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Season 10: Episode 24 - The Darlin’ from New Orleans says her Goodbyes as the Remaining HouseGuests Get a Sumo Surprise
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

“The veto meeting sucked today,” Renny says after Memphis pulls Dan off the block and Renny is forced up as a nominee. “Memphis can kiss my ass. I am not going to campaign against Keesha.” Fellow nominee Keesha says she is upset to be up on the block with her best friend in the house. “Either way it is a lose-lose situation,” she says. Memphis doesn’t think he can trust anyone in the house but Dan, so it makes sense he would take him off the block. Jerry, who thought he had a deal with Memphis, is furious that Dan is safe for the week. “Betrayal in this game should not go unpunished,” Jerry says, noting he has no allies left. “I feel I stand alone in this house.” Dan is as happy as Jerry is disappointed. “We decide who stays and who goes,” he says of himself and Memphis.

Jerry decides to approach Keesha about Memphis. He tells her Memphis’ actions show he and Dan are a team that want to go to the end together. More importantly, Jerry lets Keesha know her only shot at the half-million bucks is keeping him in the house! Jerry also tells Keesha that Memphis is sure to have a deal with everyone.

“Jerry has my mind working overtime now,” Keesha says. In a conversation in the Hippie Bedroom, Keesha asks Renny if Dan and Memphis have a deal. Renny points out that Memphis could have easily taken Keesha off the block, but made sure Dan was safe. Renny warns Keesha that both Memphis and Dan are very shrewd. The wheels in Keesha’s mind are now working double overtime!
 Jerry Goes for Broke Dan eats in the kitchen as Jerry goes in for a pitch to stay longer in the game. “Why do you think Memphis is keeping you around,” Jerry asks. “He knows he can beat you. I’m your shot at a half million.” Dan just nods and says yeah as Jerry tells him if one of the girls gets to the end they will win the game. Jerry informs Dan that Memphis betrayed him when he took Dan off the block. “Don’t worry about how I feel about you anymore,” Jerry tells Dan.

Later in the storage room, Dan asks Keesha if Jerry came and tried to pitch her. “Of course,” Keesha says. “He is stirring things up.” Memphis comes in and startles Keesha, who thinks it was Jerry. Keesha tells Memphis that Jerry thinks Memphis has a deal with everyone in the house. Memphis keeps his cool and tells Keesha both she and Dan know that’s not true. But, actually, Memphis knows full well it is true, but doesn’t want the two of them to know. “If Keesha believes Jerry, it’s a bad thing for me and Dan,” Memphis says. Indeed!
 When Renny met Keesha Keesha and Renny drink wine as they talk about the transformation the game brings about. Renny says she will be the same, but things in her life would change. Keesha feels she was more immature but the game “has made me really respect different things in life.” Renny reveals she has something very sincere to tell her. “I want you to be a beautiful mother,” Renny says to Keesha, who is clearly moved. Keesha says their friendship has been amazing. Renny tells her they helped bring each other along through the game. Both get teary talking about one another, since Keesha and Renny feel they have found a true friendship that will transcend the house. “I will always love you,” Renny tells Keesha.
 Memphis Becomes a Better Man Memphis is certainly a focused player, but is he a focused boyfriend? Memphis tells Dan that after being away for three months you start to realize things, like how he needs to be a better boyfriend. Dan notes that he is realizing the things he needs to change in his relationship. Memphis reveals that his girlfriend, Ashley, likes to stay home with him, but he likes to go out. Memphis says being in the house makes him realize what he takes for granted in his relationship.

At their Hollywood apartment, Ashley explains that they have been dating for three years and that when she met him he was definitely a ladies’ man. When she first met Memphis, Ashley thought he was “cocky,” but she grew to find him caring and compassionate. She feels the events of his early life impacted him and made him stronger.

In a late night chat in the Hippie Room, Memphis explains his dad was not a good guy and was married five times, so that is why he took it so personally when Jerry called him a womanizer. He explains he has dedicated his life to not be like that. Memphis’ best friend Matt says he understands why Memphis got so upset at Jerry since Memphis is so in love with Ashley.

