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Season 10: Episode 29 - One HouseGuest Walks Away with the Half-Million Dollar Prize!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

The six jurors walk outside at the jury house in preparation for their final two roundtable. “Who do you think is the seventh juror,” Libra asks. Keesha says she wants to see Memphis, since he is arrogant. Ollie has another HouseGuest in mind—Dan! Ollie says not only did Dan mock him and Michelle with their evictions, he felt his behavior was “a little uncalled for.” Libra notes that Jerry is “not a gingerly old man,” which gets Renny all riled up. “Honey, please,” Renny says, as Keesha adds, “We floated the old man along.”

Speak of the devil! Jerry walks in, and the rest of the jury barely reacts. Jerry stands and waits for some sort of response, but all Michelle can muster is, “That means Dan and Memphis, two evil people are in there.” Jerry recaps his eviction, which prompts Michelle to say, “Memphis and Dan probably made an alliance.” Jerry agrees. “Big time,” he says, before suggesting they could have dealt with the two of them one at a time, but together proved too difficult to overcome. Michelle and Keesha ask Jerry why he didn’t put the two of them up when he had a chance, which is the catalyst for a huge row between Renny and Jerry. “will you let me talk?” Jerry says. “no!” Renny says, calling him a chauvinist pig. Besides telling each other to shut up, they inform each other they think the other is stupid. After things settle down, Jerry notes there is no easy choice. “Who is the worst of two evils, and who deserves it more?” he asks.
 So whom should they pick? Renny makes it clear she thinks Memphis is “cunning” and “conniving.” Keesha couldn’t agree more, and notes that Dan’s best move was getting her to like him. “I still like DAN,” she says. “I know it’s all game, but it is good.” Michelle says Dan should have just put her up instead of pulling his Replacement Nominee Roulette stunt. April describes Dan as “heartless.” Libra notes Memphis and Dan “are both culpable” and that the name of the game is not Best Buddy. “You’re trying to win the money,” she informs them.

Michelle then informs Jerry that she went to the private beach with Dan, something Jerry did not know. Michelle still wants to know why she got selected over everyone else. “Because he’s a game player,” Jerry says of Dan. Libra finds this amusing. “Oh, the games people play,” she says.

Keesha says Dan worked a lot harder than Memphis, while Jerry argues Memphis let Dan “do all the dirty work.” When he says Memphis was every bit as responsible as Dan, Keesha says, “I did all the dirty work for Memphis.”

“His strategic move was to use you,” April says. “Memphis played people, and not so much competitions.” To April, this means Memphis played a stronger game. Renny says since Memphis never won a HoH, she could never give him the half-million dollars. Michelle wonders if they should give the money to the person with blood on their hands or the manipulator. “Are we all that gullible?” Jerry asks. “Apparently so,” Libra says. “We’re all sitting here.”
 And the interrogation begins Once the jury settles down, Memphis and Dan appear on a monitor in front of them. Libra starts off the roundtable when she asks “Father Dan” what was his biggest strategic move and why. Dan says it was back dooring Michelle. Which he says was a tough but well thought-out decision, in his opinion. April asks Memphis why she should vote for him if they never really had any sort of relationship inside the house. Memphis notes he has nothing against her but they just “kind of got separated in the beginning of the game.” He says he “wasn’t going to feed you BS” and that he is a “straight shooter.” This garners laughs from more than one member of the jury.

Michelle tells Dan he is about to play “Jury House Roulette.” She wants Dan to tell everyone why she was chosen to go on the beach trip. “I felt I played you the dirtiest,” he says, noting he was trying to “make amends.” Michelle also wants to know why Dan told her that it was his alliance’s idea to back door her. Dan admits he couldn’t have back doored her without Renny, Keesha and Memphis’ help.

Michelle also has a question for Memphis: why should she vote for him if he didn’t win a HoH all season? Memphis says a HoH was “maybe not the best plan” for him. Ollie wants to know why Dan swore on his girlfriend Monica that he wasn’t sending Ollie out of the house, when in fact, he did. Dan says he knew Ollie was an emotional player, and he was bent on doing anything it took to win, “shameful or not.”

