Season 16: Episode 22 - Episode 22
Posted on Aug 14, 2014 10:30am

Frankie Reveals His Big Truth, But Zach Just Feels More Betrayed

Battle of the Block winner Frankie comes into the house amazed he pulled off a win without the help of his co-nominee, Caleb. “Wow,” Frankie says repeatedly, before noting everyone in the house now hates him. He decides he has to play his “ace card,” which is tell the truth. Former Head of Household Nicole is nervous she is now vulnerable, but she hopes she is okay because she and the surviving HoH, Christine, made a deal not to back door each other this week. Donny consoles Zach, but Frankie’s former bromance is having none of it. Zach and Frankie start yelling at each other in the living room, so much so that everyone in the house listen in to their very public breakup.

Frankie does cop to the accusation that he was encouraging Christine to put up his alliance members, but instead of calming the situation by being honest, the revelation enrages Zach. Derrick encourages them to calm down and take it down a notch so they can figure it out in private. Frankie and Zach, along with Derrick, Cody and Caleb, head to the Flame bedroom where Frankie decides he has to reveal his big secret. He tells the guys his sister is Ariana Grande, and if he wins the $500,000 he is donating it to a charity in Africa! Frankie admits he’s been playing the game very paranoid, and was starting to “lose it.” Caleb notes if they were out of the house he would kick Frankie “straight in the teeth.” In Diary Room Derrick says Frankie is just throwing out a line for his own survival. “Who are you?” Zach yells, while Frankie insists he still wants to work with them.

Frankie then tells the girls his secret in the hopes of clearing the air with the entire house. Nicole can’t believe Frankie is famous, but in Diary Room Christine and then Victoria says Frankie isn’t helping his game by letting everyone know he has a pop star sister. Zach, meanwhile, is despondent. Derrick and Cody see Frankie’s reveal as a strategic move to deflect lies, but in a very emotional Diary Room session, Zach sobs that he can’t win because Frankie’s fame and commitment to charity means the game is done!

That’s One Grumpy Waterfoul!

Victoria may seem like a non-player, but it turns out for the past several weeks Derrick has been cultivating a friendship with her to get information and secure a secret ally in the house. Derrick’s friendship comes with a price, however—for weeks he’s had to cheer up a constantly weepy Victoria. Derrick has gone so far as to tell Victoria they have a final two deal! In reality Derrick is loyal to his fellow Hitman Cody, but if Cody goes, Derrick will always have Victoria.

Time for the Veto competition! The HouseGuests go outside to find the back yard transformed into a tropical paradise complete with a waterfall and a giant penguin, which serves as this year’s OTEV! Voiced by the comedian Gilbert Gottfried, the “pissed off” penguin needs the players to retrieve drink cards named after HouseGuests. In a musical chairs-type setup, the player who retrieves their card last is eliminated from the game. The last player standing wins the Veto. After most of the players are eliminated, a final round between Caleb and Zach leaves Zach the winner of the Power of Veto! Donny thinks this is bad news for him, but Christine thinks she’s come out the worst because once again she’ll get more blood on her hands when she names a replacement nominee. Frankie congratulates Zach and the pair finally has a calm conversation about what happened. While Zach still wants Frankie out, the bromance hugs it out and papers over the worst of their animosity.

Derrick Turns Detonator Lemons Into Lemonade

In a Parlour Room conversation, Victoria congratulates Zach while he recaps his make up session with Frankie. Zach then lets a bomb drop—he tells Victoria all about the Detonators, even if he doesn’t mention the alliance by name. Victoria is stunned Derrick would betray her like this, and cries to Nicole about how she feels she’s been played as a fool. When Victoria goes back to Zach and tells him how sad she is, Zach realizes what a mistake he’s made and pleads with Victoria not to say anything to Derrick. In a preemptive move, Zach runs to Derrick and quickly makes up a lie about Nicole telling Victoria about the Detonators. Derrick, who knows a few things about credible sources, immediately sees through Zach’s cover up attempt, and pulls Victoria, Zach and Nicole into the HoH suite. Nicole says Zach’s story is “bull crap” and quickly figures out Zach’s trying to blame his mistake on her. Victoria is furious at Zach, who eventually apologizes. Derrick is relieved, because instead of Victoria feeling betrayed by him, everyone sees Zach as a liar and thinks Derrick is a good guy!

Derrick, Donny and Frankie all decide this week’s Team America mission—convince someone to go on the block as a pawn and then vote them out—is too dangerous to try with Donny up as one of the nominees, so they forfeit this week’s $5,000 prize. Later Caleb, Derrick and Cody discuss who should go up as the replacement nominee. Derrick doesn’t want he or Cody on the block, so they decide it should be Nicole up there instead of Victoria. Caleb works his way up to the HoH Suite and with an assist from Zach tells a lie about how Nicole would have put up Christine if she had had the chance this week, and how the house now assumes Nicole and Christine are working together again. Christine knows she’s in a pickle with her nomination—either she pisses off the Detonators or she loses her best friend in the house.

At the Veto meeting Zach takes himself off the block, which prompts Christine to stand and name a replacement nominee. She tells Nicole she is taking “the knife out of my back knowing it can’t be used again,” and puts her bestie on the block. Christine is bummed, because she had to choose a side this week, and she chose the Detonators, even though she’s not sure she made the right call. Donny wonders if this week’s finally it for him, while Nicole sobs at Christine’s cruel betrayal. “I don’t want to be around these people,” she cries. So who will be evicted? And who will be the next Heads of Household? And how will Christine, Frankie and Caleb react to their special out-of-house NFL football experience? Find out live Thursday, August 14 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!