Season 16: Episode 38 - Episode 38
Posted on Sep 18, 2014 11:15am

The Final Veto Leads to the Final Three

“So sorry I sent you home Frankie,” Cody says sarcastically as he and the remaining HouseGuests watch the memory wall. Derrick notes that now that the game is getting down to wire, it was time for Frankie to go. In a flashback scene reminiscent of The Godfather, Derrick tells Frankie he is not safe, and will be leaving in a few hours. A little later in the HoH suite, Frankie sits down with Caleb, Cody and Derrick where the guys try to let him down easy. But Frankie has a warning; they have created “the most powerful person in the game.” Frankie notes with his “millions of followers” and sway in the jury, he tells the boys they are “looking at the person single handedly picking the winner.” Caleb and Cody shut him down, with Caleb telling him “you’re deciding nothing,” and that if it were the two of them in the final, he would “smoke” Frankie in the win. Frankie argues he’s won more, but Caleb picks apart Frankie’s game. Derrick tries to keep things calm to let Frankie exit gracefully, but Caleb is quick to tell Frankie “your road ends today.”

After his Head of Household Competition win, Derrick heads upstairs with the rest of the HouseGuests and hears a very special holla—a shout out from his toddler daughter and wife! Derrick is surprised and moved, and gets very excited at the prospect of seeing them again soon. But Derrick has to get to business. He quickly does one-on-one meetings with Victoria, Cody and Caleb where he gets Victoria and Caleb to agree to go on the block, while he solidifies his secret Hitmen alliance with Cody by telling him he is safe from nomination.

At the nomination ceremony Derrick nominates Victoria, keeping up the act that they are not getting along. He also nominates Caleb (who gives the HoH a humorous faux-judy chop), telling him he’s going to crush the Veto competition. Victoria reveals in Diary Room she has to keep fooling Caleb and Cody so they don’t know she and Derrick are working together, while Cody feels it’s “now do or die” because if he doesn't win the Veto he will be the one on the block.

Boastmode Cowboy? Or a Man of Loyalty?

Outside the house host Julie Chen notes all summer long Caleb thinks he’s been controlling the game. Is he running the house or running his mouth? Back home in Cadiz, Kentucky, Caleb’s dad Paul explain Caleb has always been a happy-go-lucky kid who is always the jokester. His mom Teresa admits that if there are a group of people around, Caleb will make sure the story he is telling is the best. Paul assures that whatever tall tale Caleb tells, there is some degree of truth in it, except for the story Caleb tells about his dad raising dogs that “hunt lions in Argentina.” Teresa thinks Caleb’s time in the army taught him about loyalty. Paul wishes Caleb were in the game more for himself, while Teresa worries his loyalty will hurt him in the game. She feels it was a mistake for Caleb to get out Frankie, but hopes Caleb can make it to the end with Victoria, because she feels the jury will see Caleb brought her along.

The HouseGuests go outside for the final Veto, a puzzle inspired by “Stalker,” the new CBS drama starring Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q premiering October 1. To win the Veto, the players must match surveillance photos of evicted HouseGuests to clues on their individual puzzle boards. While some clues have multiple answers, there’s only one correct answer to solve the puzzle. Derrick notes he does this kind of thing on a daily basis, but there’s no way he wants to win the Veto. Cody, however, wants to assure his place in the final three, and plows through the competition to win the last Veto of the season.

After the competition, Caleb talks to Cody about loyalty, but in Diary Room Cody reveals he’s only loyal to Derrick, and that Caleb made the mistake of not being loyal to Frankie, who probably would have had his back over Cody and Derrick. Now that Caleb has gotten rid of Frankie, Cody notes he is “no longer needed.”

Cody Outs the Hitmen

Julie chimes into the living room and announces the finale will take place in one week on Wednesday, September 24. Because Cody won the Veto, there is no one else for Derrick to possibly put up as a replacement nominee, so they can go right to the eviction. In his final plea Caleb notes he kept Cody and Derrick safe throughout the game, and hopes his loyalty will be recognized.

Before he casts his vote, Cody comes clean to Caleb and Victoria, telling them that since day two, he and Derrick have had a final two deal as the Hitmen, and vowed to never go behind each other’s back. An emotional Cody then evicts his buddy Caleb! Outside with Julie, Caleb admits he was blindsided, and while he accepts what just happened, he’s upset Derrick has been lying to him for so long, because he felt they were really close. Caleb thinks loyalty could have “possibly” cost him the game, but he has always been one to “do it big.” Caleb doesn't regret turning on Frankie, because right before he left, Frankie showed Caleb “a lot of who he was,” and didn’t “show respect.”

Inside the house Victoria, Cody and Derrick pop a bottle of celebratory champagne, savoring their final three status before the start of the final HoH of the season, an epic three-part marathon. So who will win part one of the HoH? Find out on a special Friday, September 19 episode of BIG BROTHER at 8pm ET/PT on CBS!