Renny wants Memphis to know what he did for her in the game. This leaves Memphis at a loss for words for a bit before saying he never tried to go behind her back. “Skirting around every question,” Keesha mutters to herself. Keesha then gets her chance to ask some questions. “Memphis, my best friend,” she says sarcastically. She wants to know why he picked Jerry over her and wonders if there is any remorse. Memphis says that sincerely was the hardest move of the game, but he had to do it. “It bothers me I might have ruined a friendship I might not ever get back,” he says.

Jerry is up last, and says to Dan he showed a lot of arrogance when he won competitions. Dan says he did not mean to be disrespectful but he definitely sees how his actions may have come off that way. Jerry then asks Memphis if he would have taken him to the final two if he had the chance. Memphis says he didn’t think too far ahead in the game and didn’t make those kinds of decisions until he had to. Dan chimes in and says maybe he threw the last HoH competition so he wouldn’t have to make that kind of decision! “That was honest,” Jerry says.
 Wrapping things up Memphis tells the jury this was an experience of a lifetime and that he tried to make a “business plan” to the end before admitting to throwing only two HoH competitions. “You didn’t win nuthin’,” Libra spits out. “If you think I’m the better player than vote for me,” Memphis says in closing. “If you think Dan played a better game, vote for Dan.”

Dan talks about all the physically and mentally formidable people who walked into the house, and how he realized he didn’t “excel in any of those areas.” He says he had to be more creative, like he was with Replacement Nominee Roulette, where he needed Michelle and Ollie to dislike him, “so Memphis could still take me.” Michelle isn’t buying it. “Unbelievable,” she says.

Libra thinks Dan is a good speaker. April says she enjoyed Memphis’ speech better. But have they all reached a decision? “What game is the one that won?” Michelle asks.
 Bring in the Jury! Host Julie Chen then introduces the seven jurors to the live audience. Renny, of course, basks in her moment and works the crowd like a southern beauty queen, complete with a curtsey! Julie then checks in with the final two, and asks Dan to describe the experience in one word. “Intense,” he says. Memphis says it was like being on a firing squad.
 Time to Vote! Libra is the first juror to go up and put her final key in the BIG BROTHER box. “People think this game is really easy,” she says, noting it is not. “I say just go crazy!” April is up next and says thank you for all the experiences they shared this summer. Michelle says it was a crazy ride as Dan throws out Michelle’s “Portuguese Princess from Providence” moniker. Ollie gets a slam in when he says it was “an unforgivable, I mean unforgettable summer,” before voting. As Renny walks up Dan calls her their “mom away from mom.” Renny says, “As a business woman, this is a very easy decision to make.” She notes that in the game of life and “TV life,” it is important not to forget the little things. Keesha tells them she looks at both Dan and Memphis like little brothers, and loves them both to death. “I tried to get rid of you two a bunch of times,” Jerry says, before noting he is “making his decision based on the person who showed him kindness.”
 And the first four return! Julie welcomes back the first four evicted HouseGuests before asking Brian what she wants to tell the jurors who did not have the luxury of watching everything alone. Brian chides Ollie, Jerry, Michelle and April for making such personal attacks of their fellow HouseGuests. Steven admits the person whose behavior surprised him the most was Jerry’s. Steven took great issue with his attack of Dan as a “Judas.” Jerry says he only attacked Dan when he hid behind religion in the game.

Julie then explains there was no plant for the season, but for one week Dan did act as America’s Player. “I knew it,” Michelle says over and over. When Julie asks if Jessie, who got evicted during Dan’s America’s Player tenure, has anything to say to Dan, Jessie notes he has a bigger issue with America! “I believe I got back to be a gorilla as far as I know,” Jessie says.

But there is one more surprise! Julie explains that viewers voted online for their favorite player, who will get a $25,000 prize!
And the winner is… But first, Julie draws the keys to announce the winner. Libra votes for Dan! April votes for Dan! Michelle votes for Dan! And Ollie? He votes for Dan, who is crowned the winner of BIG BROTHER 10!

It turns out that it is a unanimous vote, with Renny, Jerry and Keesha also voting for the Michigan schoolteacher. But who won the viewer’s prize? Second place goes to Jerry, but the winner of the $25,000 check is—Keesha!

Thanks for joining us for another unforgettable season! Tune in next summer for another edition of BIG BROTHER!