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Season 16: Episode 8 - Episode 8
Posted on Jul 11, 2014 11:40am

A Post-Ceremony Blowup Engulfs Several HouseGuests

“Can I say something really fast,” former eviction nominee Brittany asks at the end of the Veto ceremony. Brittany stands and calls out nominee Paola for throwing the Battle of the Block competition. Brittany then names Paola as her target going forward, which prompts Paola to go off on Head of Household Devin, who she calls a “freaking liar” for not using the Veto on her. Paola says she was asked to throw the competition by Devin, but chose not to do it. Meanwhile Donny is “tickled to death” watching everyone bicker. Devin tries to defend himself, but Paola is having none of it. Nicole gets upset when Devin throws out her name, because she fears she will be tainted by the BoB competition throwing scandal.

But the outbursts aren’t over! Replacement nominee Zach stands, and after telling Paola she can’t win anything, goes on an attack of Devin, who he ridicules as a moody liar who hides behind fake tears for his daughter. Zach also suggests who in the house will vote him out, and calls out his buddy Frankie as being on the fence.

Devin hopes Paola and Zach will tear each other apart for the week, while Zach notes if he can get everyone to think he’s going after Devin this week, there’s no way they will send him home. Cody is furious Devin put up their fellow Bomb Squad alliance member Zach for eviction, something they all said they wouldn’t do, especially so early in the game. However additional Bomb Squad members Caleb and Amber are furious at Zach for throwing all of them under the bus when he called out who would vote for him. Caleb warns Zach he is “gunning” for him.

Is Frankie Just Zach’s Pawn in the BIG BROTHER Chess Game?

Zach is surprised Frankie is so upset, but Frankie feels he now looks untrustworthy to the rest of the HouseGuests. Zach assures Frankie he has his back before apologizing, but Frankie is too upset to even look at his house buddy. “I had your back,” a dejected Frankie says. “Nothing changed,” Zach insists. Zach realizes he took his tirade too far, but Frankie isn’t sure he can trust him again.

Later Paola and Zach get into a fight as they rehash what they said after the Veto ceremony. Up in the HoH suite Devin and Caleb count votes and realize to ensure Zach’s eviction they may be short by one. Devin invites Hayden up and reveals all the details of the Bomb Squad alliance to the California pedicab driver. Hayden accepts Devin’s invitation, but in Diary Room reveals he feels forced to join the alliance and will do what he can to blow up the Bomb Squad from the inside.

Out by the hammock Derrick tells Zach if he wants to stay, he needs to control his outbursts, because this game isn’t a “street fight,” but a “chess board” where they are all the pieces. Soon after Derrick meets with Donny and Frankie, his fellow online, viewer-driven Team America alliance members. While Frankie thinks they should get rid of Zach because he sees Caleb and Devin as allies, Derrick and Donny suggest they would be better off with Zach in the game, because he will never go after them and will instead target Devin. “If you think Devin and Caleb have your back more than we do, you’re wrong,” Donny warns.

Bomb Squad Loses a Member, But It’s Not Who You Think!

Back in the Parlour room, Derrick lobbies Caleb to keep Zach. He warns Caleb that Paola could be used as a weapon against them, and assures Caleb that if Zach stays he will be only going after Devin. Once Caleb suggests keeping Zach could be the best scenario, Derrick tells Frankie, who heads upstairs to tell HoH Derrick. Frankie wants to deliver the bad news because he thinks he can massage the message in a way that will help his game. When Frankie reveals that Zach is staying and the Bomb Squad alliance is now a full nine members, Devin drops his own bomb—he is leaving the alliance and will play solo! Devin now understands why his favorite past players didn’t want blood on their hands so early in the game.

Host Julie Chen chimes into the house and asks Jocasta to describe this week’s Veto ceremony. “Crazy,” she replies. By a vote of 10-2, Paola is the second HouseGuest to be evicted. Outside with Julie, Paola blames Devin for her ouster, and stresses she didn’t actively throw the BoB competition. Paola disses goodbyes from Zach and Devin, but cries when she sees a heartfelt farewell from her house bestie, Donny.

Julie sends the HouseGuests into the backyard to play this week’s HoH competition, “Underwater Polo.” One at a time each player hits a single polo ball down a ramp into slots labeled 1 through 29. The two HouseGuests with the highest scores become this week’s Heads of Household. After everyone takes a shot, Nicole and Derrick are named the HoH’s for the week! Julie points out that all the HouseGuests are wearing wireless activity trackers, which allows viewers to monitor the HouseGuest’s physical activity at Julie also reveals these trackers are bound to affect the game. So whom will Nicole and Derrick nominate for eviction? And which pair of nominees will win the Battle of the Block? Find out Sunday, July 13 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!