Season 16: Episode 25 - Episode 25
Posted on Aug 20, 2014 10:00pm

Zingbot Returns to the House with Special Guest Kathy Griffin

“I am so tickled I won,” Donny says of the Battle of the Block competition. After his BoB partner Christine didn’t find any bones, Donny has suspicions that she was trying to throw the competition. “I’ve been nothing but nice to these people,” he says. “I’m sure they were all in on it.” In the bathroom Christine tells nominee Cody that Donny “knows 100 percent” she was trying to throw it. Cody is furious, because his alliance’s two recent attempts to throw competitions has been a “total joke.” Derrick notes now that he is the dethroned Head of Household and two of his biggest allies are on the chopping block, this is the one week where things haven’t gone his way. However, Nominee Caleb is calm; he feels as long as Victoria doesn't win the Veto competition, their alliance should be “golden.” The remaining Head of Household Frankie notes at this point his only hope to prevent one of his allies from going home is winning the Veto himself.

Derrick goes into the Flame bedroom to congratulate Donny and pretend how he wanted him safe this week. Donny is dismissive if not polite, but as Derrick leaves, Donny makes a sarcastic face to the camera. Derrick turns back and catches Donny! Derrick immediately goes up to Frankie and tells him what he saw, which means Donny is on to them. They both realize Donny will not use the Veto if he gets it, which steels Frankie’s resolve to win the Veto even more.

In storage Zach genuinely congratulates Donny, who encourages Zach not to use the Veto if he wins, as much for his own sake as for Donny’s. Donny feels his new friend Zach is in danger from his own alliance, and warns him he could be in danger. Zach begins to take the warning seriously. Zach goes to Frankie, who assures him he’s safe, but Zach notes in Diary Room he’s caused a lot of trouble in the house, and if Frankie was smart he’d take this opportunity to get someone strong out, but he’s hoping Victoria is still the target.

We’re Fixing Him For What Reason Exactly?

Donny, Derrick and Frankie put their personal games aside to complete this week’s Team America mission: hide personal items from each HouseGuest and then form a neighborhood watch for 24 hours. They decide to hide the items in the recycle bin, and quickly start amassing Cody’s hat, Victoria’s robe and Caleb’s boots. In the Picking Players ceremony, Victoria, Donny and Christine are chosen to play, which disappoints Zach, who feels the week is now out of his control. Zach then encourages Donny to win the Veto and keep the nominations the same.

The next morning the HouseGuests are surprised by a BIG BROTHER favorite—Zingbot is back! But instead of spewing insulting one-liners, Zingbot has nothing but compliments. When the doorbell rings, the HouseGuests run to find Emmy and Grammy winning comedian Kathy Griffin is also visiting! Kathy explains she is here for a “Zingtervention” since there is something seriously wrong with Zingbot. “Lemme show you how it’s done,” she says amid groans and cheers. After zinging Caleb over Amber, Christine over her glasses and Victoria for her non-gameplay, Kathy says, “what do you call someone not afraid to cry, wears pink and cuddles men? I call them Zach.” The HouseGuests get hysterical, but Zach is devastated. “I usually can take whatever people dish out,” Zach notes, “but Kathy Griffin is not something I prepared for.”

The HouseGuests go outside and find the back yard transformed into a workshop. Kathy explains the Veto competition players must reboot Zingbot by connecting a series of cables through four circuit boxes. The first player to connect their boxes wins the Power of Veto and reboots Zingbot to his insulting ways. Donny plays hard, but Caleb and Frankie motor through, with Frankie pulling out the win. Zach should be happy but with all his Frankie ups and downs he has no idea where he stands.

Zings, Accusations, and an Opportunity

Meanwhile, Zingbot returns rebooted and ready for insults. “Frankie, nice tan,” Zingbot says. “I’m surprised you get any sun at all, considering how much time you spend in your sister’s shadow!” After zinging Derrick for his looks and Donny for his social game, Zingbot saves the best for last. “Hey Cody,” Zingbot says. “You’re a nice guy. You haven’t made any enemies this summer. Except for maybe Christine’s husband!” Before she leaves, Kathy makes sure to plug her online comedy album. Zach quickly gets to Frankie and begs for safety, but Frankie wonders if Victoria is really a threat and whether it’s time for a big move. Frankie puts aside Veto worries when HouseGuests discover their items missing! Paranoia spreads through the house and Derrick easily introduces the idea of a neighborhood watch. As HouseGuests start throwing out accusations, Frankie notices everyone is blaming Zach, which presents an opportunity. Could this be a reason to put up Zach?

At the Veto ceremony, Frankie goes with a poem to remove Caleb from the block and nominate Zach, ending on the line, “have a seat, it’s time for you and Julie Chen to finally meet.” Frankie fully expects another “Zach attack” this week, because he knows Zach can’t contain himself. Cody is not surprised Frankie used the Veto on his “man crush” Caleb instead of him, while Zach feels totally betrayed. So who will be evicted? And what juror will get a chance to return to the game? Find out live Thursday, August 21 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!