Season 16: Episode 31 - Episode 31
Posted on Sep 4, 2014 11:25am

Derrick Reigns as the House’s Secret Mastermind

“If she stays in this house no doubt she will come after me,” Head of Household Caleb says of nominee Nicole. Meanwhile Nicole’s fellow nominee Christine is the pawn, whose job is to ”sit up there and look pretty,” Caleb notes. In the storage room Derrick congratulates the HoH on a job well done, but Derrick has his own agenda for the week, which is to get Christine out. For the time being Derrick is keeping this to himself until he sees who wins the Veto competition.

Christine mumbles to herself in the Parlour Room. She’s irritated at her so-called alliance, which has no problem with her going up on the block over their non-alliance member Victoria. Nicole cries to Derrick, because she feels increasingly isolated in the game with Donny and all her other allies gone. Derrick offers her a shoulder to cry on, explaining in Diary Room if Nicole stays this week it’s always good to have another ally. Derrick gives her a pep talk, which Nicole appreciates. Later Derrick joins Cody and Caleb in the HoH Suite. Caleb worries if Christine wins the Veto, she could come after him next week. This gives Derrick the opportunity to plant a seed about how this could be the week to send Christine home if they get the chance.

All I Want is the Silver! Believe it!

Derrick has another agenda besides getting Christine out of the house this week; he spends time with Caleb with the secret motive of splitting the Beastmode Cowboy from his buddy Frankie and making him more aligned to Derrick himself. Besides playing to his ego, Derrick convinces Caleb that his own game is bad and that all he’s after is second place. “If you took me I’d be extremely appreciative,” derrick says to Caleb, making him think all Derrick is only after $50,000. Caleb seems responsive. “And that, people, is how you win $500,000,” Derrick says triumphantly in Diary Room. “See you at the finale.”

Christine doesn't want to do it, but she puts on her happy face and hangs out with Caleb, Frankie, Cody and Derrick in the HoH Suite. The boys assure her she’s safe this week, because if the Veto gets used, she comes down and Victoria goes up. Derrick reveals in Diary Room he’s just telling Christine what she wants to hear, and worries she will target them if she stays in the house. After the Picking Players ceremony, Frankie is the only HouseGuest left on the sidelines for the Veto. Derrick is disappointed to play because he doesn’t want to risk a win, but Nicole is hoping either for her own win or a win from Victoria, which she notes is a sad situation if her big hope in the game is the brunette from Florida! Derrick has some pre-Veto competition work to do, however; when Cody and Caleb discuss the idea of Frankie as a replacement nomine if the need arises, Derrick gets them thinking about Christine as the target if Nicole saves herself.

The HouseGuests go outside to find the back yard transformed into a zany cartoon-like fantasy, complete with huge boxes of T.N.T. and anvils. Host Frankie explains each player must diffuse their “bombs.” In each round they will be shown a video with a series of wires, and then asked a question based on the video instructing them which wire to cut. Cut the right wire, and they stay in the game. Cut the wrong wire, and they are eliminated when the bomb blows up in their face! The last detonator standing wins the PoV. Frankie also warns them that the first player out has to wear a dinosaur costume for the week.

Just Call Him T-Wrecks?

An overconfident Cody snips the wrong wire, and gets covered in bright paints from his exploding bomb! He also wins the weeklong dino costume. After a series of snips and explosions, Christine wins the Veto! When Frankie presents Christine with the Veto medallion, Caleb notices Frankie whispering to her. This makes Cody suspicious as well, and he corners Christine on what Frankie said. She assures Cody that Frankie was just saying he would have killed at the competition. Cody and Caleb take this as a slight against them, and wonder if this is the week to get Frankie.

When Caleb brings up the idea to Christine, she’s on board, but Derrick is torn—Frankie is his Team America ally, but Frankie’s also his biggest competitor in the house. Later that night Nicole gets some one-on-one time with Derrick. She compliments him on his flawless game and compares him to super player and multiple BIG BROTHER season veteran Dan. Derrick likes the compliment, but is nervous that Nicole has figured out his game. Derrick goes to the HoH and throws out the idea that Nicole needs to go this week, because if she wins the next HoH, it’s assured the Detonators will go up. Caleb now has a big decision to make. Does he make a big move?

At the Veto ceremony after Christine saves herself, Caleb announces Victoria is the replacement nominee, but also tells everyone that Nicole is the main target. Caleb feels Frankie is still loyal to him, so he opts not to put him up. Victoria thinks Caleb is a wimp for not going big, while Nicole feels more alone than ever. Derrick notes that with Nicole onto his game, she had to stay on the block. So who will be eliminated? And how will the HouseGuests react to a second double eviction episode? Find out live Thursday, September 4 at 9pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!