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Season 10: Episode 26 - Keesha Lashes out at the Renegades after Realizing she is this Week’s Target!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

Dan explains that he and Memphis agreed that Memphis should go up on the block to continue to cover their secret Renegade alliance. Memphis is in complete agreement, since this way Dan gets Keesha’s trust while Jerry comes to Memphis looking for an alliance. “If this all works out, me and Dan control everything in the house,” Memphis says. Keesha thinks Dan not nominating her could be a sign he wants her in the final two over Memphis. Jerry thinks Dan betrayed Memphis, giving him license to go and make a deal with him. Jerry also believes Keesha has a solid deal with Dan. Nice work, Renegades!

Jerry goes into the Hippie Room and asks Memphis if he is serious about going all the way to the final two with him. Memphis tells him yes, and notes that Dan can’t be trusted since he keeps on nominating him. Jerry guarantees Memphis he will win if he brings Jerry along with him.

Keesha has a similar conversation with Dan, who tells her this week the most important thing is the Power of Veto. The Veto holder will be able to change nominations and be the sole vote for the eviction. Keesha and Dan then watch Memphis and Jerry talking in the kitchen. Dan feels things are still going great for him and Memphis, because if Keesha wins he can influence her and if Jerry wins Memphis can influence him!

Meanwhile, downstairs, Jerry asks Memphis if he is being played for a fool. Memphis lies and says of course not. “You’re my only hope, baby,” Jerry tells him. Memphis comes upstairs to the HoH Suite and tells Dan about the conversation. “It is so hilarious,” Memphis says.
 Dan Takes his Trip But before everyone can play the Veto, Dan has some unfinished business left over from last week’s luxury competition. As the winner, Dan gets to go to a private island. What the remaining HouseGuests don’t know is Dan is bringing along one of the jury members, Michelle. Dan sees this as a great opportunity to “sway Michelle, who I have done a tremendous wrong to.”

After being removed from the house blindfolded, Dan gets a ride in a limo and a trip on a helicopter to a beautiful island. He is a little concerned about Michelle’s reaction, but hopes the special trip plus what he guesses is her first ride in a helicopter will make Michelle more pleasant. Michelle lands on the beach and is surprised by Dan, who tells her “It’s not Rhode Island, but it’s our island!” Michelle hugs Dan and tells him she can’t believe he picked her. Dan, in full charm mode, tells her it was an easy choice. Dan is saying all the right things, but Michelle doesn’t know if she should believe him or not. “Right now I’m in paradise,” she says. “You want to believe anything you hear.”

Michelle tells Dan she is still upset with him for back dooring her, but in a bid to save himself, Dan tells her that Keesha, Renny and Memphis all knew. She notes this puts a lot of things in perspective. Dan continues to work hard to win Michelle over, which seems to be paying off. When Dan asks her if she thinks he can beat Memphis in the final two and if Michelle can help sway the jury in his favor, Michelle says she thinks so. After a day of kayaking and swimming on the beautiful beach, Michelle thinks Dan bringing her was the best decision he’s made in the game.
 Stairway to Veto Dan is soon back in the house and back in the game. Memphis feels whoever wins the final Veto Competition of the summer will have a huge upper hand in the game. The HouseGuests come out to the backyard and find four individual stairways with ten steps each. Dan explains each step has two clues on it that identify one of the eliminated HouseGuests. The first player to put the correct HouseGuest’s nameplate on all ten steps wins the Power of Veto.

Dan feels there is no reason for him to win this. His choice for winner of this competition is Memphis, since that will finally put blood on Memphis’ hands. “People might forget about me,” Dan says.

Keesha and Memphis quickly get the first step, which flummoxes Jerry. Dan can’t see the other HouseGuests, which is a problem since he doesn’t know if he is doing better than anyone else. Dan gets near the top of his stairway, and can finally see that he is in first place. “I knew I had to slow down and take my time,” he says. For the last step, Dan repeatedly picks a series of incorrect names to help throw the game! Keesha and Memphis are toiling away, but Memphis finally takes the lead and wins the Power of Veto! He knows this win comes with a lot of responsibility but says this is all just business.
 Keesha is One Angry HouseGuest Now that Memphis and Dan are in the power position, the pair discusses whom they should keep for the final three. It becomes clear that the right choice is Jerry since he’s not strong enough to compete in endurance competitions. Keesha comes up and jokingly asks if she’s getting evicted. “My fate lies in your guys’ hands again,” she says. It’s all a bunch of nervous laughter until Memphis mutters, “You should get used to it. At least you didn’t unpack.” Keesha leaves, but she is soon painting her nails in the Sauna Room when she realizes what is going on.

Keesha confronts them on the eviction. “You’re going to vote me out,” she yells, noting that she can read both of them. Dan makes sure to tell her that it is Memphis who has the vote, not him.

After Keesha storms out, Memphis goes to see her downstairs. Keesha wants to know if they will even tell her why. Memphis gives her a weak “I’m sorry” before Keesha goes off on both of them, demanding to know when they made this decision. She yells at both Memphis and Dan that she can’t believe they would keep Jerry, especially after all the times she stuck up for them. Dan follows Keesha out and gives the excuse that he’d like her to stay but this is Memphis’ decision. While Memphis reveals the decision he’s about to make with the upcoming eviction could be a $500,000 decision, Keesha tells Dan something that makes him think he’s in a good position to win the whole game. “No way am I going to vote for somebody who voted me out of the game,” she says. “No way.”
 And the Gorilla is… Host Julie Chen congratulates everyone on making it to the final four before revealing Jessie was hiding in the gorilla suit during the luxury competition! Julie wants to know what Keesha would have said if she knew he was in there. She admits she probably wouldn’t have been so giddy. Julie asks Jerry how surprised he is that he is still in the game. Jerry jokes he is going to put an offer on the BIG BROTHER house.
 It’s a Veto Meeting, and it’s Live! Memphis stands and announces he is using the Power of Veto to take himself off the block. Since she is the only possible nominee, Keesha joins Jerry as a nominee. After Jerry gives a standard plea to stay, Keesha stands and says she has nothing to say to Memphis and thanks Dan for being there for her for the past few days. Memphis gets up and says he is looking at this like a business plan and casts the sole vote to evict Keesha. On her way out the door, Dan whispers something to her and hands her a rubber ducky. He tells here there is message on the bottom of it. As Keesha leaves the house, Dan yells at Memphis, telling him he will never bring him to the final two for voting out Keesha! Is this real or just Renegade playacting for Jerry’s sake?

Outside, Julie asks Keesha what Dan whispered to her. Keesha reveals that Dan told her he took Michelle on the island trip! “This is huge,” Keesha says, noting that she thinks he is looking for Michelle’s vote. Julie then asks what is on the bottom of the duck. “It just says hot,” Keesha answers, stressing that it is not some secret code. Keesha says she knew she was going since Jerry was so calm. If Jerry thought he was going he would have been more flustered, Keesha explains. In their goodbye messages, Memphis says this was all game and apologizes. Jerry says this shows her alliance was not good until the end. Dan says he tried to do everything to keep her in the house. “I appreciate the messages,” Keesha says, even from Memphis, because “he is just playing the game.”
 Fly Me to the HoH The three final HouseGuests go outside to find the backyard transformed into a skyscape, complete with puffy clouds and three planes. Wearing goggles and a flight helmet, each of them balances on the wings of a plane. Whoever is the final player flying wins the first part of a three-part Head of Household competition.

Who will be the winner of the first part of the HoH competition? Who will win the final HoH of the season? And who will be the last member of the jury? Find out live Thursday at 8pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER 10!