Season 16: Episode 28 - Episode 28
Posted on Aug 27, 2014 11:00pm

A Special Screening of CBS’s New Drama “Scorpion” Thrills Three Lucky HouseGuests!

Caleb explains his alliance sees nominee Donny as their “number one target,” because the North Carolina groundskeeper has repeatedly slipped off the block for weeks. Donny notes he would have been more surprised if he wasn't nominated. Fellow nomine and recent returnee Nicole feels “it’s déjà vu all over again” considering she’s back up on the block with Donny.

Caleb tells Derrick and Cody in the living room he thinks Donny is either a “genius” or someone with “mental issues,” perhaps like the character in the film Rain Man. Caleb is certain Donny was military intelligence, or at least someone with a 150 IQ! Derrick gets Head of Household Cody alone, and Cody reveals he’s thinking about making a big move if the Veto gets used—should Frankie go up? Derrick loves Cody’s thinking but wants to make sure it doesn't blow up in their faces. Cody trusts Derrick’s opinion “110 percent” but reveals in Diary Room he’s starting to think long term with his replacement nomination.

Donny gets this week’s Team America assignment—he, Derrick, and Frankie must work together to attempt their own mission and impress America. If viewers are impressed with what they come up with (the deadline is the Veto meeting), they each get their $5,000. Donny thinks Team America should try and keep him this week, which Derrick agrees to. Frankie seems open but remains noncommittal.

A Medical Emergency Shocks the House Poor Victoria!

Everyone can see her face is swollen, and the cause is her wisdom teeth, which are coming in and causing great pain. Derrick and Christine wonder if Victoria can compete in the upcoming Veto competition as Victoria enters the toilet stall in the main bathroom. Christine hears a crash and finds Victoria passed out on the floor! Christine quickly calls for Derrick, who pulls Victoria out of the stall. The BIG BROTHER medic enters the house and gives Victoria oxygen before several HouseGuests bring Victoria into the Diary Room for more medical attention. Some time passes and Victoria re-enters the house. She hopes with the right meds and more food she will be on her feet soon, but Victoria is grateful her fellow HouseGuests were so helpful.

Team America meets again, but this time Frankie has an idea—he wants them to do a play instead, and feels saving Donny isn’t an acceptable mission. Derrick admits Frankie is the creative one here, while Donny is left disappointed. Soon after it is time for Picking Players for the Veto. By random draw, Christine, Derrick and Frankie are chosen. Cody likes so many of his allies are playing.

Derrick gets another moment with Donny, and admits he’s torn. Donny wonders why people are so paranoid about him, and Derrick admits no one thinks they can beat Donny in the final two. Frankie enters and puts his foot down about the mission—it’s going to be a play. In Diary Room Frankie notes trying to save Donny “would put up huge red flags” for his and Derrick’s game, so it’s too risky in a house where everyone wants Donny gone. After Frankie leaves, Donny and Derrick hug and have an emotional moment. When Donny exits, Derrick ponders his game—does he stick with Team America, or his larger alliance?

As a superfan, Christine wonders if the Veto is going to be the classic “stay or fold” counting game, a BIG BROTHER staple. She tells her alliance members if it is, they should all fold so one of their members can win each round. Frankie says he’s good at numbers and volunteers to be the winning alliance member.

A Veto Win with a Special “Scorpion” Preview

Outside in the yard host Caleb explains on Monday, September 22 CBS is premiering its new drama “Scorpion,” an action thriller about a team of eccentric geniuses who deal with the threats of the modern age. This competition will gauge if they have the smarts to be a member of the Scorpion team. As Christine predicted, it is the counting game where they must stay or fold each round to win clearance badges. The first player to get three badges wins the Power of Veto, but also gets a special VIP advance screening of ”Scorpion” to share with two other HouseGuests.

In the first round everything goes to Christine’s plan, but Frankie counts wrong and Donny wins a badge! Frankie gets eliminated, and Derrick notes his alliance proves they suck at manipulating competitions. But the alliance gets their act together, and Cody racks up badges. Donny and Nicole actually guess good numbers, but because they fold, they don’t rack up badges. Cody quickly scores his third badge, and the Veto. He chooses the week’s Have Not’s, Donny and Nicole for the screening. At the luxury screening—which includes pizza and other snacks—all three HouseGuests enjoy “Scorpion”. Nicole notes that she loves “smart people.” Soon after Team America gets everyone to participate in a house play, where they each take on the persona of an evicted HouseGuest. Everyone seems to have fun, but Donny feels his idea for the mission was better.

Derrick and Cody talk quickly before the Veto. Should Cody make a big move? Frankie is still a great target, he feels, and with Derrick’s back plus one other vote, most likely Victoria’s, they could get Frankie out. Before Cody gets to decide, it’s time for the Veto meeting. Cody ultimately leaves the nominations the same, because he worries that his alliance members will call him out if they don’t get Donny out this week. Donny feels he could still make it through if Team America rallies for him. Derrick agrees, and notes it isn’t over for Team America yet. So who will be evicted? And who will be the next HoH? Find out live Thursday, August 28 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS