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Season 16: Episode 15 - Episode 15
Posted on Jul 28, 2014 10:00am

A New HoH Flexes His Power and Makes Enemies

Nicole is happy Frankie is Head of Household this week, but worries that Zach with be a “hot mess” as a HoH. Derrick is content he threw the competition so Frankie could see a picture of his recently deceased grandfather. Frankie sobs with Jocasta and Amber while Cody reminds Zach that the final five in the competition were all members of their Detonators secret alliance. Donny tells Jocasta it’s suspicious that Christine chose the two of them to compete against each other in the HoH competition. Donny thinks the powers in the house will “toy with” him, Jocasta and Victoria, and it’s very possible he’ll be up on the block again.

Zach tells Frankie his main target is Amber, who he thinks is coming after him because of what Christine said about Amber’s potential targets. Zach has no problem getting blood on his hands, a move Frankie supports because everyone thinks Zach’s a “lunatic.” Zach pulls aside Caleb and tells him what he’s thinking. On one hand Caleb doesn’t like it because he thinks they are all in an alliance together, but he also thinks Amber has gotten “too big for her britches.”

Caleb goes to Amber and tells her that “people” are telling Zach she’s out for him. When Amber asks who has been talking, Caleb keeps mum. Amber warns if Zach puts her up, she will tell everyone about their alliance. Christine pulls Frankie into the Parlour room to talk nominations when Zach enters and tells Christine she has to go up and throw the Battle of the Block competition to ensure Amber goes home. Christine is not down with this, and gets into it with Zach, who is “beyond pissed” Christine isn’t down for a nomination.

Caleb Prevails, Christine Fumes

Everyone eats pickles, which nauseates Caleb, an avowed pickle hater. When Amber jokes that she’ll go on a date with him if he eats one, Caleb decides to take the plunge. In front of a shocked Amber, Caleb chokes down a pickle to secure that date! Caleb sets up a romantic back yard rendezvous. Caleb thinks it went great, but Amber knows it’s their last date. Upstairs, Zach explains his back door plan for Amber to Cody. As they talk Cody notes using Christine as a pawn isn’t smart, because she’s part of the alliance that Zach himself started! As Zach lords over the HoH Suite, Frankie notes in Diary Room that Zach is mutating into something. “What monster is sitting in front of me,” Frankie asks.

Soon after Zach gets a one-on-one with Nicole, who he likes because “she’s so gullible.” Zach explains his plan, but makes sure to create discord between Nicole and Christine by suggesting there may be more to Christine’s game than she lets on. Nicole questions Christine’s motives, and decides she needs to get to the bottom of this. When Nicole asks Christine if she wants to tell her anything, Christine is furious. “I’ve been flat-out lying to Nicole, and if Zach blows this up I’m so screwed,” she fumes in Diary Room. Christine blames Zach’s insane behavior as the cause, but in Diary Room Nicole notes if Christine has been playing her, it would “break my heart.”

Meanwhile Cody and Derrick are making deals. Nervous about the rest of the Detonators, the pair secures a final two deal as “The Hit Men.” Over in the Diary Room, Donny learns Team America’s next mission: get two HouseGuests into a heated, 20-second argument at the Nomination ceremony or Veto meeting. Team America notes this is their toughest mission, but they are confident they can get hothead Zach to start something.

I Now Pronounce You Safe From Eviction

Up in the HoH Suite, Zach talks about goading Christine during his nomination speech, an idea Frankie and Derrick both support. The next morning Amber goes up to the HoH Suite to talk to Zach. They both agree to communicate better and hug it out, but Zach in Diary Room says the plan for him is the same—back door Amber this week. At the Nomination ceremony Frankie nominates perennial nominees Jocasta and Victoria, while Zach nominates Christine and Nicole. As promised Zach lays into Christine, calling her a floater like Jen from season 14, and labeling Nicole a “fruit loop dingus.” Nicole laughs, but soon after cries over Zach’s hurtful comments. Neither Christine nor Nicole charge after him, which means Team America hasn’t accomplished their mission yet. Afterwards Zach asks Christine if she’s pissed at him, and she says she’s not mad over the nomination, but for “running his mouth” to Nicole. When Zach denies this, Christine laughs in his face, telling him, “cute denial.”

The HouseGuests come outside to find a wedding reception with two huge wedding cake stands. BoB Host Caleb explains the players must build a giant cake and then climb up to the top. The pair who gets to the top of their cake first and stands there for at least three seconds wins BoB. While Nicole and Christine work efficiently but Jocasta and Victoria aren’t listening to one another, which shows in their unstable looking cake. Zach cheers on Victoria and Jocasta. Christine thinks Zach is a “mix between a toddler and Mussolini.”

When Victoria falls, Nicole and Christine pull into the lead and win the BoB, pulling themselves off the block. Nicole savors the fact that “fruit loop dingus” is safe, while Zach is not. Jocasta vows to fight for the Veto, while Frankie notes he has lots to think about as the sole HoH, because Zach might annoy himself into backdoor nomination. So who wins the Power of Veto? And will save Jocasta or Victoria? Find out Wednesday, July 30 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER in CBS!