Season 16: Episode 33 - Episode 33
Posted on Sep 8, 2014 10:00am

Fan Favorites Jeff and Jordan return for a special surprise!

The HouseGuests are stunned to hear loud boos from the live studio audience when Christine exits. When she didn’t say goodbye to anyone, Derrick thinks that is “indicative of crowd reactions.” Frankie feels Christine “just got crushed.” Meanwhile, Cody is “nervous and shocked,” because Christine is someone he was close to, and he doesn’t understand what predicated this reaction.

Cody notices the memory wall has changed to an image of a buzzer. “Is it a reset button,” Frankie wonders? Caleb notes it could be a million things, like a Hawaii vacation, or a diesel truck, or even money. Frankie tells Caleb he will kill him in his sleep if he hits the button, but reveals in Diary room he knows as a big fan, he and the others will have to hit it. Caleb has a suspicion where the buzzer is—the old Have Not room. When they all pile in and see a monitor, which says, “The Choice is Yours.” In Diary Room Derrick says he thinks he’s played a good game this season, and he would hate if some “curiosity” over hitting the buzzer shook that up.

Everyone retires to the living room, where Frankie and Caleb broach the subject of Christine to Cody. Frankie feels the audience saw Cody’s relationship with Christine as “looking bad,” but assures Cody no one faults him. In Diary Room Cody says that relationship was part of his game, and then tells Frankie he thinks he’s okay, but he’ll see when he leaves the house if he gets booed.

A Competition in the Balance

As soon as Victoria leaves the living room, the four remaining men do a group hug. Frankie is all smiles, but worries that he needs to win the Head of Household competition or he could be going home. Later in the Flame bedroom, Derrick, Cody and Caleb talk about potential nominations. Derrick suggests they need to take a shot against Frankie if they get the chance, and in Diary Room Cody suggests if he or Caleb win HoH it may be time to make a big move. It’s time for the HoH competition! Derrick escorts everyone outside, where the four players find huge individual spades placed in a cornfield. Derrick explains in this competition each of them must grab their seeds and fill their spade. The first HouseGuest to fill their spade and ring their buzzer wins, but Derrick warns if a player or one of their seeds touches the dirt, they must start over. After the players endure “rain,” Victoria falls down and whines about her ankle. After Victoria resets, Cody slips and starts over. Caleb messes up as Frankie continues to gain ground. Cody starts to catch up, but it’s not enough to stop Frankie, who hits the buzzer for the HoH win.

After the competition wraps, everyone runs back to the Have Not room—the case that was covering the button is now gone, which means it can be hit at any time. Frankie is terrified, but switches positions and decides they should go for it. In Diary Room Derrick says as a fan he wants them to push it, but as a HouseGuest he is wary. After more debate the five remaining HouseGuests push the button together. The monitor in the room immediately changes to a countdown clock, with about 5 days and 19 hours left on the timer. Derrick worries that a clock is never a good thing, while Frankie feels the countdown looks “warlike.”

They’re Not Here to Host, People!

Later Victoria grouses to Derrick about not winning the HoH competition, Derrick congratulates her as the strongest female in the game, which cheers Victoria up. He likes how easy Victoria buys into this, but notes she is a good girl who doesn’t seem to be a threat to him winning the $500,000. Later Derrick talks to Frankie and Caleb about this week’s nominations. When Frankie reminds Derrick that he’s never been up on the block, Derrick can’t throw out Cody’s name fast enough. In Diary Room Derrick reaffirms his commitment to his final two Hitmen deal with Cody, but notes his own game trumps even that alliance.

The doorbell rings, and season 11 and 13 fan favorites Jordan and Jeff enter the house! Jeff tells the HouseGuests to get ready for a special competition, and informs Cody his dinosaur costume punishment is over. Everything looks legit, but Jeff reveals in Diary Room he and Jordan are not here to host! Jeff brings Jordan outside and tells her they are here for something else. “Is this a joke,” Jordan asks as Jeff gets down on one knee. At the same spot they met five years ago, Jeff asks Jordan to marry her! Jeff then surprises Jordan with her dog, and their respective families. The current HouseGuests come out with a cake and champagne as Jeff reveals another surprise—Atlantic Records recording artist Brett Eldredge is on hand to serenade them! A huge country fan, Jordan freaks out when Eldredge plays his new song “Mean to Me” as clips of Jeff and Jordan’s time in the house plays on a monitor.

After Jeff and Jordan’s departure, it’s time for the Nomination Ceremony. To no one’s surprise, he nominates Victoria, but then puts up Cody as his second nominee. Victoria notes this is her seventh time on the block, and she feels she’s not going anywhere. Cody notes it’s extremely nerve wracking sitting on the block, but if Frankie is coming after him, he better hit him hard, because Cody vows he will come after Frankie otherwise.

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