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Season 16: Episode 4 - Episode 4
Posted on Jul 3, 2014 12:00am

A Veto Win Plus a Bold Move Creates a New Target for the Bomb Squad

Victoria and Brittany celebrate their Battle of the Block victory, and note they are not only safe for the week, the Head of Household who nominated them, Frankie, loses his HoH status and is at risk of elimination this week. Frankie is nervous but hopes his eight-member Bomb Squad alliance has his back.

Paola and Donny console each other in the Rock bedroom, because after losing the BoB competition, they realize they have to compete against each other for the Veto. Paola can’t believe how selfless she is being when she says she wants an emotional Donny to stay and will help him if she can. Up in the HoH suite, Caleb notes Donny was a “beast in the competition,” while Devin admits he didn’t think Victoria and Brittany could pull a win off.

Devin goes and talks to Donny in the Flame bedroom. Once again Donny gets emotional because he is so touched by Devin, his supposed Double D alliance partner. Despite Donny’s tears, Devin thinks the sincere Donny is nothing more than a good actor.

Sometimes a Groundskeeper is Just a Groundskeeper

Up in the HoH room, Donny talks about his socks and shows off his hairless shins. When he exits, Caleb tells the rest of the Bomb Squad he’s certain Donny is ex-military, with he and Devin wondering if Donny was once an elite fighter. Frankie rolls his eyes at this suggestion, but Caleb and Devin continue to wonder what secrets Donny is hiding. In a late-night conversation, Devin prods Donny, and asks him if he’s ex-military. Donny tells Devin he’s not hiding anything about himself. Donny thought Devin trusted him, but reminds his Double D partner he’s all he has in the house. Devin notes he is going to feel bad if Donny is in fact telling the truth.

Soon after the HouseGuests find the season’s first slop reveal! Cody, Brittany, Hayden and Joey volunteer for Have Not status for the week, but Derrick is wondering why they are being treated to frozen slop pops. Turns out it’s a clue to the theme of this season’s Have Not room—a walk in freezer! Despite getting earmuffs and mittens, the Have Not’s must endure a frozen solid room featuring solid ice block beds!

Back in the main bathroom, Joey tries to take the moribund four-member girls El Cuatro alliance and create a better, stronger alternative to what appears to be an all-male bloc in the house. She pitches the idea of an all-girls alliance to Jocasta, Victoria and Brittany, but no one bites. Unfortunately for Joey, Amber is also in on the conversation. While Joey is right to fear the big guys in the house, Amber notes that the big threat isn’t all-male, because the Bomb Squad includes her and Christine.

In BIG BROTHER, Maybe Honesty Isn’t the Best Policy…

Derrick sees the girls scheming from the bathroom, and reports back to Caleb. Soon after Amber confirms there was an alliance pitched, and the leader was Joey. In damage control mode, Joey tries to repair the damage from trying to create a failed alliance. She thinks coming clean will help her, and goes to Devin and admits what she tried to do. Devin denies the existence of an all-guys alliance to her, and in Diary Room wonders if Joey is the worst BIG BROTHER player in history. After a random draw to pick players for the Veto competition, Victoria, Cody and Zach are chosen by random draw to play along with the nominees Donny and Paola plus the HoH Caleb. In the flame bedroom Paola cries to Jocasta and Amber, worried that none of the players would be willing to help her or Donny with the Veto. Jocasta prays with Paola, and cheers her up to get her head back in the game.

Paola wipes away her tears just in time to go play the Veto competition, “Miami Lice,” the 1980’s themed spelling game complete with a giant bathtub and a huge bather covered in icky head lice. Each player must climb through the bath and gather lice, Each lice has a letter on it, and the HouseGuest who spells the longest word correctly in the shortest amount of time wins the Power of Veto. After lots of suds and lice collection, Donny pulls out the win with the correctly spelled “splitters.” Donny can hardly contain his happiness, which Caleb notes is well deserved. “Kudos to him,” he says to Frankie, who feels this allows them to go after their new target, Joey. Joey immediately heads up to the HoH Suite to talk to Caleb and Frankie. Caleb is polite, which makes Joey think her honesty and apologies might keep her safe.

Surprise! Donny takes himself off the block at the Veto ceremony. Caleb says it is nothing personal, but since he feels the house wants this and she tried to start an all-girls alliance, he names Joey as his replacement nominee. Paola is relieved such a big target is now up on the block, but Joey is certain she can fight hard enough to stay. So who will be the first HouseGuest evicted, Joey or Paola? And who was chosen as the latest member of Team America? Find out live Thursday, July 3 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!