Season 19: Episode 33 - Episode 33
Posted on Sep 6, 2017 11:00pm

Believing Kevin is the target, Jason asks around the house why he and Alex are both on the block as pawns. Jason and Josh independently begin to suspect Paul has multiple alliances in the house. Kevin, Raven, and Paul are chosen to play in the Veto Competition with Jason, Alex, and Christmas. Right when it is revealed that winner of the Competition will get to go behind-the-scenes of the new CBS comedy Me, Myself & I, the series' star Bobby Moynihan enters the house to announce he will be hosting the Veto Competition. In the "Punch Slap Kick" game, Paul wins the Power of Veto. Josh begins to rethink his alliance with Paul and Christmas. At the Veto Ceremony, Paul uses the Veto on Alex and Christmas nominates Kevin as a replacement.