Season 16: Episode 12 - Episode 12
Posted on Jul 21, 2014 09:55am

A Meaner, Leaner Alliance Takes the Place of the Bomb Squad

Frankie recaps the goal of this week’s Head of Household competition; the pair of players who gets 12 eggs through chicken wire into their assigned holders first becomes Heads of Household for the week. Jocasta knows last week was rough, but hopes this week she has a chance to come back. She and Brittany are working hard in the competition because both moms want to see pictures of their kids. When Derrick starts cheering on Frankie and Cody, Donny wonders where’s the love for him? Victoria proves to be a lousy egg passer, but Amber is cruising. With her partner Zach, Amber starts rolling the competition, but Frankie and Cody turn it on strong. At the last moment, Frankie and Cody score the HoH win!

Cody couldn’t be happier, while Brittany is “totally bummed out,” because she doesn’t know where she stands with the last remnants of the Bomb Squad. Cody has had issues with Caleb last week, but has “no set target” going into nominations. Zach tells Frankie he is excited for Frankie’s win, and knows they are going after Jocasta and Brittany this week, but who else should go up on the block? Later Brittany and Donny have dessert in the Parlour room, where they both agree they don’t feel safe. Donny thinks he’s friends with Cody and has a connection with Frankie through Team America, but he’s not sure what that means with nominations.

Up in the HoH Suite reveal, Frankie is relieved that the one picture of him and his sister is from decades ago with them covered in camouflaging makeup, so his sister’s famous identity is still a secret. After most of the house has left, Frankie and Caleb hang with Zach, Christine and Derrick. Zach points out the Bomb Squad is dead, but the five of them are tight. With Devin gone and Amber and Caleb “too much drama,” according to Frankie, the group realizes now is the time for a new alliance. The quintet decides they are now the Detonators! After Frankie and Hayden listen to Cody talk about his love for Zach Efron, Frankie comes into the Diary Room and finds a Team America card waiting! Their mission: Team America must get a physical threat on the block this week. Frankie is worried, because he is aligned with the physical threats in the house, but after talking to Derrick, they decide Amber is the one to go.

Brittany Whines While Frankie Squeals

Brittany pulls Frankie aside and grouses about Cody, who she thinks is swayed by all the young girls in the house who fawn all over him. “I feel like the old girl in the house,” she says. Frankie immediately tells Cody what Brittany said, and Cody is insulted by Brittany’s insinuation that he will nominate based on personal issues. Later in the kitchen Cody calls Brittany out on her insinuation, who tries to backtrack from her previous statements. Cody feels Brittany has made his nomination decision much easier.

Later up in the HoH Suite, Frankie and Caleb hang out in the front bedroom while Cody and Amber chat in the side bedroom. When Amber closes the door so she and Cody can speak privately, Caleb notes they are “pushing his buttons.” Cody feels uncomfortable, but Amber says he has nothing to feel bad about. Meanwhile Frankie gets the okay from Caleb to nominate Amber this week. Caleb somewhat unconvincingly tells Frankie he is now over her.

With no Have Not’s this week, everyone is concerned about bed shifting, because no one wants to end up sleeping with the high maintenance Victoria. Brittany gets irritated when it seems like Nicole throws her under the bus, and goes to Victoria to try and mend fences. Meanwhile Amber corners Frankie, who admits she is likely to go up. When Amber wonders why she has to be the pawn while the guys sit on the sideline, Frankie tells her, “Because they are guys.”

Amber: Not Happy About an All-Female Slate of Nominees!

At the nomination ceremony Cody puts up Victoria and Brittany, while Frankie nominates Jocasta and Amber. Brittany is insulted she’s being compared to Victoria, while Frankie and Derrick congratulate themselves on completing another Team America mission. In the bathroom Amber tells Christine she’s tired of playing the guys’ game for them. Amber makes a play to Christine that they and Nicole work together, but are joined by Brittany and Jocasta before Christine can say anything.

It’s time for the Battle of the Block competition, called “Knight Moves!” The HouseGuests come outside to find the back yard transformed into a huge pirate-themed chessboard. Caleb, dressed as a court jester, explains the four nominees must move around the board like a knight in chess (in an L-shape). Once they land on a square, that square goes out of play. The last player standing wins the BoB for her and her fellow nominee. Jocasta and Brittany are eliminated, leaving Victoria and Amber.

When Victoria is cornered, Amber pulls out the win, and takes herself and Jocasta off the block! As the losing HoH, Frankie gets “tarred,” where he is covered in sticky black goo and feathers! Cody is happy to remain HoH, and notes if the nominations change, he has his eye on a few potential replacements. So who will win the PoV? And will that HouseGuest save Victoria or Brittany? Find out Wednesday, July 23 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!