Season 16: Episode 30 - Episode 30
Posted on Sep 2, 2014 12:15pm

A Brutal HoH Comp Leaves Everyone Off Balance

Nicole explains in this endurance Head of Household competition, players can either go for filling the big snowman head to score the HoH, or fill the smaller snowman head and win “$5,000 dolla’s for 5,000 holla’s.” Nicole’s been to jury once, and doesn’t “feel like going twice,” while Christine wants to win so she can “send Nicole home twice.”

Outgoing HoH Cody needs his pals Derrick or Caleb to win to be safe, but Derrick decides to go for the $5,000 when he proves to be useless at the competition. Frankie’s nervous about Nicole winning, because he is certain she is coming after him. Just hours before the live nomination, Frankie and Caleb tried to convince Cody that keeping Donny was the way to go, but Cody wouldn’t go for it. Nicole wants to win because she knows what Frankie was up to—it turns out Cody told Nicole all about Frankie’s attempt to get her out of the house! While Cody tells Nicole what’s going on, Derrick comes in and agrees Donny is the one who should go home this week. Nicole says this motivates her to win the competition.

Nicole realizes at the back of their respective vats, there is more slushy water, which fills up their snowman heads faster. She whispers this to Christine, which Christine appreciates and Frankie overhears. “Wow! It looks like Nicole is helping Christine with this competition,” Frankie says. “That’s interesting!” Nicole is hoping that it will work to her advantage later on in the game. Caleb and Christine are neck and neck, which concerns Derrick, who wonders if Christine will stay loyal to the alliance. Caleb’s knee is giving out on him and his back is aching, but Caleb powers through and wins the HoH! Christine is bummed, but feels Caleb is loyal to the Bomb Squad. Nicole would love to work with Caleb moving forward, and needs to let him know that.

Christine Makes Her Alliance Suspicious

After the competition, everyone looks like the walking wounded, particularly, Caleb, who has to take a medical time out in the Diary Room. As Frankie congratulates Derrick on winning $5,000, Derrick admits watching the video of his daughter was brutal, and feels like “an absolute crumb” for missing out on her life for months.

Cody and Frankie congratulate each other in the storage room before Derrick joins them. Derrick informs them Nicole and Christine are talking in the bathroom, which infuriates Frankie. Derrick doesn’t know what they were talking about, but it doesn’t matter because he wants Frankie to spin out of control. Cody then tells Derrick about Nicole whispering to Christine about using the slush during the competition.

Later in the Flame bedroom, Frankie and Derrick talk Team America. Frankie feels they are better off without Donny, because accomplishing missions will be easier now. Frankie then turns to a room camera and directly tells viewers this, which shocks Derrick, who does not want to be “guilty by association” to Frankie’s lectures about Team America.

Derrick and Cody help Caleb out of Diary Room. As they set him up in the living room, Caleb learns about what Nicole said during the competition. He was planning on putting up Nicole anyway, but he may have his second nominee ready to go. Later at dinner, Frankie talks about how Nicole is always talking game. Christine challenges this, noting that sometimes they all talk about their lives. The two get into it as Frankie complains more about Nicole. “He needs to calm down,” Christine says in Diary Room. Christine complains to Cody about Frankie, and Cody warns her to be careful. Cody notes in Diary Room he is “caught smack in the middle” because he would like Christine to stay longer.

How’re Those Holla’s Going, Derrick?

After Caleb’s emotional HoH Suite reveal where he gets his cap and other items from his time in the military, Victoria and Derrick hang in the hammock. Victoria complains about how annoying Christine is, and how Christine giggles about everything. Meanwhile Nicole reaches out to Caleb, and pitches the idea of them working together. Caleb points out that Nicole didn’t make a smart move when she was giving hints to Christine during the competition. Nicole cops to this but notes with her comp wins she’d be a good person to partner with, a possibility Caleb says he’ll consider.

Initially Derrick thinks the “holla’s” he gets as shout outs for his $5,000 punishment is amusing, but as it continues, the humor wears thin and annoyance reigns. “It’s gonna be a long couple weeks.” When the HouseGuests get this week’s Have Not food reveal, everyone seems grossed out by the “snot roast” mix of meat, garlic and mushrooms. Knowing he’s on everyone’s radar after winning $5,000, Derrick volunteers for Have Not status, which leaves Caleb having to pick another. He goes for Nicole, which leaves her crying and upset. Derrick consoles her, noting in Diary Room that if Nicole stays, he’s up for making another ally.

In the HoH Suite Caleb tells Cody he’s nervous about putting up Christine, because if she pulls herself off the block, she could come after him. Cody turns the conversation to Frankie, telling Caleb that Frankie told Christine that Caleb was the one this week trying to save Donny. Caleb is furious, because he doesn’t appreciate Frankie trying to throw him under the bus. Going into the Nomination ceremony, Christine isn’t nervous, because she thinks it’s Victoria and Nicole going up. When Caleb reveals his nominations are Nicole and Christine, Nicole vows to win this week, while Christine notes she’s glad she’s up there with the No. 1 target. Derrick thinks about setting his sights on Christine for the evict! So who will win the Power of Veto? And will they use it to save Christine or Nicole? Find out Wednesday, September 3 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!