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Season 10: Episode 28 - The Renegades Reflect on One Wacky Season of BIG BROTHER!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

"Me not having to vote out Jerry was a great thing," Memphis says in response to Head of Household Dan's decision to evict the 75-year-old HouseGuest. Jerry thought he had a secret deal with Memphis, but that fantasy would have been destroyed if he had been the one to boot Jerry out of the house. "He would leave hating me," Memphis notes.

Dan says that Jerry almost "slithered his way to the money" and that making it to the final three only to be evicted was the equivalent of telling Jerry, "Oh, here's your Christmas present, oh you can't open it." But Dan feels he and Memphis got Jerry out just in time, because if he did make it to the final two, "he probably would have won."

Once Jerry is gone, the reality of being the final two finally sinks in for Dan and Memphis. "I cannot believe we made it this far," Dan says to his fellow Renegade alliance partner. "It's a little surreal, it's a lot surreal," Memphis says, noting that they have been planning this out meticulously but the fact that it all worked out is still surprising.

As Jerry's picture on the Memory Wall goes black and white, Dan bids him farewell with, "See ya, Colonel." Jerry may have been slower than his younger HouseGuests, but Dan gives Jerry props for being such a tough competitor.
 A Feast Fit for a Couple of Renegades Dan and Memphis enjoy a fancy celebratory dinner complete with a bottle of champagne. "This is what final two gets ya," Memphis says before Dan says grace. Dan thanks the Lord for this meal and then says the Renegades do their best "to make You proud." Dan wonders what they are eating in the jury house, but notes whatever it is, it does not taste like $50,000! Memphis asks Dan who he thinks the toughest competitor was, and Dan says it was definitely Jerry, since he put him up twice but still couldn't get rid of him. Memphis notes that Jerry made quite an impression when he first came into the house and touched April's boobs in an attempt to prove they were real.

Dan notes one of the funniest moments in the house for him was watching Jerry take an unexpected dive into the pool when he was trying to make out some skywriting. Dan is still laughing about Jerry's response to the fall, "Oh, man, I hurt my ass!" They both remember how Jerry did his best to fit in with his much younger HouseGuests, going so far as to make up a rap for Ollie, who is flummoxed by the older man's command of rap rhyme. "He started freestylin' on me," Ollie says, before advising Jerry not to sing and dance at the same time. Jerry is still good enough to get a nickname from Ollie, "Funk Master Colonel."
 Nicknames are not Always so Nice Dan remembers that Jerry had some famous nicknames for him (Judas) and Memphis (womanizer). Dan got his name from Jerry during a Veto ceremony, while Memphis got his over the course of two weeks before confronting him. And confront Memphis did! He goes off on Jerry in the HoH Suite, screaming and yelling, "Are you out of your mind, old man?" Memphis gets incredibly upset, but Jerry, showing his cool, just sits back, smiles and says, "Good for you," as Memphis explodes.
 Brian: the Pete Best of the Renegades "Look how far the Renegades have come, man," Memphis says, as Dan remembers how he was skating on thin ice the first week in the game because of his alliance with Brian. While Dan did not know Brian was secretly being ushered out of the house, Memphis admits he knew all along what was going on. Dan admits that he is happy he developed an alliance with Memphis along with his stillborn alliance with Brian!

"Brian leaving was a rude awakening," Dan says. "I think Brian is laughing now," Memphis suggests. One of Dan's favorite moments in the house was actually an event Brian organized-the Big Brother sock puppet show, which included a puppet that eerily resembled Renny and two very oversexed versions of April and Ollie!
 Jessie vs. Renny "I knew Jessie would not last long," Dan says, bringing up the argument he got into with Renny on the very first night in the house. Granted, Renny is fairly loud, especially when she thinks she is locked in the Hippie Bedroom. "Mary, St. Joseph," she wails, before screaming, "IT'S LOCKED." In the next room over Jessie has had enough. He storms out of his bedroom because of her "jackal laugh." When the two argue in the bathroom about Renny being loud, she tells Jessie to lighten up. Jessie won't let it go, which puts Renny in a real snit. And who is in the dining room enjoying the first night fireworks? Dan!
 A Trip Down Memory Lane (or, a Trip to the Bedrooms) Memphis and Dan walk into the Pink Bedroom, where they reminisce about Ollie and April's budding relationship in the house. Neither can believe the couple formed so quickly. Once inside the Hippie Room, Memphis and Dan talk about how this was Renny and Keesha's haunt in the house. Dan says he can't believe Renny brought numerous wigs and costumes into the house. "Who owns that stuff, and why?" he asks. She may be nutty, but Dan notes she was a terrific impersonator. Memphis says that was "an insight into her game," because it proved that she was not just all about wacky antics but also a player who carefully studied everyone around her.

