Season 16: Episode 3 - Episode 3
Posted on Jun 30, 2014 10:20am

The HouseGuests get all dressed up for the inaugural Battle of the Block Competition

In a first for BIG BROTHER, two HoH’s—Caleb and Frankie—come out of Diary Room and ask, “Who wants to see our HoH rooms?” The HouseGuests come running, including Joey and Jocasta, who both note that with four potential nominees, any strategy they came into the house with has gone out the front door. Everyone loves the “Birds Nest” HoH suite, which now includes a second bedroom! Frankie looks forward to using his time sharing the HoH to align with Caleb. Later in the hammock, Nicole and Christine’s friendship blooms. The two women, who share similar outlooks on the game plus the same “big nerd glasses,” realize their affinity for each other serves them well in the game.

Frankie is doing some friendship building of his own. He convinces Caleb that because they are so different, an alliance between them would be unlikely to most of the HouseGuests. Caleb responds to the idea, noting “no one would see it coming.” But Caleb notes an alliance of two won’t get them far. Through a series of one-on-one conversations, Caleb and Frankie form the all-male “Bomb Squad” with Devin, Derrick, Cody and Zach. While Cody expresses his enthusiasm in the HoH suite, in Diary Room he wonders if this bro alliance will end up like the Brigade, which went all the way to the end of the game in season 12, or the Moving Company, which fell apart in less than two weeks during last season.

Everyone puts aside the alliance building after Devin sees the “Nominations Today” sign in the living room. In the storage room Devin keeps up the façade of his Double D alliance with Donny, while up in the HoH Caleb and Frankie talk nominations. Who should go on the block? For the first time ever, Caleb and Frankie must choose one of two “eggs,” which randomly selects Caleb as the first HoH to choose his nominees.

Nominations Bring Expected and Unexpected Tears

Everyone gathers in the dining room, where Caleb and Frankie reveal their nominations—Caleb picks Donny and Paola, saying they were the first male and female to drop out of the inaugural HoH competition. Frankie reveals his nominees are Victoria and Brittany, explaining they were the first two players to drop out of the second HoH. A tearful Victoria feels betrayed, while Brittany vows there is “no way” she will be the first out. Donny isn’t surprised, because he didn’t have time to bond with Caleb. Paola pulls Donny aside and tells him they have to compete as a team in the upcoming Battle for the Block competition, because if they work together they can ensure their safety.

In the storage room, Nicole and Christine do the classic post-ceremony happy dance, because they are both relieved they dodged the nomination bullet. The most emotional HouseGuest is Caleb, who cries thinking about how he must have hurt the feelings of the nominees. Victoria corners Frankie, who spins a story to Victoria about how he had to put her up because Caleb chose his real nomination targets, Paola and Brittany. Victoria vows that Frankie will ultimately be the one shocked and in tears.

Going rogue, Devin adds two new members to the Bomb Squad. Without consulting anyone, Devin tells Christine and Amber about the all-guy alliance. The two women are surprised and amused by this revelation, but in after-the-fact conversations, Caleb, Zach and Frankie are all shocked by Devin’s actions. Christine is happy to know about this alliance, but reveals in Diary Room her real connection is with Nicole. Frankie and Zach’s patience with Devin is worn even more thin when Devin tells them he’s certain Donny is not the groundskeeper he purports to be, but a mastermind. Zach and Frankie feel paranoia is confusing Devin’s judgment.

Donny and Paola: Putting on the Ritz?

Devin doesn’t have time to overthink the game, because host Hayden announces it’s time for the first Battle of the Block competition! The tuxedo and gown-bedecked HouseGuests enter the backyard to find it transformed into a 1920’s ballroom, complete with champagne fountains. Hayden explains the two sets of nominees, sitting on swings, will work as a team to transfer champagne from their respective fountains to their flutes using individual cocktail glasses. The first team to fill their flute with enough champagne to dislodge a berry wins the Battle of the Block, which means they will be safe for the week. All four nominees struggle on their swings, but once they build up enough momentum, Victoria and Brittany quickly start to fill their flute. Paola flails, until Donny’s coaching gets her into the game. Paola and Donny get into such a groove, they start giving Victoria and Brittany a run for their money. However, it’s too little too late, because in a photo finish, Victoria and Brittany prevail and remove themselves from the block. In full tuxedo, Frankie falls into the pool; he’s excited his nominees are safe, but realizes he’s vulnerable if the Veto gets used. Will Caleb stick to their agreement? And who will win the Power of Veto? And will the Veto be used to save Donny or Paola? Find out Wednesday, July 2 at 8pmET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!