Big Brother
Premieres Tuesday, June 25 8/7c
Season 16: Episode 40 - Episode 40
Posted on Sep 25, 2014 11:10am

After 97 days, a winner is finally crowned on BIG BROTHER!

Derrick, Cody and Victoria compete in the first part of the final, three-part Head of Household competition of the season. Derrick and Cody have played the summer with a final two deal all summer long, and both agree if Victoria wins part one, it would be a “disaster.” Victoria is excited she has made it to final three, and has no plans of stopping now. She sees the $500,000 “right around the corner” and is ready to win.

Derrick notes this endurance competition on hang gliders is “no joke,” while Victoria reveals she can’t feel her fingers. When the competition proves too much for Victoria, who falls off her perch, Derrick reveals in Diary Room that what he and Cody were hoping for “came true,” because Victoria is out. Derrick and Cody start discussing who should take home the win. Derrick is worried he can’t win against Victoria, but Cody is not happy with this suggestion. They both guessed part one was likely to be an endurance challenge, and they agreed Cody would be the one to take it so Derrick could wipe her in the likely second mental challenge. Cody finds it “extremely frustrating” that Derrick wants to change the plan up.

On the sidelines, Victoria is rooting for Derrick, who she thinks is in it with him for the final two. When Derrick drops off his perch, Victoria’s “worst case scenario” comes true; she now has to compete against her best friend in the house in part two, or her destiny is in Cody or Derrick’s hands.

So Who’s Indiana Jones?

Derrick goes into the back yard and finds the whole space has been turned into an ancient Egyptian temple! Derrick reads off a card he needs to step off a stone and race up a wall and reveal the faces of past HouseGuests. The goal is to place the faces on the chopping block the 14 times they were up for eviction. The player who places the faces correctly in the fastest time will win “BBGypt.”

First Derrick and then Victoria fly up the wall and quickly place their fellow HouseGuests’ faces. Both think about what it would mean to secure the grand prize, and wonder if they are doing what it takes to win. Cody then comes out to reveal the final times. When Cody pulls a 15:29 for Derrick, Cody wonders if that’s fast enough to beat Victoria. But when he reveals Victoria scored a 30:03, Derrick is stoked he won the second part of the HoH competition, while Victoria can only hope Derrick will honor their final two deal. Cody couldn’t be happier—he feels the only way he and Derrick don’t make it to final two is because of “the biggest back stab in BIG BROTHER history. It’s not gonna happen,” he says, “I hope.”

Bitter, Party of Nine

Fan favorite and past BIG BROTHER winner Dr. Will hosts the jury package, and starts by asking the first eight who will be the ninth and final jury member. Everyone thinks it will be Beast Mode Cowboy, except for Nicole, who hopes it’s Cody. When Caleb walks out, everyone gives him a hug, including Frankie. Caleb explains he couldn’t play in the HoH, and after Cody wins both the HoH and Veto, he revealed he and Derrick were in a secret “Hitmen” final two alliance.

At Jocasta’s prompting, Frankie and Caleb go at it, with Caleb calling Frankie on his loyalty and Frankie noting his actions—keeping Caleb safe for weeks—speaks louder than words. “I would have taken you to the final three,” Frankie swears. Dr. Will then gets the jurors to discuss each of the three remaining HouseGuests. Nicole notes when Derrick betrays you, you feel guilty! Caleb reminds them Derrick has never been on the block. Zach respects Cody’s social game, while Christine thinks he has played under the radar. Everyone initially laughs at Victoria’s game, but Frankie notes she survived the block nine times. Zach thinks she was at summer camp, but Caleb and Jocasta vow if she makes the final two, they’ll vote for her!

And the Final HoH is…

Derrick and Cody go outside for part three of the final HoH, Host Julie Chen explains part three will be the classic juror statement competition, where Cody and Derrick must guess the correct finish to each of the juror’s statements about the season. After they pull the same score, Cody breaks the tie and wins the final HoH! Julie congratulates Cody and tells him he must now make the last eviction of the season, which means he also selects the person sitting next to him in the final two. Cody stands and evicts Victoria, making his Hitmen ally Derrick part of the final two.

Outside with Julie, Victoria says she definitely played with her heart. “When people are nominated, you freak out,” she explains. She adds she is extremely proud of her gameplay and feels great about the season. Julie then brings out the jurors, who get to grill the final two. Derrick tells Christine he always had an “intricate part” in the evictions, while Cody tries to convince Frankie he was more than Derrick’s puppet. “I had the single hand in sending you home,” Cody tells the pink-haired chorine. Cody then tells Hayden he thinks one of his biggest moves was maneuvering Zach out of the house. Derrick assures the jurors he did not use his family to manipulate them, while Cody says his “huge social game” is the reason he should win. Derrick says with 55 possible chances to be on the block, he eluded the chopping block every single time.

After Derrick and Cody’s final pleas, it’s time to vote. But before Julie reveals the final vote, she welcomes back the first seven HouseGuests before letting everyone know all about Team America! Everyone laughs as they watch clips of Team America in action, but Julie has a question for Zach—why did he pretend to be BIG BROTHER 15 HouseGuest Amanda’s cousin? “Because I was bored,” Zach says! Julie then reveals the last secret of the summer—Derrick is a cop, and former undercover detective!

It’s time for the vote. Julie reveals by a 7-2 vote, Derrick wins BIG BROTHER 16, while by an overwhelming number, Donny is the fan favorite of the season! Thanks for watching BIG BROTHER, and tune in for BIG BROTHER 17 in 2015!