Season 16: Episode 18 - Episode 18
Posted on Aug 4, 2014 09:55am

Two Unpredictable HoH’s Shake Up the House Status Quo

With five players still in the Head of Household competition, Julie asks a tie breaker question: in seconds, what was the length of the “Giddy Up” Veto competition from start to finish? With a correct answer of 568 seconds, Nicole and Donny are the new HoH’s! Nicole is excited, but she remembers how stressed out the last time she was HoH. Donny is “tickled pink” he’s HoH, and even more excited he’s paired with Nicole, someone he’s wanted to work with since the first week.

Derrick is interested to see how Donny handles his HoH, because Derrick wonders if being in the secret alliance Team America together will protect him. Fellow Team America member Frankie notes this is the first week a Bomb Squad or Detonator member has not been HoH, so for him uncertainty reigns. Post-competition Jocasta cries to Derrick about losing another HoH, because she’s desperate to see pictures of her children. Donny and Nicole say they want to work together, and agree to include Hayden in their decisions. Nicole doesn’t like that some HouseGuests have been floating by, while Donny reminds her three people—Cody, Frankie and Derrick—have avoided the block.

Zach corners Nicole in the storage room and volunteers to be a nominee in the hopes of employing a reverse psychology strategy. But Zach starts peppering Nicole with questions about her nominees, which she finds rich. “Last week I’m fruit loop dingus, now we’re best friends? No,” she says in Diary Room. Meanwhile Derrick and Frankie complain about Donny. Derrick is irritated Donny cost them five grand be opting not to take the Team America mission, but Derrick hopes Donny remembers that when he and Frankie were HoH, neither of them put up Donny. Hopefully the new HoH remembers that, Derrick muses.

Nicole Comes Up With the Slam of the Season

Derrick jokes with Nicole about how bad her strategy is, because she keeps winning HoH! Nicole admits to Derrick that Frankie drives her crazy, and reveals in Diary Room she thinks he has an “incredible social game.” When Nicole asks Derrick if he’s okay with her back dooring Frankie, Derrick lies and says that’s fine, because he’s worried if he says otherwise he’d go up on the block.

After the HoH suite reveal, Caleb approaches Donny about nominations. When Caleb says he doesn’t want to go up on the block, Donny notes he was up there three times. When Caleb tells Donny he was never the target, Donny reminds Caleb what Devin told him. Caleb says Devin was just one voice, but Donny counters that Devin wasn’t the HoH! Caleb tells Donny that if he does go up, he hopes he’s not paired with Victoria. “He shoulda never told me that,” Donny notes in Diary Room. The Team America alliance gets a chance to all speak together, and Donny lets Derrick know he won’t put him up. Frankie congratulates Donny on his win and says all the right things, but Derrick knows what Donny is planning. Derrick hopes through the BoB Donny does not remain HoH, because then Donny won’t be able to back door Frankie.

Upstairs Hayden talks to the two HoH’s. Everyone is on board with Nicole’s plan to back door Frankie, but Nicole worries she’s not strong enough to pull the trigger and put Frankie on the block. If he somehow survives, Nicole knows Frankie will come after her, which means “game over.” Zach gets Nicole alone again and tells her he hopes he’s not her target. Nicole truthfully answers no, but doesn’t mention her target is Zach’s house bestie! At the Nomination ceremony, Nicole puts up Jocasta and then Zach, who she notes is not in the BIG BROTHER dictionary under “super villain” because he’s too cute and innocent! Donny nominates Victoria and then Caleb, a move Donny calls “tit for tat.”

Beast Mode Princess for the Win?

Zach finds Nicole’s speech “really stupid,” but it’s clear he’s hurt. Caleb notes he’s on the block with the one person he didn’t want sitting next to him. Zach and Frankie discuss the pairs, and figure Zach has this in the bag because Caleb and Victoria both hate each other and will be lousy competitors. Zach wishes he could watch their dysfunction during the competition, but jokes he’ll be too busy “kicking butt.”

Victoria pulls Caleb into a conversation to talk strategy. She knows they have had their differences but pleads with Caleb to communicate with her so they can win. Caleb assures her Beast Mode is ready to play, and Victoria assures him Princess is ready as well. Time for the Battle of the Block competition. The back yard has been transformed into a child’s playroom fantasy, complete with two huge sets of dominoes. Host Christine explains the pairs must create a path with their dominoes that hit at least three punishment blocks. The pair who gets their row of dominoes to fall and hit a buzzer wins safety for the week, but they’ll be stuck with their three punishments. The losers will be punishment free, but are trapped on the block.

Victoria and Caleb’s pre-game conversation works; despite Zach motoring through the competition, the pair pulls out a win. Caleb and Victoria are not happy about having slop for two weeks, wearing matching “Adam and Eve” costumes while being chained together and Caleb being subjected to a head shaving, but at least they are safe. Donny is fine being dethroned as HoH, as long as Nicole is ready to make big moves. Zach is set to fight to stay, but Nicole is just hoping she has the guts to do what she needs to do this week. So who will win the Power of Veto? And will they use it to save Zach or Jocasta? Find out Wednesday, August 6 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!