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Season 16: Episode 34 - Episode 34
Posted on Sep 10, 2014 02:15pm

Rats and Freaks dominate the House as the Final Five Fight for the Veto

Head of Household Frankie explains Victoria is the target this week, because the goal is to get all the remaining men in the house to the final four. He notes Victoria has “served her purpose doing absolutely nothing all summer,” and it’s time for her to now “say adieu.” Seven-time eviction nominee Victoria thinks this is the Veto competition she is finally going to win, so she can “warrior princess” her way to the top four. Fellow nominee Cody feels he now knows he’s the low man on the totem pole with Frankie, and hopes Frankie doesn't know Cody was pushing hard to get his pink-haired alliance member out last week.

In the storage room Frankie and Cody hug it out. Frankie doesn't want Cody mad at him, but if by some miracle Victoria wins the Veto competition, Frankie is fine with Cody leaving. Cody then talks to Caleb in the living room, where the Beastmode Cowboy admits the idea of Cody going home this week did cross his mind, but just for a moment. Cody appreciates Caleb’s honesty, but vows in Diary Room he will keep this in mind going forward in the game. Cody tells his Hitmen alliance member Derrick what Caleb said, which leaves Derrick with a dilemma. If Derrick wins the Veto, would he save Cody, which forces Frankie to put Caleb on the block? “Am I killing an ally or getting rid of a problem,” Derrick asks. “Huge decision.”

While the Veto looms, the uncertainty of what the consequence will be for hitting the button remains a huge topic of conversation for the HouseGuests. Will one of them be rewarded while the others are punished? Will they be sprayed with $100 bills? Cody even wonders if they will be locked in a room together for a fight to the death! Cody and Caleb go into the button room and joke around about its power. The pair playfully go full ninja mode on the button, but as always, Caleb’s ninja powers come back to smack him in the face.

Do I Know That Bearded lady?

With only five HouseGuests left, everyone plays in this week’s Veto competition, which is played one at a time. Caleb walks outside to find the back yard transformed into a huge circus tent for the competition “BB Freak Show.” Each player must screen six images of circus “freaks,” which have been created via a mash up of three different HouseGuests. The first player to correctly identify which HouseGuests were mashed up to create all six freaks in the shortest amount of time wins the Veto for the week.

Caleb slips up when he doesn't recognize his own eyes, while Frankie powers through so he can claim all the power for the week. Both Cody and Victoria play hard for their safety, while Derrick thinks this is a good competition for his police skills. After everyone finishes, Frankie reveals his or her times. Caleb and Derrick think they are in the running, but Frankie’s lightning time wins him the Veto for the week! Frankie knows three back-to-back wins makes him a huge target, but that only makes using the Veto wisely more important. After Derrick congratulates Frankie and butters him up, the HouseGuests, stung by BIG BROTHER legend Jeff’s criticism of how smelly the is, decide to do a heavy cleaning. This comes right before Derrick receives Team America’s mission for the week. Derrick and Frankie have to convince the HouseGuests there is a rodent in the house, and must keep everyone up all night to try and catch it.

The Only Rat in the House Is the One You See in the Mirror

Once Derrick tells Frankie about this week’s mission, Team America gives a very convincing performance when they loudly scream and assure the others they saw the offending rodent scamper around in the kitchen. Cody is freaked out and jumps up on a chair as soon as possible. Victoria notes all the guys in the house are wimps, but Caleb goes full-on Beastmode Exterminator, which makes it easy for Derrick and Frankie to call an all-night patrol for the non-existent rodent. The “rat patrol” uses headlamps to search for the rat, which of course proves fruitless. Victoria whines about going to be early, but Derrick begs her to stay up until the break of dawn. As everyone stays awake past 6am, Derrick and Frankie accomplish another Team America mission!

Up in the HoH suite, Frankie talks to himself about his options. He’s a huge target, but does he want to switch up the nominations and go after one of his alliance members yet? Should he just focus on getting everyone to final four? “Will it take me to the end,” Frankie asks himself. At the Veto meeting, Frankie opts not to use the Veto, which leaves his nominations the same. Cody can’t help but feel he should have got rid of Frankie when he had the chance as HoH a few weeks ago. Victoria hopes she can convince the boys she’s better to have in the final four over Cody, while Derrick keeps worrying about what pushing the button will do to his game.

So how will the HouseGuests react when the countdown clock reaches zero and the rewind happens? And what’s been going on at the Jury House? And what does BIG BROTHER winner Dan Gheesling think of this year’s HouseGuests? Find out at the first live BIG BROTHER Wednesday show of the season on September 10 at 8pm ET/PT on CBS!