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Season 16: Episode 2 - Episode 2
Posted on Jun 27, 2014 12:00am

Host Julie Chen invites America back for part two of the season premiere of BIG BROTHER, which features the move in of the second batch of eight new HouseGuests. Julie tells Georgia minister Jocasta, Kentucky adventure hunting guide Caleb, Tucson barista Christine, Long Beach pedicab driver Hayden, unemployed Florida golfer Zach, Rhode Island police officer Derrick, California single mom Brittany and Florida photographer Victoria that the first eight HouseGuests have already started the game, and have even played in the first Head of House competition. But the new eight shouldn't worry, because by the end of the night there will be two HoH’s, even if at week’s end there will be only one HoH standing. Talk about the most twisted summer of BIG BROTHER ever!

Moments after move in, Zach is overwhelmed by the sheer number of greetings and conversations that bombard him as he enters the house. But he admits he “doesn't give a damn,” because all he cares about is getting his head in the game to win the $500,000 grand prize. Jocasta hopes she can share a bed with a woman, since she knows both her husband and God will be watching! Hayden notes the first octet of HouseGuests is full of “celebrities,” considering Devin is a dead ringer for The Rock, Amber resembles Whitney Houston and Cody looks like John Travolta. Hayden is fine being the House’s “Jeff Spicoli.” An instant friendship blossoms between pink-haired HoH Frankie and pink-bedecked Victoria. Brittany feels as though she has to play catch up, while Caleb feels there is an “us vs. them” mentality. While there are already alliances in place, Nicole feels those partnerships evaporating as the arrival of the second eight changes the entire house dynamic.

Hello! My Name Is…

At the all-house meet & greet, Derrick tells the HouseGuests he works in the local Parks & Rec department, because he worries his law enforcement background could make him a target. He muses that once again he is back “undercover.” Cody is delighted to hear the striking Brittany is single, but can’t understand how she is a mother of three! Frankie worries that Caleb “Is gonna be a problem” for his game, since they are so opposite. The HouseGuests can barely finish a champagne toast before they all begin sizing up one another. Paola is trying to figure out how big of a competitor Caleb is, while Frankie pulls Victoria aside to encourage her to win the upcoming HoH competition. Donny uses his cricket whistle to delight the HouseGuests as Derrick and Brittany bond over being apart from their families. Jocasta gets a quick prayer in as everyone heads out for the second HoH of the season. The second eight HouseGuests assemble on a giant BBQ spit as Julie explains the rules for the competition, “Over the Coals”—the last HouseGuest hanging onto the rolling spit wins an HoH title. Watching from the nearby Tiki Bar, Frankie is dismayed when Victoria is the first player to fall from the spit. The competition gets even more difficult when the players are coated with BBQ sauce. Brittany and Jocasta slide off the spit, followed quickly by Christine. Zach is in total control but has no interest in being HoH, so he throws the competition. Derrick is satisfied coming in third, which leaves Hayden and Caleb in the final two. Observing from the Tiki Bar, Devin is so scared by Caleb’s strength, he admits he wants to work with him. Caleb is so confident in his physical prowess he showboats on the spit, making disco moves in front of a mesmerized Hayden.

A New Competition and the Ultimate Invitation

After a struggle, Hayden finally drops, and Caleb is named the second HoH of the summer! Frankie knows he has to change his tactics, and decides he now has to go all in on embracing Caleb as a potential ally in the game. After Julie congrats Caleb, she ends all speculation about the twists for the summer. Now that two HoH’s have been crowned, she can explain that for this season of double HoH’s, each will nominate two HouseGuests for eviction, which means four HouseGuests a week are in jeopardy of going home. In a BIG BROTHER first, this season there is a new competition called the Battle of the Block. Frankie and Caleb’s nominees will compete against each other, with the triumphant duo winning safety from the chopping block. However their victory will dethrone the HoH who nominated them, sending that unlucky HoH back into the pool of potential nominees. “Even if you are HoH, you could end up going home that week,” Julie warns.

Alliances such as The Brigade and The Quack Pack have ruled at BIG BROTHER, but for the first time, viewers can control the actions of an alliance in the house! Through this new interactive online twist, fans picked Seattle makeup artist Joey as the first member of Team America. In a surprise invitation hidden in the Diary Room, Joey discovers she’s been asked to join the secret alliance, which will require her to attempt covert missions where she can win $5,000 upon completion. The other two members will be chosen over the next few weeks, and as a trio they can decide if they want keep Team America a secret or not. So how will the HouseGuests react to the inaugural Battle of the Block Competition? And which HoH will lose his immunity for nomination this week? Find out Sunday, June 29 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!