Memphis confirms this when he tells Dan that if he wants to push his relationship to the next level he has to start acting differently. Ashley thinks this experience may get Memphis to appreciate her more, but notes that their relationship “does not count on him brining home the half-million.”Making a Big Splash! Host Julie Chen checks in with the HouseGuests and starts with Jerry. She asks him about his accidental fall into the pool, which the HouseGuests get to watch on the monitor. Jerry says he was not hurt, and the fall was a true “senior moment.” Julie then wishes Dan a happy 25th birthday before asking why he teases Renny so much. Dan explains he teases his mom a lot at home, and since Renny is his mom in the house, it makes sense he would do that. “The more I tease her the more I love her,” Dan says. So is Renny amused or annoyed by Dan? “It’s all in good fun,” she says.

Julie checks in with HoH Jerry and asks him why he made a deal with Memphis. “I’m running out of bodies, Julie!” Jerry says he has to “be like Velcro, and stick around for a while.” Julie then asks Jerry whom would he most like to see next to him in the final two. “Keesha,” Jerry says, noting it is strategy, since he needs to split up Dan and Memphis. “I gotta win a PoV and an HoH,” Jerry says. “They can’t stop me there.”
 So What’s Up with the Jurors? Where are the HouseGuests who will ultimately serve on the BIG BROTHER jury? They are hanging out in a luxurious mansion! Libra, the first juror, says being out of the game is really hard. “I don’t want anyone to win,” she admits, noting that she would love to see April walk through the door next. Of course, Libra gets her wish! April says she is still in a state of shock over her eviction, but hopes the next person to hit the Jury House will be Keesha. “Hopefully there will be no bedrooms available and she’ll have to sleep outside,” she snarls.

Libra and April scream when Michelle enters with the opener, “Guess who got back-doored?” After hugs, Michelle explains Ollie made a deal and got taken for a ride. April is shocked. Michelle pops in a DVD to show the jungle vine endurance HoH competition. “Oh my God, I do look good on camera,” she exclaims. April notes that Keesha isn’t “losing any weight” and that she makes her nauseous. Me-ouch! April says she left the house with respect and pride, but she has no respect for Keesha. When April sees Ollie struggle through the competition, she gets emotional. “I miss him, “ she cries.

Michelle tells them things got crazy when Dan insisted they play a game during his Veto ceremony, a stunt that led to Michelle’s nomination. “Dan’s speeches are pathetic,” April says. Libra screams out “Father Dan” when he double-crosses Ollie. “I want a voodoo doll for him,” a very angry Michelle says.

But wait, there’s one more juror! Ollie comes in and surprises a delighted April. She notes it is “bittersweet” to see him. April is so glad he is with her, but sad that he is out of the game. “What’s my answer?” Ollie asks April, referring to his question during her goodbye package on whether or not she would be his girlfriend. “Yes,” April yells! “No doubt about it,” Ollie says. “I’ll have her for the rest of my life.”
 And the Newest Jury Member is… …Renny, by a unanimous 2-0 vote. After Renny leaves, Keesha tells the remaining HouseGuests that was the hardest person to watch go. Once outside, Julie asks Renny why she is sitting here, and not Keesha. Renny says she didn’t win the PoV so she couldn’t save herself and that Jerry did not protect her. In his goodbye message, Dan tells Renny she was the house caretaker whether she liked the person or not. Jerry tells her she was a good cook, while Memphis says he appreciates all the shared good times. Through tears, Keesha says Renny will always hold a special place in her heart.
 Time for the HoH Competition Julie checks in with the house and explains that the HouseGuests should watch the living room screen and pay close attention to scenes from earlier in the season, which were up on the Memory Wall earlier in the day. The name of the game is Freeze Frame, where the three players will have to guess if statements about the pictures are true or false by stepping forward or backward. Julie gives the first true/false statement: The HouseGuests in the picture from the “One Giant Leap” competition are all carrying helmets. The correct answer is false, since Ollie does not have a helmet. Dan and Memphis get a point. Dan gets the second true or false statement correct, scoring a second point. Everyone gets a point for the third statement, while Memphis and Dan get points for the fourth statement. Memphis and Dan get the fifth and sixth statements correct, which puts Dan in the lead. Dan nails the final statement, making him the HoH!

When the HouseGuests return inside, they find something unexpected in the living room; a sumo wrestler who holds a clue for an upcoming luxury competition that could potentially change the game!

So what does the clue entail? And who will Dan nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday at 8pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER!