Season 16: Episode 39 - Episode 39
Posted on Sep 19, 2014 11:00pm

The Final Three Reminisce About the Season

After Caleb’s eviction, Derrick and Cody hug it out. Now that Beast Mode Cowboy has been evicted, Derrick feels he is sitting pretty; his “No. 1 ally” and his “best friend in the house” are the only HouseGuests left, so he feels he couldn’t ask for a better situation. Victoria isn’t upset at all about Cody revealing the Hitmen to her, because she feels her alliance with Derrick is older and stronger! “He better take me,” she says of Derrick.

After Derrick and Victoria embrace, she reminds Derrick she spoke to him the very first night, so their alliance must be more substantial than the Hitmen, right? Victoria thinks they are the “family alliance,” because the pair is almost like brother and sister. Derrick then speaks to Cody in the Flame bedroom, where the duo discusses Caleb. Cody worries Caleb won’t vote for him now that he single-handedly kicked him out of the game, but Derrick assures Cody that their Bomb Squad partnership between all of them transcends who makes the final two.

The next morning the final three comes downstairs and finds a luxurious champagne brunch waiting for them. Derrick wonders if they thought they would make it—Cody says “100 percent” he thought so, while Victoria laughs that she didn’t at all. Derrick asks why, and Victoria says when she was first nominated she thought it was over for her, but all those nominations later, she’s still here!

Alliances, Rivalries and Showmances, Oh My!

Derrick and Cody reminisce about the Bomb Squad alliance, and how Devin unilaterally added Christine and Amber to make them an octet. Victoria points out the other women were right when they suspected a guys’ alliance, while Derrick notes the Bomb Squad was the catalyst that really brought Derrick and Cody together. “Thanks, Caleb and Devin,” Derrick shouts. “We appreciate it!”

One of the more notable events of the summer for Victoria was Devin’s epic house meeting, where the teary-eyed father rambled on about integrity and his daughter. Cody notes the true outsider in the house was Donny, who often talked to himself to get through the day. Victoria notes it must have been hard spending the summer with so many young, flirty HouseGuests. Cody notes he was a huge flirt, but Nicole was the flirting master. Hayden did his fair share of flirting in his courtship with Nicole, which finally paid off with some kisses.

While Caleb desperately wanted a showmance with Amber, the final three agree the true love affair of the summer was Zankie! Cody thinks Zach never had a friend like Frankie, which explains why he was so betrayed after Frankie got caught lying. Everyone agrees one of the most intense competitions of the summer was the NFL-themed Battle of the Block comp, because Caleb sitting out left Frankie so vulnerable. When Frankie outed himself as a famous pop star’s brother, Zach was the one who took it so personally.

As the final three look at all their fallen HouseGuests on the memory wall, they reminisce about Nicole giving Zach a huge wedgie! Cody notes she didn’t take any crap in the house, except during their zombie infestation, when others joined Nicole in her terror for the undead. Nicole had a tough time coming back into the game, but her friendship with Donny helped her. They all agree Donny formed solid, emotional relationships with unlikely HouseGuests, including Paola, Jocasta and Devin.

Judy Chops, Zombies and Mascots all in One Summer

After laughing about Victoria’s performance in competitions, the final three laugh about Cody’s ninja skills, which provided great comic relief in the house. Cody’s favorite Caleb antic was the never-before-seen moment when Caleb lost his surprise battle with one of the back yard awnings. Cody notes it still bugs him that their neighborhood watch didn’t unearth who stole all their stuff. Derrick gives away nothing about Team America as they laugh about how paranoia spread through the house!

This leads to a conversation about the loudest, most polarizing HouseGuest, Zach, whose epic meltdowns and outbursts left an impression on everyone. Derrick thinks it was a crazy summer of fun, while Victoria suggests Jeff and Jordan visiting them was the craziest. Cody thinks another visitor left the biggest impression, however. In another never-before-seen moment, the HouseGuests get a visit from Izzy, a rescue dog! It turns out viewers picked Izzy to be the house mascot for a day. Although everyone finds Izzy adorable, they have to vote her out so they can still compete for the half million. Everyone is sad when Izzy’s picture goes from color to black and white, but Cody notes she “had to go.”

As they marvel at their final three status, Victoria suggests it is now the hit men versus her! Everyone goes outside for the first of the three-part Head of Household competition. This endurance competition is simple; the player who holds onto their hang glider the longest without falling off their perch wins part one. The winner of part one automatically moves onto part three, while the two other HouseGuests battle it out during part two.

Victoria is certain she’s got this one in the bag, while Cody hopes the final two is him and Derrick. Meanwhile Derrick steels himself for the win, because third place leaves him with nothing. So who will win the final HoH of the season? And who will the jury crown the winner? And who will be picked fan favorite? Find out Wednesday, September 24 on the special 90-minute live season finale at 9:30pm ET/PT on BIG BROTHER on CBS!