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Season 16: Episode 19 - Episode 19
Posted on Aug 7, 2014 12:00am

The Veto Competition Drives an Already Intense Zach Insane

Post Battle of the Block competition Zach is furious and just wants to be alone. It's bad enough losing, but for Zach what makes it worse is he lost to Victoria! Zach now focuses on the Veto competition, while fellow nominee Jocasta notes she’s going to just smile and be happy about it. BoB winner Caleb is relieved to be safe for the week but is not pleased he has to endure a series of punishments, including being on slop, having to shave his head, and worst of all for him, being chained to “nincompoop” Victoria for 48 hours! When Caleb tries to complain to Zach about how he has it worse, Zach reminds him that he’s on the block and could go home before Victoria. “That’s true,” Caleb concedes.

Nicole and Victoria congratulate each other; Nicole is now the first female player HoH to survive the BoB. Nicole is hoping the Veto gets used so she can nominate her real target, Frankie. Soon after Frankie makes his way to the HoH and plays like Nicole’s bestie to get information, but Nicole gives Frankie nothing. Frankie notes the game is getting real and he smells blood in the water. “It’s yours and it’ll be on my hands by the end of the week,” Nicole says in Diary Room.

Soon after Caleb and Victoria exit the Diary Room chained together via a piece of ivy, which goes with their new clothes for the next 48 hours, mini-bikini fig leaves, making them the house Adam and Eve! Caleb and Victoria bicker as Caleb endures what he thinks is the ultimate indignity—the loss of his gorgeous hair! After Victoria shaves him, Derrick notes Caleb looks pretty good—Frankie lustily agrees.

Guess What? There’s ANOTHER Derrick Alliance!

Derrick has been busy the past couple days. He notes in Diary Room that he and Cody—who already have a final two deal as The Hitmen—were approached by Hayden and Nicole to form a new alliance, The Rationale. Derrick and Cody outwardly agree to the idea of getting out Frankie this week, because without Frankie, Zach is a “lost dog” in the game. Derrick, who thinks “The Rationale” is the worst name ever, is not really down with back dooring Frankie, and knows this week his multiple alliances from the Detonators to Team America, could come into conflict very quickly for him.

In the living room, Christine decides to make sure Zach goes home this week by feeding Nicole reasons why he should be evicted. Before telling Nicole that Cody or Derrick should be the replacement nominee, Christine makes up a lie that Zach told her he saw Hayden and Victoria kissing! Nicole goes up to the HoH Suite completely offended, because she knows Christine is just trying to manipulate her. When Nicole tells Hayden, he immediately denies the kiss and warns Nicole that Christine is blowing up. Nicole, who can’t believe Christine is playing so bad, wonders if her former bestie should be the replacement nominee!

Nicole tells Cody that Christine suggested him and Derrick as a replacement nominee, and warns that she can’t be trusted. Cody runs to Derrick, and The Hitmen worry that Christine is now working her own game with Frankie independent from the rest of their five-person Detonators alliance. At the Picking Players ceremony, Christine, Jocasta and Caleb are picked to play. Zach couldn't be happier, because if he can’t beat this “bunch of losers” he’s “the biggest fruit loop dingus in BIG BROTHER history.”

BIG BROTHER Gives Stan Lee a Run For His Money

Time for the Veto competition! Each of the six plays individually in “BB Comics,” a test where they much use a zip line to slide past a comic studio wall to see 16 new superhero comics based on the HouseGuests. The players must then recreate the wall. The player who correctly arranges the comics in the shortest amount of time wins the Veto. Everyone struggles with the multiple comics and the subtle differences between seemingly identical covers, but the HouseGuest who really loses it is Zach. While Zach gets his comics lined up quickly, he misses one minor transposition of Victoria’s cover. Zach freaks out and throws covers in frustration until he finally realizes his mistake. “I blew it,” he says. When the times are revealed, Zach’s outburst comes back to haunt him— a calm Christine walks away with the Veto!

Zach quickly congratulates Christine, who in Diary Room reveals her goal is to get Zach out this week. She has to decide if it’s better to use the Veto and hope Nicole puts up a pawn that sends Zach home, or not use the Veto and possibly incur the wrath of the Detonators, who might balk at her leaving an alliance member on the block. Either way, Nicole is happy—she may think Christine is a “squid,” but Frankie or Zach going home this week is fine.

After hearing a dumb joke from Zach in the Veto meeting, Christine opts not to change up the nominees, because there was too great of a chance Nicole would put up another Detonator. Nicole is bummed she can’t put up Frankie, but the good news is Zach is still vulnerable. Zach is fully confident he’s safe for another week, but in Diary Room Derrick isn’t so sure. So will be evicted, Zach or Jocasta? And how will the HouseGuests react to the surprise double eviction? Find out live Thursday, August 7 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!