Season 16: Episode 26 - Episode 26
Posted on Aug 22, 2014 09:50am

An Ousted HouseGuest returns to the Game!

“My best friend in the house puts me on the block,” replacement nominee Zach says of Frankie. “Not a good feeling.” Victoria is ecstatic, because she thinks ZCH is a “lunatic” who drives everyone crazy. Nominee Cody notes being on the block for the first time feels “pretty crappy.” Frankie notes it was difficult nominating his house bestie Zach, but “this is a game” and Zach has proven he is “not to be trusted” and could pit the other members of the Bomb Squad/Detonators alliance against each other with his antics.

Zach gets some alone time with his new friend Donny. Zach thinks he has an ally in Donny when Donny tells him he is a solid vote for Zach. With one vote down, Zach figures he needs just two more to stay. Zach lobbies Caleb, but the Beastmode Cowboy notes he can’t trust Zach over Cody. Frankie joins them, and Zach tries to get Frankie to agree to his arguments, but Frankie isn’t playing. Zach doesn’t know why he went up, but Frankie quickly schools Zach, telling him because he didn’t volunteer to go on the block and refused to throw last week’s Battle for the Block competition, he got himself nominated. “You smile and you go on the block,” Frankie tells him, but instead Zach forced them to do the Skittles lottery to pick nominees.

Meanwhile, the “neighborhood watch” patrols continue. Donny can’t believe how enthusiastic the rest of the HouseGuests are to do the hourly patrols, particularly Cody. He assumed Caleb would be into it, but when Christine and others volunteer, he realizes they may make the 24-hour minimum of patrols to accomplish this week’s Team America mission after two weeks of failure!

Victoria has had it with Zach’s constant needling. Every change he gets he picks on her, and she has finally had enough. It turns out Zach’s signature pink hat is actually Victoria’s, and since the first week Zach has basically made it his own. After more than 60 days in the house, Victoria grabs the hat back when Zach accidentally leaves it on the dining room table. Victoria runs into the Have Not bedroom, and with the help of Christine, slashes the hat to pieces in front of a shocked Frankie and Cody!

Score One Pink Hat for Victoria

When Zach leaves the storage room, he looks for the hat, and figures it was either Christine or Victoria who swiped it. When Victoria refuses to give it back, Zach spurts out, “Okay we can play these games.” Victoria is having none of it and says, “No games, my hat, my property.” Zach thinks Victoria is kicking him while he’s down, and figures there’s no chance he can get a vote from her. Zach hectors Victoria before begging for the hat back, still unaware it’s been destroyed. “You’re doing this to piss me off and you’re doing a good job,” Zach says. “I’m nothing without my pink hat.” Victoria just smiles.

Later Donny talks to Christine in front of the Memory Wall. Donny decides to pitch Christine on keeping Zach. He notes that with Derrick and Cody paired up, and Frankie and Caleb tight, that makes her a fifth wheel in her alliance, and aligning with him and Zach may be the way to go. Christine notes she didn’t come here to win fifth place, and wonders if Donny has a point.

Zach pulls Frankie aside for one final pitch. He notes Cody is too predictable in the game and well liked, while Zach provides cover to Frankie if he stays. “Cody has no enemies,” Zach warns, as Frankie concedes Zach has a good pitch. Frankie realizes he needs to do what’s right for himself, and maybe not what’s right for his alliance.

Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room and asks Caleb what went wrong with this week’s pitch-black Battle of the Block, and Caleb notes he didn’t do well in the competition because he doesn’t have night vision. Julie reveals to the HouseGuests that was the final BoB competition of the summer, and that the double HoH twist is also over. Derrick thinks this change is a “benefit” for all their games, and notes “I’m happy to hear that it is over.”

Goodbye Zach, But Welcome Back Just Who?

As he learns of his eviction, Zach tosses candy at the HouseGuests before calling them “losers.” Outside Zach tells Julie the reason the Detonators alliance, which he founded, threw him out was because of his own actions. Zach reveals he hates Victoria but doesn’t know what happened with his buddy Frankie. “I didn’t see it coming,” Zach says of his nomination, but is fully aware he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Zach is shocked to hear Julie tell him Zankie may be the greatest showmance in BIG BROTHER history. “He’s the smartest, funniest person I’ve ever met in my life,” Zach says and notes there is “no hard feelings whatsoever” towards Frankie. Zach is then floored when Julie tells him he will get a chance tonight to get back into the game.

Jocasta, Hayden and Nicole have been getting along well in the Jury House, while the Hayden/Nicole relationship has continued to blossom. But all three would love to get another chance to get in the House and do some damage. Julie chimes into the living room and drops the bomb on the HouseGuests—the evicted HouseGuests are getting another chance at the game. The jurors plus Zach rush into the living room to hugs and screams! But the warm welcomes and teary hugs don’t last long.

Julie announces the juror competition is called “Comeback Fight” In seven rounds the jurors must shoot discs down their individual lane to a spinning turntable. The winner will be the jury member with the most discs on the spinning turntable at the end of the seventh round. After a couple tie rounds Jocasta takes the lead. But Nicole and Zach tie up the competition. At the last round Nicole edges out Jocasta for the win!

Before the show ends, Julie has a surprise; she’s been challenged by CBS Chairman Leslie Moonves (who is also her husband) to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Julie accepts the challenge, and gets dumped by Will Arnett, star of CBS sitcom “The Millers.” Julie takes it like a champ, and quickly asks the audience how’s her hair!

So how will the Houseguests react to Nicole being back in the game? And who will be the first solo HoH of the season? Find out Sunday, August 24 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!