The pair thinks back to one night when Renny does spot-on impersonations of Libra, April and even Dan himself. "Y'all need to imitate some people," Renny tells them, giving Dan an idea. After rushing back to the bedrooms Dan comes out in full Renny regalia, including a pink boa, granny glasses and a fabulous wig! Dan does Renny better than Renny!

"My relationship with Renny was a love-hate thing," Dan says, noting she was his "mom away from mom. Any chance to make fun of her, I did." Dan has a field day when Renny gets her time zones confused. When Dan tries to tell her New Orleans is two hours ahead of Los Angeles and an hour behind New York, Renny thinks he is totally wrong. When Dan corrects her, Renny gets annoyed. "I know my time zone, dude," she says, before warning him, "Don't laugh, you're making an ass of yourself in front of America."

Dan also has lots of fun with Keesha, who was sort of like his little sister in the house. Like any brother, he loves antagonizing his little sisters with a series of adolescent pranks. Memphis notes Keesha was at the center of one of the most uncomfortable moments in the house-her birthday! The pair remembers how Jessie got caught stirring the pot between April and Keesha, which also caused a fracas between Renny and Jerry. Ultimately this devolved into a screaming match between Libra and Jessie. Of course this all goes down just as the house is set to celebrate Keesha's birthday with a cake. Libra and Jessie call a truce long enough for the HouseGuests to sing perhaps the saddest, most pathetic version of "Happy Birthday" in all of recorded history. "Anybody want cake?" Libra says as everyone else stares in stunned silence. Good times!
 Note to Dan: Keep your Day Job Teaching those Kids Memphis is not sure how much fun they all had in the house, but Dan says they had tons of fun. Remember the Big Brother Variety Hour they threw? One night everyone got bored and decided Dan should host a late night show where they could all dress crazy and act outrageous. Once everyone is assembled in the living room, Dan comes out of the storage room in a silk shirt with painted on chest hair and a major 1970s fake moustache. The show starts with a makeover for the plain jane Angie with help from the glamorous Renny and Keesha! Angie returns moments later all dolled up, with help from her very flamboyant fashion consultant, "Fernando" (who looks suspiciously like Memphis). Keesha asks the strangely accented "Fernando" to explain Angie's new hair. "Dees ees a bob," Francisco explains.

But Dan's two main guests are Ollie and April, who are having struggles in their relationship. Things get complicated when Ollie reveals he has 15 children by ten different women. "Now you have 16," April cries! Memphis admits that was some good times. Dan notes he had a lot of fun with Ollie, whether it was enjoying his bizarre fear of birds or teaching him to swim. It turns out that Dan, the natural teacher, spent much of the summer teaching Ollie and Renny swimming skills in their "Swim Club." Dan does note that "enrollment of swim club dropped to zero when I stabbed Ollie in the back." Dan is proud that both his students are now able to swim. "Hopefully that half-million will be his tuition," Dan says. "You never know."
 All Good Things Must Come to an End Dan and Memphis both pride themselves on the fact that they controlled their emotions for most of the summer. But as Memphis notes, the game is now totally out of their hands since the last seven HouseGuests will vote on which of the two of them deserves the $500,000 prize. "We can laugh about it," Memphis says. "I honestly don't know how jury house is going to go." Dan wonders if it will come down to who answers better questions. "May the best man win 500k," Memphis says. "May the best renegade win the five hundred thousand dollars," Dan suggests.

In Diary Room, Memphis says he may have a small advantage over Dan because he played a much calmer game without the use of crazy antics. Memphis thinks he has a good chance of winning, but will not resort to attacking Dan to win the big prize. Dan feels differently, admitting that he will throw Memphis under the bus to get to the end as the winner. "You better believe I'm going to do it," Dan says.

So who will win the $500,000 prize, Memphis or Dan? Find out live on Tuesday at 9pm et/pt on the season finale of BIG BROTHER 10!