Season 16: Episode 7 - Episode 7
Posted on Jul 9, 2014 11:00pm

Devin’s HoH Creates Fear and Division in the Bomb Squad Alliance

“What do you know,” Devin says post-Battle of the Block competition. “I’m still the HoH.” In the storage room, his former eviction nominees Nicole and Hayden happy dance with their ally Christine. Later in the living room Nicole hugs former Head of Household Amber, who hopes she is safe this week. Meanwhile in the side bedroom nominees Brittany and Paola talk about their chances. Brittany knows Devin is out for her, but she vows to fight.

Upstairs Devin apologizes to Hayden for nominating him, but tells him that was the best way to ensure Brittany’s eviction this week. Devin hugs Hayden and whispers in his ear, but Hayden feels more creeped out by Devin than reassured. Downstairs Hayden tells Nicole they have to keep quiet about the possibility that Paola threw the competition. Nicole is happy, but shoots down Hayden when he asks to kiss it out! In the parlour room, Zach meets with Derrick, Christine and Cody, who he calls the “sane” side of the secret Bomb Squad alliance. The quartet expresses their frustration with Devin and their belief that Paola should go home. They decide next week they should back door their fellow alliance member Devin.

Christine joins Bomb Squad members Caleb and Amber on the hammock. The three joke around, which Devin notices across the yard. He fears Caleb’s interest in Amber is “bad for my business.” Derrick joins the hammock crowd, and the conversation changes to Devin. Christine thinks Devin is scary, while Caleb takes issue with Devin’s disrespectful behavior towards Amber, and women in general. He vows he will protect his “queen” from Devin. Later Caleb breaks it to Devin that people think he nominated Brittany for personal reasons. Devin thinks this is stupid, and blames Caleb’s argument on Amber. Caleb tells Devin he’s blowing things out of proportion and reveals the female alliance members fear him. Devin retreats upstairs before coming back to the yard, where he debates Caleb. As they bicker, Devin vows there’s no more alliance. “That’s fine, go home next week,” Caleb snaps.

Team America is Now Complete

In Diary Room sessions, Frankie and Derrick find out they are members of the interactive fan-driven Team America alliance, and learn they must meet at 9pm by the weight bench and reveal themselves to one another using the code words “bald eagle” and “apple pie.” At the selected time Frankie and Derrick mill outside along with Caleb and Amber, who join in on what they think is an innocuous conversation about desserts. Frankie and Derrick identify one another just as Donny arrives. When Donny points out a piece of apple pie on his cup, the three Team America members realize who they will be working with this summer!

The next day Zach, Derrick and Amber are chosen to play in the Veto competition along with Devin, Brittany and Paola. After picking players, Caleb goes up to the HoH and makes up with Devin. They hug it out, but both HouseGuests are wary of one another. Things seem to be fine until Caleb lets it slip that people want to put Devin up. This prompts Devin to call a Bomb Squad meeting where he asks which nominee should stay. The women stay silent, while Zach chimes in saying he likes Brittany. After the meeting breaks up, Devin asks an apologetic Zach if he wants him out. Zach blurts out that he mentioned Devin’s name but he didn't mean it. Devin, however, isn’t buying it. Before the Veto Competition Devin tells Paola he will use the PoV on her if he wins. Zach overhears and notes Devin has his own back in the game and is not a team player. Outside, Veto Competition host Donny explains players must hang ten planets on their galaxy mobile without touching the ground to win the PoV for the week. While Paola and Brittany struggle, Devin and Derrick fight it out before Devin secures the Veto!

Note to Zach: Don’t Talk to the HoH Unless You Absolutely Must

Paola hopes Devin keeps his word but worries that he is like “the devil.” Zach tries to go into damage control, but when he won’t directly tell Devin whom he wants out this week, he makes himself a target. In the storage room Frankie reminds Zach that in the BIG BROTHER house honesty is not the best policy. Brittany makes her way up to the HoH suite and works on Devin’s emotions, reminding him they are both parents and are here for something beyond themselves. Devin is touched, and asks for Brittany’s loyalty. Devin then reveals Paola threw the BoB competition, which stuns Brittany. In the living room Zach tries to mend fences with the HoH but the conversation devolves to the point where Zach sarcastically suggests he go up on the block. “Didn’t cross my mind until now,” Devin says.

Devin notes he’s in a catch-22 because he’s promised to use the Veto on both nominees. At the ceremony Devin cites Brittany’s single motherhood as a factor in using the Veto on her, and puts Zach up as a replacement. Just as the Veto meeting ends, Brittany asks to say something. What does Brittany say that unleashes a firestorm of recriminations in the house? And will Zach or Paola go home this week? Find out live Thursday, July 10 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!