Season 16: Episode 32 - Episode 32
Posted on Sep 5, 2014 02:50pm

The Second Double Evict of the Season Sends Two HouseGuests Packing

“I’ve just been told I’m a target, and 30 seconds later the whole house is talking about chicken or fish,” A frustrated eviction nominee Nicole says. As everyone sits around talking about what to have for lunch, Nicole thinks the HouseGuests are being “heartless” because they don't care about how she feels. In the Flame bedroom Nicole tells Victoria this is “freaking ridiculous” that Caleb has put the two of them up on the block. “He took the easiest way out,” Nicole says of the HoH. When Victoria asks Nicole why she thinks Caleb didn’t put up Frankie as the replacement nominee, Nicole is blunt: “Because he’s a wimp.”

Up in the HoH Caleb decides to come clean with Frankie. He tells the pink-haired chorus boy his name came up when their alliance was bandying about potential replacement nominees. Caleb says in Diary Room the last thing he needs is Frankie coming after him, so he wants him to hear this news from him and no one else. When Frankie asks who brought his name up, Caleb suggests Cody wanted to keep Nicole in the house because he knew she was in Cody’s pocket. Frankie isn’t surprised by this kind of talk, and thinks Cody is the one behind this over Derrick. Frankie assures Caleb he is his biggest ally in the house.

Later Frankie bumps into Derrick in the main bathroom, and lets Derrick know he is aware of the conversation they were all having. Derrick tries to suggest it was all Caleb’s paranoia, and that Derrick would have had Frankie’s back if it came to it, but it doesn't seem like Frankie is buying it. Derrick continues to soothe Frankie’s concerns in the kitchen, and Frankie soon puts on a happy face. But in Diary Room Frankie says he thinks Derrick should just fess up to what was done.

Cody is Furious at Caleb, But Does That Make Beastmode His Target?

Derrick pulls aside Cody and tells him how Caleb spilled the beans to Frankie. Cody is furious at Caleb for being such an “ass clown,” but notes he still has his sights set on Frankie if he gets a chance to evict someone this week. Cody tells Derrick that Frankie and Christine will come for him, but Derrick assures Cody that if it’s a double eviction this week Christine or Frankie are out the door.

Host Julie Chen chimes into the living room and informs the HouseGuests it’s time for the second double eviction of the summer! In her final plea Nicole tells everyone to “stop playing Big Baby” and play BIG BROTHER! By a vote of 4-0 Nicole is evicted for the second time in the season. Outside with Julie, Nicole says it was hard to get back into the game, because she had a “lot of emotions” when she returned from the jury house. Nicole has no idea who will be in the finale, or who will follow her out the door, but tells Julie that she likes Hayden “better than before” and thinks they have something!

The remaining HouseGuests go outside for the first HoH competition of the night, “What the Bleep?” Julie explains she will play a series of video statements made by evicted HouseGuests with a bleeped out word. Julie will give them a word that might fit in the bleep, and then they must guess true or false. Derrick wins in one round as everyone else guesses wrong! Derrick pinkie swears with Victoria and then hugs Christine before taking an additional one-on-one with Caleb, who Derrick tells they shouldn’t be sending Victoria home just yet. Derrick comes outside to the living room and says he is going with the house with his nominations of Christine and Victoria. After the nominations, Derrick whispers to the guys, “will one of you jamokes win this please?”

The Bomb Squad/Detonators Take Out One of Their Own

The HouseGuests go outside for the Power of Veto competition, “Mazed and Confused.” Julie explains they must navigate a ball through three unique crop circle mazes. The first HouseGuest to get their ball through the mazes and set off their sensor wins the PoV. With a couple other players on his tail, Frankie nails the competition and wins the Veto! Derrick and Frankie discuss in the Flame bedroom what Frankie’s speech should be before Frankie yells, “this is nuts!” Cody comes in and tells him he should keep his nominations the same, but before he can talk to other HouseGuests, Frankie goes out to the living room, and after pleas from the nominees, announces he is not using the Power of Veto.

By a unanimous vote Christine is eliminated, and walks out with no goodbyes to her supposed alliance. Outside with Julie, Christine says she regrets not sticking with Hayden and Nicole over the Detonators, but she made a decision, even if it was the wrong one. Nicole understands why the boys kept Victoria, because they know they could beat her in the final two. Christine says she and Cody were just great friends, and while she is mad at him for voting her out, she understands why Cody wouldn't give her a sympathy vote.

Julie then explains a new twist in the game, BIG BROTHER Rewind. If any of the HouseGuests push the special rewind button over the next few days, at next week’s live show, the vote will come to a halt, the two nominees will come off the block, and the entire week will be rewound! Inside the house the button appears on the memory wall monitors, and Caleb says he wants to touch it, but Frankie begs him not to. So who will be the next HoH? And how will a visit by BIG BROTHER Fan favorites Jeff and Jordan impact the HouseGuests? Find out Sunday, September 7 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!