Season 16: Episode 10 - Episode 10
Posted on Jul 17, 2014 10:50am

Jealousy and Selflessness Make for a Very Emotional House

Former Head of Household Nicole magically appears in the living room, but post-Battle of the Block competition, she’s been transformed into a frog! Hayden thinks she makes for a cute amphibian, even if Nicole worries she’s no longer safe for the week. Head of Household Derrick is stoked, and hopes through the use of the Veto he can backdoor Devin. This is no secret to Devin, who knows he’s a “lone wolf” in the game. Donny and Amber are excited to be safe for the week after winning the BoB, but the true casualty appears to be nominee Jocasta, who is now so dehydrated and overheated she needs help walking. Jocasta’s fellow nominee Caleb helped throw the competition to save his house crush Amber, but after seeing what happened to Jocasta wonders if this ploy will backfire.

Later Caleb reveals to Amber what he did. Amber is not happy, because she expressly told Caleb not to do anything, and now she worries Caleb thinks she owes him. Amber’s concern is warranted—Caleb asks her if she will be his date for the finale! Amber turns him down and puts him in the friend zone, even as Caleb points out all he’s been doing to garner her affections.

Brittany, Christine and Hayden hang out in the front bedroom, where they compliment Nicole on her frog suit. Hayden notes he’d like to be the prince who kisses the frog to turn Nicole into a princess, but that’s not the only flirtation going on in the house. In the living room Cody and Amber give each other massages. While Amber says Cody is a friend, she reveals he is one of her house faves. Caleb overhears this and walks through the living room, making things awkward for everyone, especially Cody. After fuming in the HoH Caleb comes out to the balcony and has a guy-to-guy chat with Cody. When Caleb suggests Cody has something with Amber, Cody denies it, but Caleb says he’s fine with their relationship as long as he knows about it. The two end the conversation still bro’s, but Cody worries if anything happens he will be Caleb’s prime target.

But is There A Family Resemblance?

In the HoH Derrick tells Caleb to be careful for the rest of the week, because if people get wind of Caleb throwing the competition, the house could turn on them because they will be blamed for injuring Jocasta. Cody enters and Caleb quickly leaves. Cody knows Devin is the target, but if the Veto doesn’t get used, what happens then? Derrick and Caleb note this may be the week Caleb goes home.

Downstairs Donny tells Nicole the fib that Zach is related to former HouseGuest Amanda as part of his Team America mission. Nicole then mentions this to Christine, which gets Team America one-third of the way towards completing their mission. After Team America member Derrick tells Caleb, Caleb tells Amber. When Derrick tells Zach the rumor, Zach runs with it and tells multiple HouseGuests, including Victoria, who says she knew it all along! Zach thinks the rumor is hilarious while Team America member Frankie notes their first mission went smoothly.

Jocasta is on a slow road to recovery, which concerns Donny, because he knows she won’t be able to play in the Veto competition. After picking players, Caleb and Derrick are joined in the competition by Christine, Donny and Devin. Derrick is unhappy Devin gets to play, and is even more unsettled by Donny, who has been playing his cards close to his vest. Derrick wants to know what Donny will do if he wins, but Donny doesn’t feel the need to tell Derrick anything, because Derrick has cut Donny out of his strategic conversations.

What Happens in the Back Yard Doesn’t Stay in the Back Yard

Before the competition, Derek, Caleb and Devin put themselves in beast mode, psyching themselves up in a competition they all see as life or death. Host Cody leaves everyone to the back yard, which has been transformed into a Vegas-style casino with a huge craps table. Cody explains players will go head-to-head competing to get a huge die tumbled into place to reveal a specific number. Whoever wins a round gets to keep playing against another challenger until there is only one winner.

Devin gets hit on all sides, but keeps winning until Donny ultimately vanquishes him! Devin retreats to the Have Not bedroom, where he gets emotional thinking about how he’s let down for his young daughter, who will now know her daddy is not a super hero. The emotions continue in the side bedroom when Donny tells Jocasta he played the Veto for her and will now make sure she doesn't go home. Jocasta sobs uncontrollably as Donny tells her she can rest easy tonight.

As promised, Donny takes Jocasta off the block at the Veto Ceremony, which leaves Jocasta in grateful tears. “All I want is for you to get better,” Donny says. Derrick notes he is putting up someone who is extremely strong at competitions but “unfortunately did not have a strong social game,” Devin. Derrick is relieved, Jocasta is touched someone would give her such a gift, and Devin is certain anything can happen before the eviction. So who will be evicted, Devin or Caleb? And who will be the new Heads of Household? Find out live Thursday, July 17 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!