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Season 16: Episode 29 - Episode 29
Posted on Aug 29, 2014 10:10am

The HouseGuests Get Emotional After Receiving Shout Outs From Home

Nominees Nicole and Donny commiserate. Donny says they should enjoy their last few days together, while Nicole notes it is a déjà vu situation. Donny explains he supposedly has the Team America alliance of Frankie and Derrick behind him, but he doesn’t think the alliance is as strong as America wants them to be.

Head of Household Cody feels good about his nominations, and feels sending Donny home is the best move. Nicole goes to Derrick to see where she stands this week. After being in the jury house it feels like it’s hard to trust people, she reveals. Derrick tells her she’s safe, but in Diary Room admits he’s not sure if he’s ready to send a Team America member out the door yet.

Christine and Nicole sunbathe together, and the two former friends rekindle their relationship. This does not go unnoticed by Frankie, who assumed Nicole would come back and go after Christine. But now that the two women are friendly, Frankie worries he is Nicole’s target again if she gets HoH! A little later Frankie and Derrick sunbathe, and Frankie brings up his reservations about Nicole. Frankie argues if they save Donny this week, he would keep them safe. Derrick figures that for Team America it’s good to keep Donny as long as they can. Frankie thinks if the two of them vote for Donny to stay, then the third vote comes down to Caleb. “It’s gonna be a tough one,” Derrick says.

Can Team America Save Donny?

In the kitchen Frankie grouses to Caleb about Nicole, who he points out is integrating well back into the house. When Frankie predicts he will go up on the block under a Nicole HoH, Caleb wonders if he goes up as well. “We are all too good for her to beat us,” Caleb proclaims. Soon after Frankie gets called to Diary Room, where he learns that during the live show Julie will ask him what dessert he would want as a Have Not, and he needs to answer “apple pie.” If Julie says they will get apple pie, that means they impressed America with their Team America mission this week, and each win $5,000. If Julie says no, that means America was not impressed and they won nothing for putting on a play.

Caleb then goes to Derrick and brings up the idea of sending home Nicole this week, and Derrick suggests they talk to the other members of their alliance. Cody wants Donny out, while Frankie wants Nicole canned. Caleb wants to vote with the group, but when Derrick finally gets cornered on his opinion, he says nothing, because he doesn't want to expose Team America. Just who does Derrick think should go home?

Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room and announces this coming week will be the last week for Have Not’s. Julie then asks Frankie about what dessert he would like, and when Frankie “suggests” apple pie, Julie says that would be an “overwhelming” no! Team America did not accomplish their mission this week! Julie then asks Cody what he misses from home, and Cody says he misses “messing with my dad.” Julie says it’s time to give everyone some motivation, and shows clips of loved ones for each of the HouseGuests, which leaves everyone an emotional wreck, particularly young dad Derrick.

Julie notes that Christine and Cody have quite an intimate relationship in the house, but what do their families—and Christine’s husband Tim—think of the flirtmance? Tim notes he and Christine have known each other since they were 12, and they were raised very Christian. He reveals watching Christine on the show is “surreal.” Tim notes the handholding is something he takes issue with, and “boundaries have been crossed.” Christine’s mom Debbie doesn't like the flirting “at all,” and wouldn't mind if Christine was back home in Arizona.

Sometimes a Flirt is More than a Flirt

Cody’s dad Paul says his son was raised in an Italian family, so of course he’s touchy feely. Hi sister Angelina says flirting is definitely part of Cody’s strategy, but personally she thinks when it comes to Christine, Cody should “back off a little bit.” Paul thinks Cody may be leading Christine on, but for him that’s “life in the game.” Tim loved the Zingbot zings both his wife and Cody received, but notes at finale he will support Christine, even though when they are alone he will express his displeasure with her actions. But what about Cody? “I fully expect Cody to have his arm around me all night,” Tim says sarcastically.

By a 5-0 vote, Donny is evicted from the BIG BROTHER house. Outside with Julie Donny admits he is a little emotional because his feelings have been hurt, and especially after seeing his brother’s video. Donny feels let down by Team America, but says he doesn't blame Frankie and Derrick because it’s an individual game. Julie lets Donny know the CBS daytime series “The Bold and the Beautiful” would like him to guest star on the legendary soap opera!

The remaining HouseGuests go to the back yard for the “Sloppy the Snowman” HoH competition. Julie explains they must transfer liquid in a small cup across the slippery back yard. The first HouseGuest to fill the head of their snowman up with enough liquid to get a piece of coal free wins HoH, but there is also a chance to win $5,000 by filling the head of a smaller snowman. The prize comes with a price however; for the rest of the summer that HouseGuest must endure annoying and unending shout outs! So who will be the next HoH? And will anyone take the money and the “holla’s?” Find out Sunday, August 31 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!