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Season 16: Episode 23 - Episode 23
Posted on Aug 15, 2014 09:50am

To Celebrate Thursday Night Football on CBS, Three HouseGuests Get an Amazing Dallas Cowboys Experience

Cody and head of Household Christine celebrate up in the HoH Suite. Christine is shaking over putting up Nicole as her replacement nominee, but Cody, and soon after Caleb and Frankie, support her decision. Christine knows she made a choice of her Detonators alliance over her best friend in the house, and now she hopes these guys will continue to keep her safe and work with her.

Nicole gets Christine alone in the Parlour Room, and assures her she’s not pissed but just hurt over Christine calling her a back stabber at the Veto meeting. “I don’t know why I’m sitting here,” Nicole says. Christine tells Nicole that she heard Caleb was thinking of throwing a competition to hurt her game, while at the same time Zach was threatening her to put up Nicole or else Christine would be a target. In Diary Room Nicole reveals she doesn't buy Christine’s explanation, and wonders if Christine is still working with Cody, Caleb, Frankie and Zach. (Unknown to Nicole, Christine is). Nicole then breaks down and sobs to Christine that she’s done nothing to hurt her.

Meanwhile in the Have Not bedroom Zach and Donny commiserate about the deprivations of being a Have Not for the week. When Donny gets emotional thinking about how isolated he is in the game, Zach realizes he feels bad for Donny, who is increasingly alone in the house. Donny wants to know why people are scared of him, and Zach suggests they fear the beard!

Worst of All, No Zingbot for Nicole

In the Flame bedroom, Nicole weeps as she talks to Victoria about Christine’s betrayal. Nicole tells Victoria she thinks Christine has a deal with Cody, and notes she finds their increasingly friendly relationship uncomfortable, considering Christine is married. Victoria is sympathetic, because she knows if the guys are all working together, it’s only a matter of time for her and Christine before they have to pack their bags. Nicole realizes she has to get three votes to even get to a tie. “Dang, I wanted to see Zingbot,” Nicole sighs.

Nicole makes a pitch to Christine for her to stay. If Donny stays, Nicole argues he is coming after Christine “100 percent.” Christine admits Donny scares her before Nicole warns that Donny’s other big target is Cody. “I will have your back,” Nicole pleads. Christine reveals in Diary Room that after everything she trusts Nicole more than Donny. Nicole then makes a similar pitch to Cody, who also knows Donny has been eyeing him. When Cody and Christine get Derrick alone, they let him know they want Nicole to stay. Derrick listens and seems to agree, but in Diary Room he notes he’s got a problem—he wants to keep Donny safe as a member of their secret viewer-led Team America alliance, but he also has to manage his final two with Cody. “I have no idea what I am going to do,” he says.

As part of winning this week’s Battle of the Block competition and NFL Football coming to CBS on Thursdays this fall, Frankie—along with Caleb and Christine—gets an all-access, out-of-house experience at the Dallas Cowboys training camp! The trio gets a tour of the locker room, a VIP tailgate lunch and time with the Cowboys mascot before meeting owner Jerry Jones, who wishes them good luck in BIG BROTHER and presents them with Cowboys t-shirts and hats. Caleb, who used to live in Dallas, is super excited to meet Jones, along with tight end Jason Witten, quarterback Tony Romo and wide receiver Dez Bryant. Romo jokes with the trio they must be excited to be “out of purgatory.” Christine is excited to be so close to the action, while Frankie notes the experience has reinvigorated him to keep going in the game.

Zombies Invade and Rachel returns

Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room, and asks Caleb what the highlight of his NFL experience was, and he answers meeting Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Zach reveals he and Frankie had to make up, and he still views him as “my best friend.” Frankie says it was an extremely emotionally and physically challenging moment winning this week’s BoB by himself.

By a 6-0 vote Nicole leaves the house to cheers and good wishes from the remaining HouseGuests. Outside with Julie, Nicole jokes the reason she’s gone is because she’s “such a physical beast.” Nicole says she’s “frustrated” by Christine but as a game player she sees what Christine did as a smart move. When it comes to Hayden, Nicole admits she’s looking forward to seeing him, and definitely thinks they will stay best friends. As a super fan, Nicole reveals she “loved every second” of her BIG BROTHER experience, and gets excited when Julie suggests her game may not be over!

Last night the HouseGuests were terrorized by zombies who invaded the mirrored walls of the house! Through the “Emergency BIG BROTHER Broadcast System,” the HouseGuests were told many details about a zombie apocalypse spreading across the country. For this week’s HoH competition, “Dead of Household,” Julie explains the remaining HouseGuests must answer questions based on details from the EBBS announcements. After a series of eliminations, Derrick and Frankie are this week’s Heads of Household! Julie then welcomes back BIG BROTHER favorite Rachel Reilly, who notes the women in the house are “driving her nuts” for letting the guys run the game. “Sisters before misters,” she says, before noting she loves Zankie and thinks Derrick is playing the best game.

So whom will Frankie and Derrick nominate for eviction? And which pair of nominees will win the Battle of the Block? Find out Sunday, August 17 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!