Season 16: Episode 27 - Episode 27
Posted on Aug 25, 2014 09:50am

Nicole’s Return Shakes Up the House

“I’m so excited to be back in the BIG BROTHER house,” Nicole says after winning the competition allowing a member of the jury to return to the game. For this second shot, Nicole vows she’s ready. Derrick is not happy to see Nicole return. Because he sees her as an intelligent player who can do some damage in the competitions. Frankie notes he can’t wait to get both Nicole and Donny out of the game, while Christine worries that Nicole will come after her if Nicole wins HoH. The one person excited to see Nicole is Donny, who hopes will now be seen as a bigger threat than he is.

In the dining room Donny tells Nicole how he won the black box Battle of the Block competition all by himself, despite the fact that his supposed partner Christine was working against him. Donny is happy he has a friend again, and tells Nicole it is an “us against them” situation. Victoria overhears this and immediately scurries to the Flame bedroom, where Derrick talks to Frankie, Caleb and Cody. Derrick announces those two are going on the block, which suits Cody just fine, because over the past week Donny has been trying to create discord in the Detonators/Bomb Squad alliance by suggesting Christine and then Cody are fifth wheels.

Nicole and Donny keep talking, and are then overheard by Caleb, who also reports back to the group. Derrick reminds everyone if they stick together, win this week’s Head of Household competition and put both Donny and Nicole up, it’s an easy week for their alliance.

Into the Ring for This Week’s HoH Competition After Caleb shows off his ninja fighting skills, Frankie announces it’s time for the Head of Household competition. The back yard has been transformed into a locker room, and the HouseGuests come out in silk robes and boxing gloves. Frankie, who is not eligible to compete as the outgoing HoH, explains the “Punching For Days” competition is played over six rounds, where Frankie must read out an event that took place during the first 50 days they were in the house. The players must then punch their individual counters to get to the correct day number. The last player to get the correct day in each round is eliminated. The final fighter standing in the sixth round is the new HoH.

Nicole is devastated when she’s eliminated the first round, especially since Victoria is the one who edges her out. Donny holds his own until he reaches the final round with Cody. Donny looks poised for a win, but Cody comes on strong, snagging the HoH! With Cody’s win Nicole knows she’s going up, but needs to figure out what she can do to stay.

After Cody’s HoH suite reveal (where Donny gives the new HoH a backhanded compliment about being smart) Nicole decides to campaign. Nicole warns Cody that Caleb and Frankie will come after him, and she could be used to work for him. “You know I have nobody,” she says. Cody wonders if Nicole as a secret asset is a smart move.

Derrick is the next one up to the HoH suite, but his concern isn’t safety, but long-term play in the game. He and Cody are solid with their Hitmen final two deal, but Derrick wonders if Christine should go sooner rather than later. Cody notes she does nothing for their game, and reveals in Diary Room that while he appreciates the head rubs Christine gives him, she could be working both sides of the alliance.

Donny and Derrick: Mutual Respect or Mutual Distrust?

After the HouseGuests comment on Derrick’s physical transformation over the course of the season—a secret ploy by Derrick to get closer to everyone—and a conversation where Nicole reveals she and Hayden have gotten close in jury, Donny goes upstairs to the HoH Suite. Donny says he expects to be on the block, but warns Cody if he doesn’t make a big move while he’s HoH, Cody could be out before Victoria! “I can help ya if I’m here,” Donny suggests. “I don’t trust Donny, but he’s definitely not wrong,” Cody says in Diary Room, noting besides Christine he could also go after Frankie.

Later in the day Derrick and Donny sit outside, wondering when they are getting their Team America mission. Derrick and Donny get real, with Derrick telling Donny straight up he’s the target this week. “I’m torn,” Derrick says. “Contrary to what you believe it’s in my best interest to have you stay here.” But after Donny revealed a couple weeks ago he was here for his own game and not Team America that caused a rift. Derrick notes he loves Team America, while Donny says that’s all he has left in the game. Derrick lets Donny know he’s heard he’s coming after him, while Donny tells him to only believe what he hears himself. Derrick feels Donny is lying to him, while Donny worries that talk is cheap in the house, and Derrick’s words could mean nothing.

It’s time for nominations. To no one’s surprise, Cody nominates Nicole and Donny, encouraging both to play hard for the Veto. Derrick notes Donny has made his own bed this week, while Cody reveals if one of his targets comes down via the Veto, it might be time for a big move when it comes to a replacement nominee. So who wins the Veto? And will it be used on Donny or Nicole? Find out Wednesday, August 27 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER in CBS!