Season 16: Episode 36 - Episode 36
Posted on Sep 15, 2014 09:50am

The Jurors return for this Week’s Luxury Competition

Victoria thinks the rewound Head of Household competition is huge for all of the HouseGuests, but especially her. Because of the rewind, she now gets a “second shot at the game.” Cody doesn't want to see a “literal rewind” of the week where Frankie once again wins HoH, and Cody ends up on the block. Right after Julie announced the Rewind, Frankie goes to the other guys in the house and repeated whispered “changes nothing.” Frankie notes he did this to make sure all the men are thinking the same thing, which is stay focused on getting Victoria out. But Derrick notes in Diary Room if anyone else wins HoH this week, Frankie goes home.

Frankie motors through the competition worried that after killing it in both the last HoH and Veto, he is a prime target. Caleb points out he was only three seeds away from winning last week, so this drives him to compete even harder for the win. Cody cruises along until a seed falls off his shovel, which sends him back to the beginning. Despite Frankie’s slow and steady pace, Caleb is able to pull out the win and take HoH for the week.

Derrick assures Frankie the nominations this week will stay the same, but in Diary Room Derrick reveals Frankie is going up, and not Derrick’s Hitmen ally Cody (who is once again relegated to wearing his dino costume). Later in the storage room Frankie hugs Caleb and talks up the idea of the two of them in the final two. When Frankie suggests the nominees should stay Victoria and Cody, Caleb wonders if Cody could be switched out. Frankie tries to talk Caleb down, but the new HoH remains noncommittal.

Caleb goes to Derrick, and raises concerns about changing up the nominations. Caleb is worried that if Frankie is nominated, and then wins Veto, he will come after Caleb. “I have to look out for my game,” he suggests, but Derrick points out Frankie’s coming after him anyway. In Diary Room Derrick explains this is his chance to finally split Caleb and Frankie up, and notes he now has to make sure they don't work together going forward.

Victoria Impresses Derrick With Her Acting Skills

As Caleb has a similar conversation with Cody, Frankie and Derrick hang in the Flame bedroom. Victoria comes in and barks at Derrick to get off her bed. Derrick and Victoria had planned on creating a tiff between them as a strategy move that would last just a day, but now with the rewind they have to keep up the charade a whole week. Derrick thinks they can keep the con alive, because Victoria is doing better at it than he ever imagined.

Derrick and Cody continue talking about Caleb’s concerns, and finally meet up with the HoH to talk nominees. Derrick points out if Caleb doesn't nominate Frankie and he wins Veto, then Frankie could take down Victoria, which means the nominees have to be Cody and Derrick! As for the upcoming Veto competition, Derrick assures Caleb he will win, because he was so close to winning last time.

The next morning a message on the living room monitor informs everyone it is time for a luxury competition! Caleb is hoping for the chance to win a “big ‘ol diesel truck,” but when everyone is sent up to the HoH suite for a catered breakfast, they know something is up. As the HouseGuests watch on a monitor, the jurors enter the front door! The HouseGuests freak out when the jurors run through the house and trash the place, throwing food around, tossing towels and emptying drawers. Zach notes he is back for blood, while Hayden gives Nicole a huge kiss before shouting out to Cody! The jurors congregate in the back yard, where they learn they must look for “knock out” pucks that have been hidden throughout the house. When a juror finds a puck, they bring it to the back yard and use it to knock out another juror from the game. The last juror standing wins $5,000. Up in the HoH suite, the HouseGuests get to pick a juror they think will win. If the HouseGuest chooses the winning juror, they will also win five grand.

Five Grand for Making a Mess!

As soon as the HouseGuests choose their picks, the jurors tear the house apart in search of pucks. Nicole is a machine in the competition and finds several pucks, knocking out jurors left and right. Hayden snags the last puck and almost knocks out himself before deciding to knock out Nicole. Hayden plus HouseGuest Victoria each win $5,000!

After the luxury competition Frankie gets Caleb alone, and says he understands why Cody shouldn't go on the block after being up three weeks in a row. Frankie does implore Caleb to keep him off the block, because when he was HoH Frankie never put Caleb up. “I wouldn't want Cody and Derrick to unite against us,” Frankie warns. At the nomination ceremony Caleb tells Victoria she has a “heart of gold” but he made a pact with the boys to go to a final four. Caleb tells Frankie he is a queen to Caleb’s king, and this week Frankie will have to be the pawn. Caleb goes so far with the chess imagery he even pulls out an actual pawn from the house chessboard! Frankie is shocked, and notes he has no trust for anyone in this game, so he is all about winning the Veto for himself. Cody vows that now that Frankie is back on the block its time for Frankie to go home, while Derrick can’t believe he’s gone this far in the game without even being nominated for eviction.

So who will win the Veto, and will it be used to save Frankie or Victoria? And who will be leaving the house in the next special eviction episode on Tuesday, September 16 at 8pm ET/PT? Find ou