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Season 10: Episode 23 - The Most Powerful Veto Yet Forces One HouseGuest to Make a Tough Decision
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

"I'm not thrilled I'm nominated but I'm very excited Memphis and I are not on the block together," Dan says in the aftermath of HoH Jerry's eviction nominations. This allows him and Memphis to fight to keep their Renegades alliance alive for another week. Jerry says his goal for this week is to see Dan leave for the sequester house. "As long as Memphis keeps his deal we should be okay," Jerry says, noting that Memphis could make mischief if he wins the Power of Veto and takes Dan off the block. Jerry tells his other nominee Keesha she is not going home, but Keesha is not sure. "I would be stupid to think I'm safe," she reveals.

Memphis, a true BIG BROTHER operator, has deals with three of the four people left in the house. The sole exception is Renny, which makes her Memphis' target for the week. "If I could get rid of Renny this week, I would be sitting pretty," he explains.

Everyone soon begins to realize the importance of this week's Veto competition, since the player who gets the Power of Veto will basically be able to dictate who goes up on the block. Keesha tells Dan that if Renny wins it and takes her down, Jerry has no choice but to put up Memphis. But the same is true if Memphis wins-Renny is the only possible nomination replacement. "Anyone can go home," Dan says. Keesha notes the only sure thing in the game this week means winning the PoV for yourself.

After talking to Jerry about how she could go home this week, a nervous Renny goes to Keesha and tells her she thinks Dan and Memphis would vote her out of the house. Keesha thinks Renny is "flipping her lid. Excuse me, I'm the one on the block!" Renny notes she has never won a Veto, but Keesha tells her there is a first time for everything.
"I may be paranoid, but I don't think so," Renny says, noting it doesn't look so good for her right now.
 Splash! It's another morning in the BIG BROTHER house, which means lots of lazy sunbathing outside. Jerry comes out to find a skywriting plane leaving a message above them. As Jerry steps back to read the message, he slips and takes a fully clothed dive right into the pool! "I'm not the type of person to laugh at another person's misfortune," Dan says, but admits Jerry falling into the pool is pretty funny. "It's been there for 60 days," Dan notes. "It's not going anywhere."
 The Smooth Operator Memphis has a lot of managing and massaging to do, since he has to check in daily with Jerry, Dan and Keesha to make sure they are still committed to him and still believe he is going to take them to the final two. "All my deals are good to go," Memphis says after getting confirmation from all three. "Only time will tell who I take to the final two."
 Bugging Renny Dan admits he finds a great amount of humor in aggravating Renny. When Renny is just sitting at the counter, Dan begins imitating her every move, which she finds amusing at first until she tells him to stop. Renny says Dan has "a few quirks which I don't understand" and exhibits "behaviors that are questionable."

But this week Dan is doing more than just getting some fun out of his needling. His goal is to unsettle Renny so much she will not be able to compete well in the Veto Competition. A conversation that starts in the Hippie Bedroom seems genial, but an irritated Renny eventually swats Dan on the behind and heads to the Sauna Room for some relief. Renny notes that Dan is being a jackass and it is "not fun anymore. I would really like to see Dan go home."

Dan shares his concerns with Memphis. They both agree if Renny makes it through to the final two, she will win the game and snatch the $500,000 prize. "We have to win," Memphis tells Dan about the Veto.
 A Face Only a Mother Could Love Jerry announces it is time for the Veto competition, which requires each of them to go to a separate room in the house before being called out to the yard individually. Dan is the first one to discover the yard has been transformed into a nursery for "Rock a Bye Veto." Dan reads that each of them will be shown six pictures of "babies" created by merging the photos of two HouseGuests. The player who can correctly identify the two parents of all six babies in the fastest time will win the Power of Veto. After seeing the first baby, who is a combination of him and April, Dan notes that while everyone is in the house is pretty good looking, all together they make ugly babies! Dan quickly gets the second combination, which is a mash of Steven and Keesha, before guessing Jerry and Michelle's baby, which appears to be "possessed by a demon" because of the "devilish eyes of Michelle." Dan gets all six, but he is worried he wasn't fast enough since he made a lot of mistakes. "I gave my best effort but sometimes your best effort is not enough."

Jerry says he feels he has to win the Veto since his goal is to have Dan leave this week. After a slow start, Jerry picks up the pace, but notes it would be "terrible to have people looking like that walking around the earth." Jerry feels pretty confident with his performance but knows he has to wait and see.

Memphis is gunning to win so he can save Dan, but even he is taken aback when he sees the babies. He thinks he did a good job flying through the pictures but feels he could have done better. Renny laughs when she sees the babies but notes she is here to win, since Memphis winning would almost definitely be her end in the game. Renny thinks she and Jessie make a pretty baby, since the baby looks so much like her! The only problem is Renny gets caught up on the Michelle baby when she goes through all the men before finally setting on the correct father in Jerry. "I don't know why it took me so long," a frustrated Renny says. Keesha notes that this competition proves she and Steven should never have children together. Not much risk of that happening, Keesha!
 And the Veto Winner is… Jerry thinks if he finished under ten minutes then he did well in the competition. Dan notes it could be anyone's game. Jerry reveals Renny finished in 23 minutes and 32 seconds. Renny notes when she saw her time she was "so disappointed in myself," but that "when there's a will there's a way." Jerry reveals he finished in just over eight minutes while Dan completed the task in just less than three minutes. Memphis scored a 2:50, which edges out Dan and puts him in the lead. Keesha's time is the last to be revealed. She comes in at just over five minutes, which makes Memphis the winner of the Power of Veto!

Memphis is excited, but notes before he makes any decision he has to "think ahead" since using this Veto is "what seals your placement." Dan notes that Jerry has literally no control going forward, since Memphis controls the Veto and he and Memphis will vote out whom they want. Keesha is heartbroken that her only chance to save herself and Renny is gone. Memphis comes to Dan to make sure they are still solid, but warns Dan not to pull any antics this week since it could hurt both of them. Dan quickly agrees. Hey, he wants off the block! Memphis then goes and shores up things with Keesha, informing her they are still the final two with Dan along as No. 3. Keesha says it is hard for her to trust Dan, but Memphis assures Keesha that Dan won't be a problem for her this week.

Jerry is the last to touch base with Memphis about the Veto. Jerry wants Memphis to not use the Veto, but Memphis says there is another issue in the house. Jerry agrees, but notes Renny can be dealt with next week. Memphis has a challenge here. "Taking Dan off the block is a big deal," he says. If he doesn't handle this well, Memphis knows it could be bad for him.
  Memphis sees the use of this Veto as his most important play in the game, and describes his move as being at a fork in the road. "I've got to pick one way or the other," he says. "I hope I pick the right way." Dan thinks this could be his greatest escape yet, while Renny feels Memphis should be thinking about winning the half-million dollars and not helping out his friend Dan. Jerry doesn't think Memphis will use it, because if he does it will threaten their alliance.

Memphis gathers the HouseGuests and tells them he has been thinking about this a lot and hopes there are no hard feelings. He then announces he is using the PoV on Dan! Jerry gets up and says since there is only one eligible HouseGuest left for nominations he has to put up Renny.

Renny is sad, since her dream scenario would have been her and Keesha in the final two. Jerry says it hurt him a lot to have Dan pulled off the block, and warns he will do something in retribution to Memphis. Dan is excited he's survived Jerry's crosshairs again, while Memphis feels he has set himself up pretty good for the rest of the game.

Who will be the next evicted HouseGuest, Renny or Keesha? And who will be the next Head of Household? Find out live Thursday at 8pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER 10!