Season 16: Episode 14 - Episode 14
Posted on Jul 25, 2014 10:00am

News From Outside Brings a Sobering Perspective to the House

“In this game don't take anyone’s word.” Donny says. As the new replacement nominee, he’s up on the block with Brittany, who hates knowing she has to campaign against her friend to stay in the house. Upstairs Head of Household Cody gets upset over nominating Donny, whom he told wouldn’t be nominated. Cody hopes he didn’t make a mistake by not putting up his rival, Caleb.

In the backyard Frankie tells Cody this was the correct move to make. Cody warns Frankie if Caleb puts him up next week he will kick Frankie “in the nuts.” Frankie rushes over to his fellow Team America alliance member Donny and assures him Brittany is going home. Derek has a similar conversation with Donny. In Diary Room, Derek reveals he feels terrible that his Team America alliance member Donny is on the block, but it’s a “necessary evil” to eliminate Brittany. Donny thinks it’s comforting Derek is telling him he’s safe, but notes he is suspicious of Derek being the power behind Cody, even as he hopes he’s wrong.

Cody pulls aside Donny and says he hopes he doesn't take it personally. Donny fishes for information from Cody, and suggests there is an alliance he is not privy to! Cody seems shaken by Donny’s question, but makes no mention of his secret five-member Detonators alliance. Meanwhile Brittany campaigns Caleb to stay. Caleb agrees Donny is the bigger threat, and notes Zach and Victoria deserve to go home sooner than Brittany, who has fought hard. Caleb goes upstairs to the HoH Suite and pitches the idea of Brittany staying to Cody, Derrick and Frankie. But what Caleb doesn't know is this trio, plus Christine and Zach, are all Detonators without Caleb, and their old Bomb Squad alliance is dead. Everyone agrees in the room that Donny could go home, but Caleb is unaware there are other agendas.

Laughter Through Tears is the Best Way to Remember

As host Julie Chen notes, the game can feel all encompassing, but sometimes outside news can put everything into perspective. Frankie enters the Diary Room and finds a letter from his mom. Frankie leaves in tears, telling the HouseGuests his beloved grandfather has passed away. As Amber and Jocasta embrace Frankie, Brittany reads the letter. Frankie’s grandfather—who has been watching Frankie closely on the live feeds—lost his battle with cancer. Frankie’s mom tells her son she loves him, and stresses that his family wants him to stay strong and continue in the game. Everyone is moved, including a very emotional Zach. Frankie laughs through his tears as he thinks about how his grandfather must have reacted to BIG BROTHER, and how his grandfather unconditionally supported him during Frankie’s coming out process. As the HouseGuests give Frankie a hug, he notes this is a cutthroat game but in this moment he feels supported, which is “wonderful.”

Julie chimes into the house and offers condolences to Frankie. Caleb says he felt safe enough in the game to take $5,000 instead of the Veto in the Veto competition. Cody says the toughest part of being HoH was putting up a replacement nominee. Julie announces the Have Not’s are back for the week, and have already been selected! Julie explains the Have Not’s—Nicole, Caleb, Christine and Derek—are the four laziest players based on the activity trackers they are wearing.

Hayden has been very direct about his interest in Nicole, but what does Nicole’s family think of the pedicab driver from California? Nicole’s mom says her daughter is smart, even if she doesn't always show it. Nicole’s dad, as well as Nicole’s friend Jade, explains their hometown of Ubly, Wisconsin is fully supporting Nicole. Nicole’s mom thinks her daughter plays very hard to get. Nicole’s dad likes Hayden, and says if Nicole kisses the California boy, she must like him. Nicole must be warming up to Hayden then, because she finally gives him a proper romantic kiss!

A Unanimous Decision, and a Difficult Team America Mission

By a 10-0 vote, Brittany is evicted from the BIG BROTHER house. Outside with Julie, Brittany says the vote didn’t surprise her because many people are scared of the guys, who feared her because she would have made bold moves if she continued in the game. Brittany cries as she reveals how hard it’s been to be away from her kids, and cries even harder when her young daughter and two sons greet her! The remaining HouseGuests go to the back yard for this week’s HoH competition, “Country Hits.” Players must face off by identifying country songs that describe one of three competitions: HoH, Battle of the Block or Veto. The first person to buzz in correctly stays in the competition and chooses the next two HouseGuests to face off. After a series of head-to-head face offs, the bromance of the summer—Frankie and Zach—become HoH’s for the week!

Julie reveals to the live audience Team America’s mission for the week—play the role of puppet master and get two HouseGuests to argue at the Nomination ceremony or Veto meeting! So whom will Zrankie nominate for eviction? And which pair of nominees will win The Battle of the Block? Find out Sunday, July 27 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!