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Season 16: Episode 1 - A House Like No Other!
Posted on Jun 26, 2014 12:00am

Welcome to the most twisted summer ever of BIG BROTHER! Sixteen brand new HouseGuests are moving into the house in the hopes of winning the coveted $500,000 prize, but with a never-before-seen twist and a brand new interactive fan element, BIG BROTHER 16 is going to have everyone rethinking how to play the game! This summer the BIG BROTHER house goes with a natural, environmentally friendly feel, with New Jersey sales executive Cody, Tennessee esthetician Amber, North Carolina groundskeeper Donny and Seattle makeup artist Joey entering the house first. Joey and Amber run for the wind-themed bedroom, while Cody grabs a bed in the rock-themed bedroom room. Donnie puts his bag down in the fire-themed room as he marvels at the house. “Look at this place,” he says, noting he feels like he has “landed on Mars.” Next up is Texas single dad Devin, Michigan superfan Nicole, New York DJ Paola and former Broadway dancer and current YouTube sensation Frankie. Superfan Nicole is so floored by being in the house she’s worried she might pee her pants, because she admits that can happen when “I laugh too hard or get excited.” As Frankie and Joey bond over their brightly colored hair, Paola realizes there are 16 seats at the dining room table, plus plenty of extra beds in the house. “What the heck does this mean,” she asks.
  An Alliance of Eight, Four and Two
A champagne pop starts off the meet and greet. Caleb thinks Paola has a “tight little body,” but Frankie is worried DJ Paola may know his closely guarded secret—Frankie’s sister is the multi-Platinum recording artist Ariana Grande! Frankie doesn’t want his world-famous sister to be a distraction to his game in the house, and fears Paola’s background is “dangerously close to home.” Nicole thinks Donny seems a little out of place, just like she does, while Paola has an instant attraction to Cody. Amber thinks tall, dark and handsome Devin is perfect for her, but it turns out Devin has eyes for Joey. After the meet and greet, the eight HouseGuests all agree other players are surely coming in the game, and decide to form an eight-person alliance called Crazy8’s, But very soon after, secret side deals are made! Devin pulls Donny away from the group, and they form a secret side alliance, the Double D’s. Meanwhile Paola gathers the four women in the house, and they pledge to be the ever-elusive, all-female alliance that can finally win BIG BROTHER. The four women call themselves El Cuatro, but Nicole isn’t sure what their name means! Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room and gathers the HouseGuests to advise them to enjoy their time in the house now, because it’s about to get very crowded. But before that happens, Julie announces the eight of them will compete in the first Head of Household competition of the summer. As in previous seasons, the HoH will have a private suite and nominate two HouseGuests for eviction, but for the first time in the game’s history, the HoH isn’t necessarily safe from eviction the week of their reign! The HouseGuests are floored by the news, but this doesn’t stop Paola from getting a little flirt on with Cody before everyone goes outside for the inaugural HoH competition of the season.
  Beach Blanket Frankie?
After the eight players get up on a huge log in the back yard “beach,” Julie explains they are playing the competition “Go Fly a Kite.” The rules are simple: the last player standing on the rotating log holding their kite string is the new HoH. Nicole isn’t sure if it’s a good thing to win this HoH, but Amber begins the competition hoping an El Cuatro member pulls it out in the end. The competition gets so difficult when the players get sprayed with suntan lotion that only three players are left standing—Amber, Frankie and Cody. After Cody falls, Amber has a realization; if the HoH is in danger of being nominated, why win this thing? Amber throws the competition, making Frankie the first HoH of the summer, a title he’s not sure if he really wants or not. After the competition, Frankie implores the other eight HouseGuests to protect him when the rest of the HouseGuests arrive. They all assure him they have his back, but Frankie admits he is probably the most nervous HoH in BIG BROTHER history. Frankie doesn’t get a lot of time to worry, because Julie chimes back into the house to drop another bomb—the second group of HouseGuests that will be joining them will be playing their own HoH competition, and for the first time ever there will be two HoH’s in the house at the same time! But, the two HoH’s won’t co-exist together for very long, because by the end of the week there will be only one HoH standing. As Julie says good night to the HouseGuests, Cody begs for more information. As everyone in the house scrambles to figure out what this means, Julie tells the studio audience about Team America, an interactive online twist for the season at For the past week fans have been able to vote online for a HouseGuest they would like to form a secret alliance, Team America, whose actions will be guided over the course of the season by online voting from fans. Julie explains that the votes have been tallied and there is a first member of this three-person alliance. Over the next two weeks America can vote to put two more HouseGuests into Team America. So who will be the first member of Team America? And how will the eight new HouseGuests react to the most twisted season ever? Find out Thursday, June 26 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!