Season 16: Episode 9 - Episode 9
Posted on Jul 14, 2014 10:30am

Despite the Nominations, Devin gets a Target in His Back

Derek is excited to be Head of Household for his friends, family and “the boys in blue.” Meanwhile, fellow HoH Nicole is unhappy; she has no interest in getting blood on her hands, because next week she could “easily be a target.” Zach is relieved he survived this week, and notes there is a “150 percent chance” Devin will be the next one out the door. Devin knows the target is on him, but he’s been busy trying to change that. A few hours before this past week’s eviction, Devin tells Brittany, Jocasta and Donny all about the Bomb Squad! Jocasta is shocked to know, and tries to figure out how this benefits Devin. Donny is flabbergasted while Devin hopes he can make some allies from this information.

Devin goes to Derrick and asks to be put up. Derrick isn’t buying Devin’s act that going up will protect Derrick—the HoH knows Devin wants to get nominated so he can have two chances to take himself off the block. Meanwhile Christine feels she has to do some revealing of her own. She tells Nicole all about the Bomb Squad, and swears she is all in on her alliance with Nicole and Hayden.

Nicole isn’t happy about the Bomb Squad, but she has no choice but to trust Christine going forward because she has no one else in the game. After their HoH suite reveal, Nicole and Derrick get to business. Nicole settles on putting up Amber, because Amber nominated her. Derrick decides to go with Caleb, because then he will fight to save Amber. Derrick also wants to put up Jocasta, but that leaves one last nominee—who else should go up?

Donny Talks, but Amber Listens

Hayden and Nicole go on a hammock date, where Hayden flirts and asks for a kiss. Again, Nicole shuts him down. Derrick calls up Caleb and tells him how the votes are going down, and as Derrick predicts, Caleb wants to be nominated to save his house crush, Amber. Caleb immediately goes to Amber and tells her what’s about to go down. Amber thinks this is crazy for Caleb’s game, and wonders what her sister would say about this move. Caleb thinks her sister would tell her to marry him!

The next morning Nicole asks Donny for advice. She tells him what Derrick and she have planned regarding Amber, Nicole and Jocasta, but Nicole wonders who Donny thinks the fourth nominee should be. Donny quickly suggests Christine, and asks Nicole, “is your buddy your buddy?”

Donny pulls Brittany and Jocasta aside, and tells them who the nominees are going to be, and how Caleb is sure to save Amber. Jocasta says she’s not happy to be going up, but the person most shocked by this conversation is Amber, who overhears Donny talking about nominations! Amber quickly tells the HoH’s, and Nicole thinks Donny needs to go up for spilling the beans.

Nicole Regrets A Decision, and Goes Poof!

Nicole nominates Amber and then Donny, who Nicole says she adores but went with him as a nominee after she got “last-minute information.” Derrick nominates Caleb and Jocasta, which irritates Devin. “Back door is the only door,” Devin says as the ceremony ends, noting he won’t get a chance to compete in the Battle of the Block. Immediately Nicole regrets her Donny nomination to Hayden, but she still wonders why Donny blabbed. Devin tries to make amends with Derrick, Frankie and Zach by admitting he made mistakes, but Derrick notes in Diary Room Devin is still the target.

So far Frankie has been able to keep his sister Ariana Grande a secret, but Victoria and Amber’s interest in everyone’s families worries him. While Frankie deflects, Derrick gets Team America’s first mission! The mission this week is to get three other HouseGuests spreading the rumor that someone in the house is related to a past BIG BROTHER contestant. In the storage room the Team America trio decide to convince the house Zach is related to last year’s Amanda, which seems plausible because they are both from South Florida. Nicole pulls Donny aside and apologizes for nominating him. Donny consoles her and tells her it’s just a game before Nicole offers up the suggestion that they work together, an idea that interests Donny.

Time for this week’s Battle of the Block, “Abra CaBoBra!” The backyard is transformed into the wizarding school “Frogwarts,” where the pairs of nominees work to complete a puzzle. The first team that correctly assembles their puzzle will be safe, while their nominating HoH will disappear! Jocasta knows she is on her own in this competition, because Caleb is sure to throw it to save Amber. Donny loves puzzles as much as Amber hates them, but Hayden notices the two are communicating well. Caleb and Jocasta cruise along despite Caleb’s slow gait when Donny and Amber pull out the win! Amber is excited but thinks Caleb is crazy for helping her. Derrick is happy to be the HoH but worries what he and Caleb orchestrated will get out to the house—he doesn’t want to be this week’s Devin. With a flick of a wand, former HoH Nicole magically disappears. Where did she go? And who will win the Power of Veto this week? And will they use it to save Caleb or Jocasta? Find out Wednesday, July 16 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!