Season 16: Episode 24 - Episode 24
Posted on Aug 18, 2014 09:50am

Derrick Works Behind the Scenes to Save Team America’s Donny

Frankie is “excited” to win Head of Household again, but with eight people left and six people in the Bomb Squad/Detonator alliance, he knows feathers will be ruffled. Caleb notes this week’s target is Donny, but in Diary Room, Frankie’s fellow HoH Derrick has other ideas. He’s going to “play ball” with his alliance, but he doesn’t want Donny or other non-alliance member Victoria to go because of his relationships with them. Donny knows he’s going up for a fifth time, but while he is “definitely outnumbered,” he’s not out yet.

Derrick, Caleb and Cody talk about nominations. Caleb thinks after three times on the block for other people, he shouldn’t have to go up again. Cody doesn’t want to be in a position where he throws competitions, while Derrick argues with so few people in the house they have to be careful who goes up, and when. Derrick convinces the pair plus Frankie that Victoria shouldn’t go up initially, and when Victoria walks in the room, Derrick breaks the good news to her.

In the Parlour room the two HoH’s get together and talk nominations, but before they throw names around, Derrick assures Frankie he has his back. In Diary Room Frankie says he trusts Derrick “100 percent,” so Frankie has no problem losing his HoH status this week, especially since he can play for HoH next week. They both agree Zach is volatile and should be a prime candidate for nominations, but Derrick gets nervous when Frankie throws out Cody’s name. In Diary Room Derrick notes he has a final two deal with Cody, and the last thing he wants is Cody anywhere near the chopping block.

Can’t Decide What to Do? Then Candy is Dandy

After emotional letters from home for Derrick, who hears about his daughter, and Frankie, who gets a message from his sister Ariana Grande, Derrick meets with Donny. Derrick assures Donny he’s safe, and Team America is Derrick’s priority in the house. But Derrick’s worries he has to find a way to keep Donny here without making it look suspicious. Donny likes the idea of going up with a strong player like Caleb so they have a good chance at the Battle of the Block competition, but he also knows anything can happen in the game.

Soon after Derrick gets this week’s Team America assignment: hide a favorite piece of clothing from each HouseGuest and then form a neighborhood watch that’s active for at least 24 hours. Derrick, Frankie and Donny are excited for the mission, while Frankie notes this will be a fun one that allows him to be a “bit of a saboteur.”

In a very tense meeting, the Detonators/Bomb Squad can’t decide who should go up this week, with Zach and Cody resisting the idea of throwing a competition. Frankie, who hoped they could work it out amicably, is finally reduced to picking skittles out of a hat to choose Christine as the alliance member to go up with Donny, and Caleb and Cody as the other two nominees. Caleb is furious Zach gets to skate by another week.

After Zankie once again shares their love with one another, the male houseguests talk about Cody and Christine’s relationship. Donny, Frankie and Zach all find their very hands-on relationship uncomfortable, considering Christine is married. In Diary Room Christine assures her husband it’s all game, but Zach thinks Christine doesn’t need to touch Cody’s hair all the time to be strategic.

Dem Bones Are for Donny to Find

Upstairs Caleb talks to Derrick and Cody about his dislike of Zach. They all agree Zach can’t be trusted, and would have no problem seeing him go before Christine and Victoria. Derrick is pleased; members of his alliance are talking about sending someone home besides Donny and Victoria. In a HoH Suite conversation with Derrick and Frankie, Donny learns about the skittles draw and how Victoria is the target. But when Frankie and Derrick use “we” and “they” too much, Donny realizes his Team America alliance is working together with others in the house.

At the nomination ceremony, no one’s surprised by Derrick putting up Donny and Christine, or with Frankie putting up Caleb and Cody. In the storage room Derrick recaps to Cody everything he told to Donny. Cody feels good, and notes in his BoB debut he wants to put this one in the win column. The HouseGuests come into the back yard and find the Big Black Box. Zach explains the two pairs of players must find five bones and place them in their respective slots. The first pair to find all five and ring the buzzer wins the BoB and is safe for the week.

Christine thinks this is the best one to throw, because the pitch-black box allows Christine to not do anything without Donny’s knowledge. Caleb and Cody stay together as they fumble around in the dark for their bones, while Donny cruises on his own. Bones that don’t fit in the slots flummox everyone, but Donny continues to rack up bones, despite Christine’s best efforts to hide them. Donny quickly realizes he’s playing this game alone, and doubles his efforts to find the remaining bones. His perseverance pays off, because despite Christine, Donny wins the BoB! “I know it’s impolite to brag but feel I won it by myself,” Donny says in Diary Room. Frankie’s happy he’s still HoH, but knows his alliance has to win the Veto. Derrick isn’t pleased; his final two buddy and a guy who’s been nothing but loyal to him are on the block. Cody thinks this is a “complete disaster” because their competition-throwing plan has once again backfired. So who will win Power of Veto? And how will cast react to Zingbot and a visit by funny lady Kathy Griffin? Find out Wednesday, August 20 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!