Memphis!
 Good Thing she Can't Drive While in the House Renny is a funny little bird when she's awake, but it turns out she's just as funny when she's sleeping. Memphis and Keesha crack up when a sleep walking Renny mumbles, wanders and even eats a candy bar late at night! The next morning Renny wants to know why there is an Almond Joy in her bed, and Keesha has to break it to her that she was sleep walking. Renny doesn't believe it, and gives Keesha her signature blow off, "Come on!"
 Is the Game Up? Renny asks Keesha whom Jerry will put up. Keesha and Renny soon agree they are likely targets since everyone knows they are so close. While things change quickly in the house, Keesha notes they will have to stick together if they want to survive the week.

Dan and Memphis have a similar conversation outside, and decide that Memphis should go up and talk to Jerry about some sort of deal. In a perfect world they would both be off the block, but it is likely that one of them will be nominated for eviction. They know it will be an absolute disaster for their game if they both get nominated.

Memphis goes up to Jerry and talks to the HoH. While the two have been at odds in the past, Jerry reveals he'd like to work with Memphis and would like to go to the final two with him. Memphis lies and says he likes that deal and that he would "like to battle the best person in the game" at the end. Jerry then reveals he is targeting Dan for eviction this week. Memphis pretends he is happy with that before the pair shakes hands and go on their way. This isn't their best-case scenario, but Memphis notes he won't end up on the block, which means his Renegade alliance with Dan is more likely to last another week.
 Time for nominations Memphis is still concerned he could go on the block, but notes he feels "a little bit safer" and thinks he is "going to escape this week, surprisingly." Dan notes he's given Jerry so many reasons to nominate him it would be a miracle if he didn't go up. "He hasn't called anyone else a Judas," Dan says. Renny feels if she goes up, she's going home. Jerry feels his nominations are not personal in nature and are completely thought out. His plan is to get to the final three, and then the final two.

The nomination ceremony is quick. Jerry announces Renny is safe, and Renny pulls Memphis' key out of the box. Dan and Keesha are this week's nominations. So the alliance of four has been split boys versus the girls!

Who will win Power of Veto, and will they use it to save Dan or Keesha? Find out on Tuesday at 9pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER 10!