Season 16: Episode 21 - Episode 21
Posted on Aug 11, 2014 09:50am

Frankie Faces the Wrath of the House When His Game Catches Up With Him

With Jocasta’s eviction, Derrick acts surprised she was evicted. Derrick plays to Nicole that he was manipulated, and had no idea Zach was staying. After Donny wins the Veto, Hayden calls out Christine and Frankie to Zach, letting the nominee know his two allies in the house were out to get him. Hayden also outs a conversation he had with Christine, Frankie and Nicole where they formed a nameless alliance!

After Jocasta and Hayden are evicted, Zach taunts Nicole so much that she retreats to the bathroom with Donny for a good sob. Nicole feels she can’t trust anyone and laments that her best friend in the house is gone. Immediately after in the kitchen, Nicole and Christine accuse each other of playing their friendship for game.

Nicole tries to force the nameless alliance out in the open, but Frankie denies, denies, denies. Zach is laughing as Nicole struggles, but admits in Diary Room he’s buying some of what she’s saying. Derrick thinks it’s funny he’s the one who flipped the script this week, even though everyone is outing everyone else’s game in front of him. Caleb tells Frankie he’d rather not believe what he’s hearing but he can’t help it. Frankie knows he better win the upcoming Head of Household competition.

Caleb brings everyone out in the back yard for the HoH competition, “Tourneye-ment.” In head-to-head rounds, players must read an eye chart for a clue to the answer one or two. The player who answers correctly in the quickest amount of time eliminates their opponent. Play continues until there are only two winners standing. Zach initially succeeds by buzzing in early and guessing, but flames out by the end of the game, giving Nicole and Christine the win. Nicole vows she’s out for “blood and revenge,” while Zach is “extremely pissed” at his loss.

Zach and the Ultimate Betrayal

While Derrick is mostly satisfied with the HoH outcome, Frankie realizes he has work to do. When Nicole and Christine try to have a conversation about potential nominees, Frankie barges in. He admits he was working with the other side of the house, and tells the HoH’s with the three of them plus Victoria and Donny, they control the house. Christine is stunned when Frankie suggests putting up Cody, Derrick, Caleb or Zach, and in Diary Room expresses her wish that Frankie would stop messing up her game by throwing out so many names. Nicole doesn’t want to trust Frankie but worries she has no other choice right now.

Now that he’s vulnerable, Zach flatters Christine. While Zach tries to get information on whom Nicole is planning on nominating, Nicole lets drop Frankie’s suggestion that Zach and the rest of his allies should be nominees this week. Zach then runs to Caleb, who immediately tells Cody and Derrick what Frankie has been up to. Derrick can’t believe Frankie would go for such a dumb game move when they have the numbers. Derrick spends time with Nicole trying to manipulate her nominations away from him, but Nicole has other bombs to drop; after Caleb joins them, Nicole reveals to Caleb how Frankie helped orchestrate Amber’s eviction. Caleb volunteers to go up with Frankie to ensure Frankie fails at the Battle of the Block competition, and ultimately goes home.

It’s nomination time! Christine nominates Donny and Zach, telling Donny he’s “very good” at the game, and informing Zach she’s just “repaying the favor” for his nomination of her. Nicole tells Caleb she is nominating him as a pawn before telling Frankie he’s on the block because he’s always throwing people under the bus. Before the ceremony ends, Zach calls out Christine and Frankie as liars. Frankie is confused, and tries to engage his house bestie. Zach’s having none of it, and walks away from Frankie. Zach announces in Diary Room Frankie stabbed him in the back and he is now “dead to me.”

Frankie is surprised by Zach’s behavior, but is confident he’s okay because his buddy Caleb is beside him on the block. Cody is pumped to come outside and find the back yard transformed into dual NFL fields! Host Derrick explains that in honor of NFL football airing on CBS on Thursdays this fall, this week’s BoB competition is a Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers pre-season head-to-head matchup. Derrick explains each pair must work together to get 10 balls up their ramped football field to their respective receivers using a beam and two chains. The winning pair plus the victorious HoH will get a special out-of-house NFL experience, complete with a tailgating party.

Sometimes a Look is So Much More Than a Look

“Are you excited?,” Frankie asks Caleb. Who shrugs and looks away. Frankie realizes the moment Caleb won’t look at him, that he’s in trouble. “Look at me,” Frankie pleads, as Caleb tells him he doesn’t need him in this game. Frankie begs Caleb to help him win this competition, but an intense Caleb tells Frankie he knows Amber is gone because of him! “You lied and you know it,” Caleb spits out. Zach sees what’s going on and starts yelling “Ain’t that the truth” as Frankie continues to plead with Caleb, who sits down on the sidelines. “You did this to yourself,” Caleb says.

The competition begins with Frankie manipulating both chains while Donny and Zach work together. Zach and Donny start racking up points, but Frankie gets the hang of working the beam and the balls enough to get on the scoreboard. When Zach sees Frankie succeeding, he pushes Donny out of the way and tries to garner more points, a strategy that backfires. Frankie continues to score until he ties Zach and Donny. At the final moment in the neck-and-neck finish, Frankie pulls ahead and scores the most improbable win of the season!

After a shout out to his grandfather, Frankie sobs as he hugs Caleb and begs for forgiveness. Caleb still thinks Frankie is a “snake,” but in Diary Room congratulates him on his solo win. Nicole gets doused in orange sports drink, but that’s the least of her worries—now that she’s no longer HoH, she worries she’s going home. Frankie has pulled out a win but he wonders if he can rebuild trust by revealing his big secret!

So who will win the Power of Veto, and will they use it to save Zach or Donny? And how will the house react to Frankie’s big secret? Find out Wednesday, August 13 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!