Season 16: Episode 35 - Episode 35
Posted on Sep 11, 2014 01:55pm

A First-ever Rewind Sets Everyone Back a Week

Eviction nominee Cody is about as comfortable as he can be on the block, but with only two HouseGuests voting this week, if Caleb flips, then Head of Household Frankie could send him home, which “would be a disaster.” As Frankie and Derrick mill about the kitchen, Victoria sits by herself and gets emotional. Frankie tries to encourage her, but in Diary room he reveals she needs to go this week, because such a weak player still in the house could make Frankie more of a target next week. Victoria notes it hasn't hit her until now, but the close bond between the four remaining guys in the house means there’s “zero point one percent chance” she could possibly get Caleb or Derrick to vote for her.
Derrick tries to comfort Victoria, partially because he wants to make sure she remains his ally once she goes to the jury house. He also reminds Victoria with the golden button being pushed earlier this week, an unforeseen consequence could change up her fortunes in the game. Later Derrick watches Cody and Caleb play pool. They fret about what the button will mean for their game, but Derrick reminds them they need to stay focused on getting out their biggest threat, Frankie, who has been killing it at the competitions. If they get their chance Derrick encourages them all to play hard during the next HoH and Veto competitions.

After Caleb startles Cody in the downstairs shower, Derrick joins Frankie in the main bathroom for a conversation about what he sees as an “unwritten thing” between Frankie, Caleb and Cody. Derrick tries to put out there that Cody and Caleb are super strong players who will win in the final two, while subtly suggesting he himself isn’t a threat. Frankie sees what Derrick is up to, and is not convinced Derrick is the weak player he’d like Frankie to see him as. “He hasn't convinced me,” Frankie says in Diary Room.

Victoria Makes A Sly Move (Who Knew?)

Derrick goes back to Victoria in the Flame bedroom, and asks her if she’d be up to taking part in a plan; Derrick reminds Victoria that the rest of the house sees them as allies, so if she goes this week, they will think Derrick has a solid vote in the jury. Despite her looming eviction, Victoria likes Derrick and wants to see him win if she can’t succeed. Victoria goes up to Frankie in the HoH Suite and gets teary when she fabricates a conversation where Derrick told her he didn't have her back. Victoria whines about Derrick betraying her so convincingly that Frankie starts to cry! Victoria laughs in Diary room that the joke is now on Frankie. After the cry, Frankie goes to Derrick and warns him that Victoria is unhappy. Derrick is ecstatic, and runs to Victoria and tells her their plan was successful! Derrick notes in Diary Room they are a “pretty good team,” and that he will miser her when she leaves the house.

The next afternoon Victoria walks by the living room monitor and notices an announcement—the next live show begins in 48 hours! Everyone freaks out when they realize the countdown clock in the old Have Not room is a countdown to Wednesday. Cody thinks the game will accelerate, while Caleb hopes this mean they will have some sort of celebrity luxury competition! A

Host Julie Chen chimes in and asks the HouseGuest about their cleanliness, their visit with Jeff and Jordan, and their unexpected visitor, the “rodent” that terrorized them for a night. After chatting with the HouseGuests, Julie introduces a video from the Jury House, where Donny, Jocasta and Hayden present Zach with a new pink hat! The jurors are devastated to see Nicole return, but when Christine follows her in after the double eviction, a terrible awkwardness descends over the jury house. Christine feels it, but as they all watch her HoH and Veto competitions, things lighten up, with Hayden joking about Cody’s dino suit and Donny joking about her need for a lawyer! They all agree Derrick and Frankie are playing expert games.

Try This One More Time

Julie then sets up the HouseGuests for the live eviction. In her final plea, Victoria shocks when she calls out Derrick for betraying her. But when Derrick goes to the Diary room to vote, alarms go of and lights flash. Julie announces that because they pushed the button, they are experiencing the first-ever BIG BROTHER rewind! Cody and Victoria come off the block, while Frankie’s HoH reign ends. Julie explains they now must replay the whole week over, which includes re-doing the HoH and Veto competitions, but also means Cody needs to get back into the dino costume! As the HouseGuests prepare to replay last week’s HoH competition, Julie visits with BIG BROTHER winner Dan Gheesling, who is impressed by the guys’ ability to stay loyal and Derrick’s terrific game. Dan thinks the rewind gives Cody and Victoria another shot, but potentially harms Frankie the most. Dan says he’s rooting for Derrick, but notes Frankie is probably the most dangerous impediment to Derrick’s game. Julie then re-explains the rules of the “Seed Saw” HoH competition. The players must get all their seeds into their giant shovelhead. The first player to get all their seeds placed and rings their buzzer is the HoH for the week. So who will win the competition? And how will the HouseGuests react to a visit from the jury members? Find out Sunday Sept 14 at 8pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!