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Season 16: Episode 20 - Episode 20
Posted on Aug 8, 2014 09:30am

A Double Eviction Sends the First Two HouseGuests to Jury

The Rationale alliance members Derrick, Cody and Hayden sit on the patio and talk about who should go home this week. Now that the Veto has not been used, Head of Household Nicole can’t get her replacement nomine Frankie up on the chopping block, so the consensus is nominee Zach should be the one to go home over Jocasta. Derrick thinks they should let Caleb in on it, while Cody notes they should tell Frankie—Zach’s house bestie—until later in the week. But they all agree Zach should be in the dark until he goes out the door.

Later Cody and Derrick whisper outside the stone bedroom when Frankie accidentally interrupts their conversation. Frankie knows when two HouseGuests immediately stop talking when you come up on them, something is up. Frankie fears Derrick, Cody and Zach are in a three-way alliance, and decides he needs to talk to Derrick, who is supposed to be all in on their own secret viewer-driven Team America alliance. Just where is Derrick’s head? Frankie wants to know. Derrick knows he has to do damage control because he wants Frankie to trust him, and in a HoH suite conversation, immediately schmoozes the Broadway dancer into submission. Derrick not only calms Frankie down, he also convinces Frankie that Zach needs to go this week!

Now that Derrick has Frankie on board, he approaches Caleb about voting out Zach. Caleb will go along with Derrick, but wonders if sending Zach home hurts their numbers when it comes to votes to stay. The next morning Derrick gets thinking, and realizes Caleb is onto something. Why should Derrick get rid of someone who’s a vote for him? “Zach might be a snake, but he’s my snake,” Derrick proclaims in Diary Room. The next morning Derrick pulls aside Cody and reminds him the five-strong Detonators alliance plus Caleb would control the house, so why get rid of a solid vote like Zach? Cody realizes that The Rationale alliance with Nicole and Hayden just weakens him and Derrick at the expense of this season’s showmance.

Flipping Their Own Script

Cody goes to Christine and tells her that the two of them plus Derrick and Frankie have to talk. Cody reveals to Christine that Nicole was planning on backdooring Frankie and then targeting her next, which shocks Christine. “This is unbelievable,” she says. Frankie enters and is also stunned to find out he was Nicole’s target. Cody warns that voting Zach out plays right into their hands. Derrick enters and vows none of them will be pawns.

Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room and tells the HouseGuests tonight is a double eviction with only a single HoH! In addition she notes tonight’s evictees form the start of the nine-member jury. But she also reveals just because you’re out of the house, does not out of the game! After a rhymed speech by Zach, Jocasta is evicted by a 6-3 vote. Outside with Julie, Jocasta says she’s not shocked. She notes God gives her “great discernment,” and she promised her mother she wouldn't lie in the game. Julie tells her there may be a chance for her to go back into the house, which excites Jocasta.

The remaining HouseGuests head to the back yard for the HoH competition, “Mathcathalon.” The players must answer a series of math questions based on events that have taken place in the house this summer, and choose from the answer more, less and exactly. Caleb wins the HoH, which has the Detonators super excited, especially Frankie. Julie then gathers everyone in the living room for the live nomination ceremony, where Caleb tells Hayden and Donny to take the hot seats.

The Veto Shakes Up the Second Eviction

Zach, Victoria and Christine are chosen by random draw to play in Veto. With no Battle of the Block tonight, this is the only chance for the nominees to save themselves. The Veto competition “Best of Duck” requires players to race down their lane to a box of balls. There they must retrieve three rubber duckies one at a time. The player who retrieves their duckies plus a PoV symbol and ring their buzzer wins PoV. Donny powers through the competition and saves himself! Cody and Derrick then carry an exhausted Donny into the house.

After Donny removes himself from the block, Caleb names Nicole his replacement nominee. In his final plea Hayden notes he “definitely wasn’t filled in on a lot of stuff going on this week,” while Nicole notes a lot of people are “playing dirty.”

By a 5-2 vote Hayden is evicted from the house. After she hugs Hayden, Nicole bickers with Zach. Outside with Julie, Hayden notes “I got boned.” Hayden admits he was blindsided and knew something was up only when Jocasta’s name was called. When Julie asks if there is a future for him and Nicole post game, Hayden explains they are very different. When Julie tells him he might have a chance to get back into the came, Hayden responds with a characteristic “right on.” So who will be the next Heads of Household? And which pair of nominees will win the Battle of the Block? Find out Sunday, August 10 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!