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Season 16: Episode 13 - Episode 13
Posted on Jul 24, 2014 10:10am

Punishments and Prizes Make for a Surprise Veto Competition Win

“Praise God,” Jocasta says after winning the Battle of the Block competition along with Amber. Upstairs the remaining Head of Household Cody confers with former HoH Frankie. For his part Frankie is “chilling,” because his secret Detonators alliance still controls the house and his main target Brittany is still an eviction nominee.

Zach tries to talk to a tearful Brittany, who feels shunned. “I trusted Cody, and look what it got me,” she says before joking about how she should have used her boobs to get her way this week. In Diary Room, Zach notes not even Brittany’s boobs can save her. Brittany’s fellow nominee Victoria is also sad, crying to Hayden about how the BIG BROTHER house is “torture.”

Later Cody chills in the HoH Suite with a number of HouseGuests, including Amber. While Cody and Amber are not a couple, their affection for each other bugs Caleb, who sneaks upstairs to find the pair cuddling on the couch. Caleb enters the HoH Suite, stares, and then retreats. “Awkward,” Christine laughs. Caleb then complains to Zach about Cody, whom Zach feels is not telling him the truth. Zach notes Cody is like that with any girl, but Caleb shoots back he doesn't like just any girl like that, and warns Cody is putting a target on his back.

Bitter, Party of Two

Brittany joins Caleb outside and they both realize they are irritated with life in the house. Caleb thinks Amber doesn't appreciate he things he’s done for her, and to top it off she’s in Cody’s back pocket. Brittany grouses that if a woman isn’t throwing herself at Cody, she gets “thrown on the block.” When Brittany complains about carrying Victoria, Caleb notes he’d rather have Brittany stay because she’s a fighter instead of Victoria. “You can always talk to me,” Caleb says. Brittany isn’t sure she can trust Caleb, but it would be good to have him on her side because people fear him.

Meanwhile Zach tells Cody exactly what Caleb said. Cody thinks Caleb is getting “crazy,” and figures it’s only a matter of time before Caleb comes after him. At the Picking Players ceremony for the Veto competition, Cody randomly picks Zach, while Victoria picks Nicole. When Brittany picks HouseGuest’s choice, she opts for Caleb, which makes Cody think the two are working together. In a post-ceremony chat, Caleb suggests to Cody that Victoria should go home. Cody feels he now has to deal with Caleb sooner than later.

The HouseGuests come outside and find the backyard transformed into a German soccer stadium for “BB Cup.” Host Frankie gives them their first news from the outside world—Germany has won this year’s World Cup soccer tournament, which explains the German-themed competition. The players must compete in rounds, launching a soccer ball into a net to amass points. As players are eliminated they select a prize, but players eliminated later can choose the prizes that have already been revealed. The ultimate prize is the Power of Veto. After four players are eliminated, Victoria and Caleb are the last players standing. When Caleb gets the chance to snag the Veto, he instead goes for a $5,000 prize, leaving Victoria with the Veto! Victoria can’t believe it, but neither can Donny, who thinks Caleb is the “Dumbo of all Dumbo’s” for making himself a target. At the end of the competition Zach wins a trip to Germany, while Nicole is stuck wearing a lederhosen-themed “Germitard!” Cody must endure a self-kicking machine, while Brittany must complete 2,400 penalty kicks into a soccer goal over the next 24 hours!

Cody’s Figurative and Literal Kick in the Pants

Cody is furious Caleb took the money over the Veto, and vows to put him up. Frankie advises against it, noting they don't need to make an enemy of Caleb just yet. As Brittany gets some rest halfway through her punishment, Donny talks to Zach and Hayden about Caleb. They agree if Caleb is back doored this week, now would be a good time to send Beast Mode Cowboy back to Kentucky.

Everyone cheers when Brittany completes her final kick, but the Detonators quickly convene upstairs. Zach thinks Caleb should go up, while Frankie worries Caleb won’t go home and then become a huge threat. Derrick thinks Donny is the obvious replacement nominee because he would never go home over Brittany. Cody then speaks to Donny alone, who begs to stay off the block this week. An emotional Cody assures Donny he’s safe. When Cody informs Frankie of his decision, Frankie springs into action and tells Derrick, who pleads with Cody not to make an enemy of Caleb just yet and get rid of Brittany now, because she will come after the guys in the house if she stays.

As Victoria begins the Veto ceremony, Cody is torn on whom to nominate, but ultimately puts Donny on the block after Victoria uses the Veto to save herself. Donny aims to get to the bottom of this surprise decision, while Brittany is heartbroken she will have to campaign against Donny. Frankie is pleased Cody stuck to the plan and didn’t make a decision based on “his ridiculous ego.” So who will be evicted, Brittany or Donny? And who will be the two new Heads of Households? Find out live Thursday, July 24 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!